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  1. I'm curious to know where here career will take her and if she plans leave the industry. After the blackface incident, she is now damaged goods, I think she knows she has burned bridges and no mainstream media organization will take her. Logically, her place will be back at a conservative media organization like Fox News, Pat Robertson's CBN or maybe even that new Viacom/Pluto TV channel called First.
  2. Fair question, it shouldn't matter. The only people that would be concerned are the NBC affiliates that air her show, but aren't they contracted to air her show regardless of content? If that is real and she does get the interview, it will be a big get. It will certainly help her and the show. Until today's social media post, Lauer has been on stealth mode, it would be good to get his side of the story.
  3. The 11pm news also is back it seems, how many times has it returned in last few years 3 or 4 times now? I'm curious to know what the 4:30 am show is. The more pressing question is where is Aloha Taylor, she's been gone for too long.
  4. I'm somewhat suspicious about what people who worked with Lauer "knew" about him. I feel like a lot of them are not saying what they actually knew and are hiding under this blanket of cluelessness in the public eye in order to keep their career and reputation. There's been open jokes and roasts touting Lauer's womanizing ways before the #MeToo movement when this behavior was sectioned off as okay for white men with power.
  5. Down here in San Diego, XETV did this when they restarted their newscast back at the beginning of the new millennium. KGTV also did this for a couple years during sweeps periods when people actually tuned in for ABC Sunday primetime programming consisting of ratings juggernauts Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, Desperate Housewives, and Grey's Anatomy.
  6. GMA has had an easier time celebrating their history compared to the Today show, who have erased the likes of Matt Lauer and Ann Curry from their memory. I remember during their 40th anniversary when they invited all their on-air talent back, GMA even brought back Kevin Newman, Lisa McRee and even Josh Elliott came back, seems like there's no bad blood . 2000s GMA was pretty much my preferred version of the show, it had the right balance of substance and morning show flare. For me, Time Square Studio's prime location is the 2nd floor and it's unfortunate that they don't take advantage of the Time Square view that often as they did in the early 2000s, I always preferred that they started the first hour upstairs and went down to hangout with the public on the ground level during the 2nd hour. Also, I know it's a budgetary issue, but I always thought it was silly when they moved the weekend edition, 20/20, Nightline and Primetime away from Time Square since the facility is owned by Disney; it's simply aesthetics, but it definitely made the newsmagazines come alive when they were on location, it just simply illuminated the live aspect that you simply don't feel when they are in the Upper West Side in a closed studio. Do you guys think GMA will leave Times Square when construction for the new ABC HQ in Hudson Square is completed?
  7. I am glad everyone is fine as well! I too wonder what will happen now, how soon can they get another chopper? Or are we just going to see more drones in the sky?
  8. Yes, the ad dollars coming from these questionable for-profit colleges that places many graduates more in debt and causes more financial and economic strain for our country? Yes, this is America, land of on-air paternity tests!
  9. Can't blame Maury. He pretty much does the same show each day and most likely makes good money.
  10. It's an interesting discussion, are they actually long gone or are heads of tv programming not even trying anymore? Broadcast still has the potential to attract eyeballs, just reference back to the premiere of the "Roseanne" revival, people came to see the show and the sitcom revival actually did something that surprised network execs in this day and age, the premiere average a 5.1 rating in the key demo and attracted 18.1 million viewers, and although the sitcom did slide down on the ratings scale by their season finale, it still showed respectable ratings; if Roseanne didn't make a fool of herself on Twitter, she and her show could have taken the most watched comedy title from Big Bang Theory this coming season. People will watch if they feel like it's worthwhile. Personally, syndicated programming execs just got too lazy and have created cookie-cutter programming whether the genre is court, talk, or even gameshows. You also can't just plug-in a well known personality into a talkshow and think it's going to work. There's elements that need to come together that needs to resonate with the audience. Entertainment shows aren't doing as well as they used to because of social media and how the audience have consumed celebrity pop culture has changed so much since the 80s. At the same time, affiliates have created a plethora of their "own shows" by creating bland content that features viral videos, social media shares, "how-to" segments and lame small talk and think that that is enough. They threw out being innovative and thinking outside the box and unfortunately this have subsided into the thinking that no one watches daytime. Can you really blame the viewer for not watching a poor product?
  11. Oh, I didn't realize that. It does feel rushed I'd say bit it's incredibly synergistic. This rebranding of titles will certainly confuse people. "Access Hollywood Live" is now "Access Daily, "Access Hollywood" was rebranded as simply as "Access" a few years ago and now will now revert back to their original title and will go live, and now there's another spinoff called "All Access"....what's next, are they merging with "CBS All Access"? Tabloid news shows work, just ask "Inside Edition" which is still up and running with it's cheesy sound effects and watchable investigative stories, the show is an institution for CBS TV Distribution. Not sure if All Access will work out since there's a gluttony of similar shows out there, the "ET"/"Insider" fun hour didn't work in the long run and pretty much became separate entities, so I have doubts about this new show, there's going to be an excess of Access on some NBC O&O stations, two hours worth daily!
  12. KNSD (NBC San Diego) doesn't even air Access Hollywood, they only air the 1-hr daytime show. None of the of the other affiliates picked the show up. I'm a little surprised that NBC didn't mandate them to air Access Hollywood, though it's most likely because they also air the Wheel and Jeopardy and lack programming real estate.
  13. Is this real life? CNN had a messy debate, Trevor Noah says it best:
  14. Page Six reporting that Keke Palmer is very close to going full-time on "Strahan & Sara".... I'm guessing another title change is underway... https://pagesix.com/2019/07/30/keke-palmer-to-join-strahan-and-sara-as-a-third-co-host/
  15. Interest That's interesting. I always thought conflict talkers were too trashy for NBC O&Os, but whatever brings in the ratings I guess... has anyone seen clip for this new show ? Is it pretty much The Jerry Springer Show with a courtroom? Or will this be a more dignified program?
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