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  1. The late Christopher Reeve's son goes pants-less during his segment. Whoops. https://tvline.com/2020/04/28/reporter-no-pants-good-morning-america-will-reeve-video-abc/
  2. Millionaire tapings were scheduled for this past weekend. I actually had tickets for Saturday but they cancelled audience invitations on Thursday afternoon. I wonder if they went audience-less, most likely?
  3. During the 10pm newscast on the app, they are using old Scripps graphics with the new logo...
  4. Watching the 10News app right now and it seems like they are using the new graphics...
  5. Sounds like Popeye's lady:
  6. It sounds so valley girl, I'm surprised that their slogan has lasted this long. Not a bad package, could be better but it could have been much worse too. Very curious when KGTV San Diego will debut theirs Scripps graphics.
  7. Yikes, I can't see David Wright returning to ABC. Those were damaging comments, you don't bite from the hand that feeds you, even if it's coming from a Mouse feeding you cheese. Sorry, but if you want to stick with hardcore citizen journalism and truly make a difference, make your own YouTube channel and podcast. The current media landscape is all about synergy, you drink the Kool-Ade that they give you, if you don't like it and don't want to share airtime with The Bachelor and shopping deals and steals, it's time to move on. At the same time, off the record comments from those in the journalism community should be kept to a minimum in this day and age, you will be recorded for juicy soundbites. You're a journalist, don't talk about your personal life and ideologies.
  8. Seriously, they already have Time Square Studios when they do presidential election coverage, I feel like that's a better location anyways.
  9. tvtime07

    KUSI Set

    I wonder how financially sustainable KUSI will be in the long run, I still remember when they announced in the early 2000s that they were going to move into a streetside studio, the talent were giddy at the time, but that went nowhere unfortunately. Their set has not had a significant upgrade ever since their news operations were established.
  10. It's seriously a very petty rebranding...sometimes you have to just leave a legacy branding alone. For example, CBS stands for Columbia Phonographic Broadcasting System, even with the multiple owners the network has had over the years, they still kept the name in tact. You're not going to see Viacom rename it VBS just because of their ownership to consolidate brands, you keep it just because the public has been aware of the brand for so long. Who knows really, an image consulting agency must have had told Disney that Fox News is too toxic to be associated with by name and they probably spent so much money on the study.
  11. FX for sure will remain the same but I'm curious about actual networks titled "Fox" in its branding, Disney now owns a bunch of these Fox networks around the world from Asia to Europe to Latin America. I'm pretty sure that these would not be renamed "20th Century TV Network".
  12. Not sure if this rebrand was even worth the effort or the money. Sure, there's "Fox News" but do they think that the public will start calling them "Twentieth Century Studios" now? I speculate that most people will still call them "Fox" for a very long time. I wonder what Disney plans to do internationally...they actually own channels with the Fox branding around the globe (Fox, Fox Sports, Fox Life, etc). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Walt_Disney_Direct-to-Consumer_%26_International Will the Fox entertainment networks be rebranded ABC or Star? I can see them merging Fox Sports with ESPN...
  13. A suspension in journalism tends to accelerate an individual to take a demotion (Brian Ross) or resignation (Dr. Nancy Snyderman). Unfortunately, I'm not surprised about this. Gutman's career took a big hit for sharing an inaccurate statement on live broadcast television. He has been a rising star at ABC News for the past decade, so I do feel regret for him that his culmination of what is pretty much a decent career at ABC might end because of this.. This is a reminder that slow and steady still wins the race especially in "breaking news" situations, it's better to be accurate in reporting than just being "the first" to report: get your facts verified before you go on to report.
  14. Here's an hour of ABC News Prime. I really like the look and feel of the newscast, they covered a lot of things, no fluff or pop culture index -- just straight news, sort of felt like vintage CNN Headline News. I also like their intro, which features ABC News logos from the past.
  15. I did away with paid live tv this year, so this is a welcome addition to my streaming lineup.
  16. DANG! The Cancellation Bear gets cancelled. A unlikely victim of the Tribune acquisition, TV By the Numbers: https://tvbythenumbers.zap2it.com/more-tv-news/the-end/ So unfortunate, but I guess Marc Berman will be my go-to for morning after primetime ratings releases for now on.
  17. All in all, happy for Wallace. Well deserved!
  18. Glad the Tribune stations could keep their current graphics. If anything, I wouldn't mind if other Scripps stations adopted the WPIX graphics, it's a more superior product. I feel bad for the rest of the Scripps stations, those new graphics are just hideous. Sucks for the NBC affiliates, they could have rebranded into something exciting for the Olympics and unfortunately all they get is a very mediocre rebrand. What a joke.
  19. I wonder what happens to FX? Didn't the F stand for Fox? The typeface of the FX logo is pretty much the the typeface of the FOX logo.
  20. Sad to see her go, she was part of the most-versed and well-rounded panel that The View has ever had. This team has been firing on all cylinders and it has made for lively debates and conversation, you can really tell that they know what they were talking about and knew how to naturally be themselves, you can tell that they weren't simply rephrasing talking points spoonfed by producers. On Monday, she seemed to have kept the idea or returning open, so I wouldn't be surprised if she comes back after her father's campaign ends in June. As for all the rumors coming from Page Six, I feel like The View tends to get more publicity from inner conflicts just because the public likes to see a good catfight when it's between women. All workplaces and shows have conflict, it's the nature of the business, but you hardly hear anything coming from an all-guys team on The NFL Today or Fox NFL Sunday, it's a double standard unfortunately.
  21. Not a fan of the bubble. Seriously, in addition to these blue-white minimalist tones, it seems like they are mocking up a "Facebook" graphics theme. All they need are the hearts, thumbs ups and emojis to pop up on the screen.
  22. Inter Yeah, I noticed no searchlights on the WTVT bug. Most likely to also distance themselves from Disney's 20th Century Fox branding.
  23. He is great on $100,000 Pyramid I must say. But I do agree with y'all, I still find it odd that they passed up on other qualified ABC News anchors for Michael. Disney loves Strahan and they possibly feel like he brings the "it" factor, but I've always speculated that adding a more masculine personality (Strahan, Josh Elliott, Jesse Palmer, and even Tony Reali) was always a band-aid to counter Stephanopoulos' stiffness during lighter, fluffier flare. I do wonder what GMA's longterm plans are. Will GMA3 still be in the cards? Roberts and Stephanopoulos aren't exactly ancient and the audience seems to like this team for the most part, unless ratings slide or the competition gets fierce, I can see this team staying for another 5-10 years tops.
  24. I'm surprised they kept the bug white, the logo and time/temp gets easily hidden when the video or picture playing behind it is also white...kinda defeats the purpose of having a bug. Too much slow animation happening on the L3's, they're trying to grab the viewer's attention but it just feels like the movement is lagging. Dang, Scripps should have gotten TVNewsTalk's community to be their focus group, we can certainly come up with something better than this.
  25. Those graphics were alright even though they were pretty much copying CNN's at the time; they were certainly an upgrade to the Hothaus design that McGraw-Hill stations had when they standardized, those were ugly.
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