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  1. So basically, you think the Herald-Journal, Florida Times-Union, and other former Gatehouses might still end up being USA Today Network papers?
  2. Bumping this up: just wanted to say that, per what I've seen of the Gatehouse papers after the merger happened (I was worried that the Gatehouse papers would become USA Today Network papers and be even worse post-merger), what I thought would happen has not come to pass-- the Gatehouse papers are now credited to Gannett, but still retain Gatehouse layouts, per this example from today's Spartanburg Herald-Journal: https://www.newseum.org/todaysfrontpages/?tfp_display=list&tfp_id=SC_HJ I was glad about this, because I didn't want the USA Today Network to swallow up the Herald-Journal alongside the Greenville News and Anderson Independent-Mail!
  3. WBBM Chicago: 1980 version of "Nobody Does It Better" promo... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wf3xS-eDi6w
  4. ABC News Weekend Report, Sat. Dec. 18, 1982 (includes commercials, and signoff of KGTV Channel 10 [ABC of San Diego]):
  5. That's a good question-- I really don't know which way this is gonna go (and it could go either way). Which way do you think it will go (GateHouse layout overwritten by USA Today, or USA Today being overwritten by GateHouse)? I hope it's the latter, because in the few times I've seen GateHouse's layout, I've thought that it was much better than the Gannett/UTN. Also, it would seem that some papers that had 1A-1B-1C paginations originally (The Oklahoman, the Savannah Morning News, etc.), which then became A1-B1-C1 with their purchase by Gatehouse, are going to go back to 1A-1B-1C.
  6. Neither am I! First, the USA Today Network takes over the Indianapolis Star (with, IMO, one of the ugliest layouts that a paper has ever had; I thought it looked good when I saw it for the first time, until I realized that it was for all Gannett/UTN papers), then WTHR is going to Tegna! What is with Gannett and Tegna in Indy?!
  7. If it is, it's not because I desired for it to be. I don't know how it started becoming a list.
  8. That was a genuine rarity-- thanks for bringing that up! No FOX or CW station (to my knowledge) uses such names now, and so it was amazing for the time that those stations in those areas called themselves Eyewitness and Action.
  9. Very true-- here's a shot of that title from 1984, where Connecticut is listed as one of the covered areas; how is Connecticut part of the Big Apple and environs? I thought that one was in New England. Another one of my favorites is that of WPVI 6ABC in Philly, Action News (IINM, that is where that one originated). I know this one is a popular one, and I think it's not only because of the shorter story packages (among other pluses), but also because of the theme music ("Move Closer To Your World," which has been rock-solid in the City of Brotherly Love for ages). Not only that, but one James Goldman from NYC (BKA Jim Gardner) made his name here, and he'll always be remembered here. Attached also is a shot of that title from 1987.
  10. What, in your opinion, is one of the best titles that a newscast/news franchise has had, and why? (One at a time; I realize that lists are frowned on here) One, in my opinion, is News 4 LA on KNBC (Channel 4, NBC O&O of the City of Angels) from 1982-85. Why is this one of my favorites? Two reasons. One, it's because it's, like WNBC of NYC, exactly what it says on the tin-- news for (4) L.A. Two, it had multiple edition titles for different parts of the day (I'd put those down, but that kind of list might be frowned on here too), unlike News 4 New York, where the title was static no matter the day (outside of Today in New York and Live at Five). That said, it's a crying shame (IMO) that News 4 LA didn't last near as long in the City of Angels as News 4 New York has in the Big Apple; I think seriously that KNBC would do better to become like its sister of the Big Apple and go back to News 4 LA. Here's one of KNBC's edition titles with the News 4 LA banner, News 4 LANightside (on-screen as LANightside) from 1984 (late edition): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dcDSzM8W8dc
  11. Why didn't WNDU (if they were so insistent on News Now) make their new title in the form of what KXLY (Channel 4, ABC of Spokane, WA) recently did? Also, I'd definitely like for WLOX to go the way of KXLY as well.
  12. WTVN Action 6 News Update 1982 (11 P.M. late edition) "This is Action 6 News Update...with Tom Ryan, Michelle Gailiun, meteorologist Don Carson in WeatherCenter 6, and Lonnie Haskins on sports." (as Update title flashes with last note of title track) "Now, Action 6 News Update." (WSYX Channel 6 [ABC Columbus, OH] from 1982; then WTVN)
  13. I like the new opening and new title-- it's far better than the former KXLY 4 HD News title (in the same way that, IMO, my local CBS station WSPA improved by becoming 7 News and ditching the 7 On Your Side branding)!
  14. 1989-94 TBS Sports Atlanta Hawks title track (don't think I've heard this in full, ever!)
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