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  1. I think LMAD on CBS w/Wayne Brady has lasted as long as it has because it has been a proven brand in the industry (and we can give much credit to the late, great Monty Hall for building that brand into a household name).
  2. Or any one of the many editions from user btm0815ma from the late-70s to early/mid-80s there, either!
  3. Certainly easier than FOX and Friends on FOX "News" Channel, for that matter!
  4. This is how I will always remember him, and what I'm sure will be in heaven above for him and Barbara when Barbara passes on:
  5. More from KCNC: this 1982 weekend 10 P.M. late edition of NewsCenter 4 (Sunday, May 30, 1982) when Channel 4 in Denver was KOA (Bill Stuart, Steve Anderson with weather, and Davis deMontluzin on sports)
  6. And I feel the same way about newspapers-- that industry would have been a lot better off if papers continued to be owned individually instead of being part of large conglomerates (Gannett/UTN owns practically every paper in Wisconsin, for instance; you can't go anywhere there where there isn't a Gannett/UTN paper); newspapers are supposed to be about the readers, and not the employees or owners.
  7. Of what affiliation was KDUH at the time of this noon edition in '84?
  8. You bet-- even Ernie dadgum Anderson could put more life into Eyewitness News on WABC in NYC, and KABC in L.A., among others! This 1991 KABC Eyewitness News opening proves why Ernie was the gold standard:
  9. Just as there is the same cookie-cutter news in multiple newspapers (The Greenville News and Anderson Independent-Mail of Gannett, and The State [Columbia] and The Sun News [Myrtle Beach]); I think Gannett and McClatchy have done the same ruin to newspapers as Sinclair has to television news (and Apollo is slated to do to Cox stations).
  10. Just checked the table of contents on that package, and indeed you did-- hadn't been paying attention.
  11. WTVD 11 News Nightwatch late edition, for Wed. May 13, 1992 (has Miriam Thomas and the late Larry Stogner on news, Mike Caplan w/Accu-Weather, and Drew Smith on sports; opening here is something that The ID Junkie could possibly use for a WTVD opens revision)
  12. Jill Franco Miller (formerly of WCBD Channel 2 in Charleston) has passed on at 66 (just heard about it a few minutes ago). Obit: https://www.legacy.com/obituaries/charleston/obituary.aspx?n=jill-franco-miller&pid=196220663&fhid=6307 And the evening edition of what was then TV-2 Eyewitness News, for Friday, June 13, 1986 (Jill was only 32 here):
  13. Also in memory of Phyllis, here's the Week 2 1981 edition of The NFL Today on CBS: And also football-related, here are two vintage editions of an NFL highlight show from 1954 on the old DuMont network called Time For Football, w/Jim Leaming:
  14. Bumping this up-- apparently the Columbus Dispatch is becoming a UTN/Gannett paper (this despite having the former letter/number pagination scheme [C1, A10]); sooner or later, I think this one will start paginating (like all UTNs/Gannetts) as 1C and 10A. https://www.newseum.org/todaysfrontpages/?tfp_display=list&tfp_id=OH_CD
  15. Two days before Ralph's 29th birthday!
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