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  1. I like the new opening and new title-- it's far better than the former KXLY 4 HD News title (in the same way that, IMO, my local CBS station WSPA improved by becoming 7 News and ditching the 7 On Your Side branding)!
  2. 1989-94 TBS Sports Atlanta Hawks title track (don't think I've heard this in full, ever!)
  3. EPCOT Magazine, a daily newsmagazine show on The Disney Channel w/Michael Young and a different cohost each day (Michael Young's cohost on this edition from 1983 [the show started w/the advent of The Disney Channel on April 18, 1983] is Morgan Brittany of O-R CBS Dallas) More on that from Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/EPCOT_Magazine
  4. Don't think this was posted here: the premiere opening of Sunday on the Nine Network from Down Under, 11/5/81 (anchorman Jim Waley expresses similar goals to what the late, great Charles Kuralt expressed on Sunday Morning on CBS in 1979 here in America)...
  5. Didn't know he passed on until now-- what from?! The obit from KVUE states only that it was a brief illness.
  6. Don't know if this was posted here: WNBC News 4 New York expanded late edition, 1984; has Ralph Penza, Anna Bond, Sal Marchiano on sports, and Al Roker w/the weather
  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6E72bxOTEiQ From 7/3/78: premiere of The New Tic Tac Dough on CBS Daytime w/Wink Martindale (this CBS show only lasted 7/3/78 to 9/1/78, and was a precursor to the more famous syndie that ran from 1978-86 [1978-85 w/Wink, and 1985-86 w/Jim Caldwell]; IIRC, this broadcast was from KNXT Channel 2 in L.A. [CBS O&O of the City of Angels, before that station became KCBS in 1984])
  8. Noticed that-- it probably isn't anything major in the grand scheme of things, but IMO, it's kind of weird that they would add "Nashville" to the late edition opening for the opening announcement, but would not use that word in the on-screen title.
  9. That's what I thought-- I didn't know if someone made a mistaken edit on Wikipedia and added the "Nashville" word to the title, or if they had indeed modified the title that way. Thanks for the response!
  10. Did WSMV Channel 4 (NBC of Music City) modify its title to News 4 Nashville? The Wikipedia page seems to indicate thereto, and I wanted to confirm the veracity before telling Scott Kimmell of that Newscast Title site about it. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/WSMV-TV
  11. That is lazy-- talent is only vocally billed (no talent shots)!
  12. Checked that out on Logopedia, and that was pretty weird, if you ask me!
  13. Practically any station that has its title elements arranged to supposedly make the viewer read the on-screen title as the real title (when the real title is otherwise) would qualify in that-- think WCIV (Channel 4, ABC in Charleston, SC), where the on-screen title is supposedly ABC 4 News, but the real title is ABC News 4. Two other ABC stations on Channel 4 had it vice-versa at one time-- on KOMO in Seattle, the on-screen title supposedly read KOMO News 4, but the title as read by the announcer was KOMO 4 News. Similarly, KITV in Honolulu had its on-screen title to read KITV News 4, but the real title was KITV 4 News.
  14. So the premiere of syndie WOF later in '83 saw the evening edition pared to the half-hour it is now? Interesting!
  15. And I think that might have been an extended evening edition, owing to all the news of the mayoral election, among other things.
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