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  1. I've always been a big fan of the current iteration of their set. Definitely not cookie cutter.
  2. The contrast is much nicer.
  3. Yep. However, I think that as the CBS Morning News set, it looks lackluster. Everything is a dull monotone.
  4. brb588

    KTHV New Set

    Oh man! I didn't see the J's!!! What a weird mix.
  5. brb588

    KTHV New Set

    Not terrible at all. However, why must everyone stand? And why does that weatherman look so casual?
  6. It is more lucrative to be a morning anchor than the lead sport anchor? It seems like starting over to me.
  7. Ryan Baker is on in the morning providing a new update during CBS This Morning. Does this usually happen with him?
  8. Super smart way of using the available space.
  9. The "ABC" part of the logo is ungainly large.
  10. I think the set would look great if they soften up the colors with MUCH less blues and more warm colors. I can't see it lasting that long in its current layout.
  11. Yeah, but isn't she pregnant? That's really crappy to do that, and since her contract was ending, as opposed to her being fired, she probably has no recourse.
  12. I may be in the minority, but the original looked nice. Matter of fact, I actually dislike this refresh. The big ass "BAKERSFIELD" duratran looks weird.
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