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  1. How I grew up around him...
  2. Queen City News is not the only time a station has had a news title that had a nickname, far from it; WPXI Channel 11 (NBC in Pittsburgh) had a similar title in 1980 when it was WIIC (Steel City News)...
  3. The other best part on that '83 WLS Eyewitness News weekend late edition was the end-title music; we heard more of it here than in that evening edition from earlier in that year (the mayoral election) when it was on YouTube. And something to look for-- in the billing at the top, the announcer says "Jim Rose, sport"; the announcer also sounded a shade robotic, it seems to me.
  4. Indeed-- the most likely reason.
  5. So basically, no matter how old or new it is, if it's Sony-owned, it's blocked on YouTube?
  6. Why would KUMV be uber-retro in 1991 (using the 1979 bird and N, notwithstanding that today's 6-feathered bird would have been 5 years old by then)?
  7. Rare '81 NBC SportsWorld opening, w/Proud N and SportsWorld title in Serif Gothic
  8. Apparently, Jim Gardner will have been there for the balance of that half-century of MCTYW, the way I understand this.
  9. KVII Channel 7 (ABC Amarillo, TX), Feb. 3, 1993, ProNews evening edition "You're on KVII-TV Channel 7 Amarillo." (as music swells into main portion) "This is ProNews, The 6:00 Report...with David Green...Elizabeth Duncan...meteorologist Len Slesick...and Terry Amburn on sports."
  10. Tell you the truth, a lot where I live are feeling the same way about Michael Cogdill quitting on WYFF News 4-- it'll be the same way down here.
  11. Indeed-- one of the best broadcasts I ever saw from there was Game 4 of the 1985 NBA World Championship Series from CBS (what The Finals was known as then, before it started to be called The Finals in 1986). The best part of that broadcast was at the top, w/the remarkably well-done title graphics by Bill Feigenbaum (someone you might not recognize, but I thought you'd want to know about him anyway). Here is that broadcast: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l-maY5kAlYA I've felt the same way about practically any 1980s CBS or NBC broadcast-- graphics, music, announcers, the whole setup.
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