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  1. Well, here we are: TEGNAitits has been caught by WBNS/10TV amidst the fever over COVID-19 as of at least the noon newscast. Regarding the music seems that their implementation of the TEGNA mandate is at least somewhat creative. The regular music used for bumpers seems alright, but the breaking news cut used for today's noon open is one of the better cuts from C-Clarity. That being said, would rather have had them continue their use of Aerial (a la WNEP's application of TEGNA material); in talking with a fellow Atmospheric Sciences major about the catchiness of their now previous theme at The O
  2. I think the quick open/sting of this news briefing is the first NBC station appearance in the wild of one of the newer GrooveWorx NBC News Package cuts made in 2014, at least the first that I've seen. That headlines cut seems quite at home in this online news update format!
  3. Yeah, that theme is really cool. It has a WBZ/WSBK 1994 feel to it when you listen to them side by side (link to the theme on NMSA: http://www.southernmedia-nmsa.com/#3,1,1060). Could this be a new theme rolling to the other Spectrum News stations?
  4. Update to the situation at Spectrum News 1 Ohio: By that same source, those of us in Ohio who have Spectrum will see the channel hit the airwaves this Wednesday! More on that here: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DrRGdrwWkAEDXYi.jpg:large
  5. Chalk KTTV up for FOX O&Os making use of Stephen Arnold's "Beyond". FOX 11 has used it for promos since I believe December, but as of tonight, I can ascertain that they're at least using it (what sounds like the "late theme") for the 10 PM newscast, as the first time I've heard it was tonight a little over an hour ago as of the time I write this. Tonight may be their first usage of Beyond, but I'm not sure. Can any Angelenos/people from the Southland back me up on this? P.S: The 10 PM open seen tonight continued the trend of stations bringing back Scott Chapin, as I had heard him la
  6. Recently inducted Golden Key and Phi Kappa Phi student!! "Proud as a Peacock", I might say =D
  7. Now Celebrating 25 years of life....here's to many many more!
  8. Now Celebrating 200 POSTS...and the potential for NEW GFX on the local CBS duopoly, KCBS/KCAL!!
  9. Seems WTOK is using something familiar to my ears here in LA....the music in the open is the morning open cut to the new series of Eyewitness News that KABC commissioned along with thier new GFX package...sounds cool to hear that! The GFX look pretty good, too.
  10. Very true, except what I would call the "New School" FX, which I have come to really love! I might also add that "360" by 360 Music makes for a great combo with the new set and graphics. Graphics look either to be Renderon or GO.
  11. Thank you very much...will do. Sounds pretty exciting, and look forward to the coverage you have!
  12. Hey..any news on whether WNEP has made the jump to HD yet?
  13. I agree..took a look at the pics on the WHNT site, and I must say they're rather slick looking. FX has been peppering some neat variety into their set designs of late, which I like.

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