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  1. I think the design is totally fine, especially for small market. The quality of the materials appears sterile office furniture-like.
  2. I disagree. This looks pretty bad. At the very least, they could've steamed that background so it isn't so wrinkled.
  3. How wrong this was. WMAQ did a spectacular job with a small space. So now WLS has the oldest set in market again. However, it still looks pretty good, I can't see them getting rid of it. Maybe update that monitor wall?
  4. That view looks god-awful.
  5. Meh. "Almost 10 years" is a pretty darn good run for a news set. Presentation does matter.
  6. But that's a lot of space for just a weather center. That 2008 set was pretty spacious, and it included a nice sized weather set. It would also be kind of weird for the weather person to be in one area of the building and the rest of the news team in another.
  7. Eh, I don't know how much larger the desk really needs to be. The big open space in the middle gives them even more flexibility for the space.
  8. I appreciate that it is a different "look", but everything looks IKEA fake. And yep, incredibly cramped. I can't imagine this aging well.
  9. Dang. A little snippy.
  10. Oh, my. That's pretty sparse... and blue.
  11. Eh, looks pretty nice to me. YMMV.
  12. The cubicle are not the problem for me. It is all of that fake looking wood and weird duratrans. It's straight up 2000's.
  13. I know this is a really small market, but that set already looks dated. However, it's certainly better than what was there before.
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