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  1. THR has a very insightful article about Byron Allen, I am very impressed on what he has able to amass since starting his career in the media industry as a comedian. I didn't know a lot of things about him, all I knew of him were all his syndication shows and digital channels; the article answered a lot of my questions and I am sort of impressed with what he has accomplished. One thing I got out, don't count him out, he has set his sights on bigger things. https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/features/byron-allen-his-plans-media-domination-what-you-see-today-will-be-10000-times-bigger-1302245
  2. With Disney now having majority ownership of Hulu, I wonder if soaps can find new life on streaming, even with a half-hour format. They can have it premiere on ABC then have the episodes available on streaming.
  3. Yeah, that was the problem. SS&K didn't really add anything new, the hosts had good chemistry but there's just so many other alternatives out there that the show pretty much gets lost in the shuffle. I'm still surprised that The Chew didn't get a revamp.The show had enough uniqueness to stand out from the crowd. All the show needed was a couple new hosts to spice things up, I. do wonder if ABC has been thinking to bring one of their primetime classic game shows to daytime, seems like an easy move with their relationship with Fremantle.
  4. Interesting. I wonder what the hosting format will look like, will they keep it the same with Amy as primary anchor or make it a duo or panel show?
  5. RIP, I still remember growing up in the late 90s watching the Friday night lineup on ABC, it was TGIF then 20/20. Walters and Downs were an epic duo. Somewhat poetic that he passed away in the year 2020.
  6. TJ is definitely great, I wish they gave him a permanent role on the GMA team or somewhere on ABC News. He and Amy do work really well as a pair. Wouldn't mind seeing Sara back on The View, she was great on there. Yeah, I wonder how "GMA3: What You Need to Know" is doing in the ratings? Does anyone know? I do like this iteration of the show, it does feel like World News Now in the Afternoon, there's definitely more substance and a more informational tone that I highly welcome. With what's going on right now in the world and with so much uncertainty, I don't really see the silliness of SS&K coming back anytime soon. The more serious tone can easily delve into topics like politics and the election cycle, as well as jobs and the economy. The flaw that ABC News had with this hour was that GMA Day originally felt like a knockoff on Live with Kelly & Ryan and SS&K just felt like they were trying to be a panel version of Ellen. Aww, it's Josh Elliott before he burned his on-air career. He was quite popular with GMA viewers at the time. If he stayed at ABC, there's no doubt he would have been the third anchor on GMA with Robin and George.
  7. The graphics have finally made it to San Diego. On-air, they are finally adding their network affiliation as part of their spoken branding: "ABC 10News", prior to this, they've been simply called "10News" since the 90s. Not really feeling the tone of the graphics at all, oh well. The set's lights and colors really need to change to comply with the new graphics but I doubt that will happen.
  8. Gosh, so much celebration over a poor graphics package...are we anticipating new logo and a new set as well?
  9. The late Christopher Reeve's son goes pants-less during his segment. Whoops. https://tvline.com/2020/04/28/reporter-no-pants-good-morning-america-will-reeve-video-abc/
  10. Millionaire tapings were scheduled for this past weekend. I actually had tickets for Saturday but they cancelled audience invitations on Thursday afternoon. I wonder if they went audience-less, most likely?
  11. During the 10pm newscast on the app, they are using old Scripps graphics with the new logo...
  12. Watching the 10News app right now and it seems like they are using the new graphics...
  13. Sounds like Popeye's lady:
  14. It sounds so valley girl, I'm surprised that their slogan has lasted this long. Not a bad package, could be better but it could have been much worse too. Very curious when KGTV San Diego will debut theirs Scripps graphics.
  15. Yikes, I can't see David Wright returning to ABC. Those were damaging comments, you don't bite from the hand that feeds you, even if it's coming from a Mouse feeding you cheese. Sorry, but if you want to stick with hardcore citizen journalism and truly make a difference, make your own YouTube channel and podcast. The current media landscape is all about synergy, you drink the Kool-Ade that they give you, if you don't like it and don't want to share airtime with The Bachelor and shopping deals and steals, it's time to move on. At the same time, off the record comments from those in the journalism community should be kept to a minimum in this day and age, you will be recorded for juicy soundbites. You're a journalist, don't talk about your personal life and ideologies.
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