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  1. Why couldn't they just do a reformulated newsroom set?
  2. Forgive me if this has already been asked or if it seems like a basic question, but is WLS going through a purge? Ron, Linda, Jerry, now Kathy in pretty quick succession. Are they suffering as of late?
  3. Those can easily be updated...
  4. It's alright. Lots and lots of screens. I see those tacky ass lights above the stand up area are still there. Did anyone see a weather center this morning? Also, any interview areas or are they going to still use that windowed room? I still the WLS does it the best in the market. I pass by the building everyday on my way home from work. Bill Bellis is generally outside doing a segment and he always wears sneakers during the broadcast. I thought it was a little odd when I saw him some dress shoes; that desk won't let him hide.
  5. I don't know. It seems all tongue-in-cheek. He *was* passed over for even younger eye candy. "Burning a bridge" seems a little harsh.
  6. You really must use punctuation. I can't, and I'm sure others, can't understand what you're talking about. I have a question: What is the policy of replaying a show when WLS breaks in? They only aired the first few minutes of Match Game last night.
  7. Taping 10 or episodes of a one hour game is not a big commitment at all. He should be done within in a week or so, if not already.
  8. Honestly, really not that bad.
  9. Weak. Looks are important on a visual medium. I'm just pointing out a ridiculous double standard.
  10. It's always a "damned if you, damned if you don't" with people. "Oh, she looks horrible... look at her wrinkled face!" When they try to do something about it, "she doesn't look natural!" Why don't we pay attention to the news and not be so obsessed about how old everyone looks?
  11. It was truly a gorgeous set. It looks ridiculous now.
  12. I really don't see it as more "singled out for elimination" as "who do you like more." I would be offended if I were Mike Kaplan.
  13. Good God, already. I rarely post, but you sound ridiculous and unnecessarily redundant. Could you tighten up your arguments a little? A little goes a long way, and you look buffoonish when you go on a diatribe in every post you make.
  14. Really nice graphics, rather lackluster set, horrible logo.
  15. Are they getting a new set?
  16. Put simply, the screen resolution.
  17. Being a Memphian myself, I'd *REALLY* love to see some screencaps of the first broadcast if anyone could get them.
  18. Does anyone have any screen grabs/video from KTVI or KPLR to show what their new look is? Thanks!

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