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  1. I appreciate that it is a different "look", but everything looks IKEA fake. And yep, incredibly cramped. I can't imagine this aging well.
  2. Dang. A little snippy.
  3. Oh, my. That's pretty sparse... and blue.
  4. Eh, looks pretty nice to me. YMMV.
  5. The cubicle are not the problem for me. It is all of that fake looking wood and weird duratrans. It's straight up 2000's.
  6. I know this is a really small market, but that set already looks dated. However, it's certainly better than what was there before.
  8. Should've ironed that shower curtain before putting it on the wall.
  9. So the space is CBS', but sits (or I guess "sat") completely unused for over a year? I'm still a little sore that it the first floor studio had a nice set that was totally misused and underutilized.
  10. I saw the beginning of the 5 PM news and Dave Savini was in front of a window backdrop. Is that a shot from their old studio?
  11. Why are they standing so close to each other? That seems unusual given the new norm right now.
  12. That three monitor setup is awkward. I'd rather them have nothing at all.
  13. The set is fantastic, but that 19 in the middle of the desk is... interesting.

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