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  1. At the 23:57 mark of this NewsActive3 retrospective, a new candidate for one of the worst-- an early edition opening from WTWO Newschannel 2 where the entire opening is in song, and there is no announcer. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c8yyfpxhpNM
  2. Thanks very much for the clarification on that! I heard it on Twitter as a new post, and I assumed it was in the works now; I'm glad to hear that this was from several months ago.
  3. How true, how true! Imagine if someone in Phoenix wanted to turn on the evening edition of KPNX 12 News on coming home from work, and then all of a sudden had TBN shouting at them or Mike Huckabee ranting-- the ratings would tank in a hurry!
  4. What's this I hear about TBN wanting to buy Tegna and replace the existing newscasts on those stations with hard-right religious shows? Did you hear about that? https://www.nexttv.com/blog/beware-of-religious-bias-in-media-consolidation
  5. ABC News midterm election coverage of The '78 Vote; has Frank Reynolds in New York, Max Robinson in Chicago, Howard K. Smith in Washington, et al. Here's what the Chicago bureau looked like on that '78 midterm coverage (wide shot showing more than we usually see):
  6. ABC News coverage of The '82 Vote (a midterm election to determine House and Senate seats and state governors/lieutenant governors [state equivalent of President/VP], which is why this election coverage was from Washington, unlike Presidential election coverage from New York)
  7. Somewhat like the old Huntley/Brinkley Report and original Chancellor/Brinkley NBC Nightly News of the 70s?
  8. ABC WNT, Wed. Oct. 8, 1980 (has different announcer than the one we've usually heard)
  9. The late Arlene Francis on the original Home show (1954-57) on NBC (the late Hugh Downs was the announcer): this particular broadcast (a partial one; the show ran for an hour daily) was 30 years before the other (similar) show of that name premiered on ABC in 1988 (that ABC one would go to 1994)...
  10. Another big clip from btm0815ma: the first two-thirds (the hour portion) of the second broadcast of Sunday Morning w/Charles Kuralt, Feb. 4, 1979 (apparently a raw feed, as at one point you see the studio empty, and then Charles comes back in to his easel, among other things):
  11. WSB Channel 2 (ABC Atlanta, GA): Good Morning Atlanta (morning edition), for Wed. July 1, 1981
  12. How on God's green earth would an opinion show on FNC count as a "special report" on a Fox affiliate? Baffling.
  13. Did you know that ABC's Chicago bureau on WNT (at least the first version) had more than we originally saw on television then? Here's a shot of an ABC News promo from 1980 talking about what ABC News had on then (this was on a recently-posted clip of the evening edition of WAKR Channel 23 when that was the ABC station of Akron/Canton, OH; it is now WVPX, and is the Ion Television O&O there); you'll see that, like the Washington bureau, there was a second header that had "ABC News Chicago" (in addition to the first one above the national map that we saw behind Max); you can see part of that
  14. WDAY Channel 6 (ABC Fargo, ND): 1999 morning edition (First News); loved how the opening used the sunrise motif to indicate "morning edition"

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