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  1. I agree, this is a weird move. I always loved the vibe of CTM's studio and it has aged pretty well, I love the use of their circular desk. As a serious news program, they didn't need Times Square. Like you said, there's too much fluff at Time Square and it does seem like CTM will be evolving into another type of program with more fluff? Could we be seeing live performances on during the weekdays? It will be interesting how ABC and CBS will sensor each other on their telecasts. In the past, ABC used to embrace their views on the area, you could see MTV logos during GMA. Like you sai
  2. Personally, how does one get a white-collar, ad agency job where you simply tell your client that old is new again? I would love to be paid good money just to shower my fluff of fresh and innovative ideas, seems like a very transformative profession. I wonder if Troika is involved once again with their new branding identity?
  3. https://espnpressroom.com/us/press-releases/2021/03/the-walt-disney-company-espn-and-national-football-league-reach-landmark-long-term-agreement/ Also: Monday Night Football To Include Three Weeks With Multiple Monday Games; Saturday Action Also Coming ESPN will increase its regular-season schedule by 35% — six more games per year (from 17 to 23). It will include an ESPN game on Monday nights (including three weeks with a separate game on ABC), a Saturday doubleheader the season’s final week and the Sunday morning game on ESPN+. Monday Night Football, which has been aired on
  4. True, it always looked like she had a good relationship with King World when the syndicator was independent from CBS. There seemed to be friction towards the end of her talker, Sony was actually courting Oprah to come over to their side before she officially called it quits. And instead of CBS, Harpo had launched Dr. Oz and Nate Berkus talkers with Sony instead of CBS during this time. https://deadline.com/2009/11/the-end-of-oprah-as-we-know-her-18362/
  5. Congrats to CBS This Morning. Oprah is still the queen of American television, I wonder if CBS has other ideas for Winfrey going forward. The Gayle King connection was probably a big reason why CBS was able to get the rights to the special. Prior to this, Winfrey's broadcast home has always been ABC, the home of her syndicated series for many years on the O&Os.
  6. That's most likely their plan, they scheduled Dancing with the Stars on a Tuesday when MNF was playing the same week on the network back in September. I'm guessing the simulcasts would happen after Dancing ends Thanksgiving week. A Disneyfied Thanksgiving game sounds like something that would make too much sense, especially since we just saw a Nickelodeon game quite recently. Glad that ABC is rumored to be back on Super Bowl rotation, but it is somewhat underwhelming that they will just simulcast select games for MNF, they've somewhat done that this year already. It originally s
  7. Yeah, I feel like this was probably a contributing factor for Tom Llamas to leave, there's not really much growth if he was aiming to be leading anchor on the weekday line-up in the near future. On GMA, it seems like T.J Holmes will be primed to take over GMA at this point, especially since he was added to GMA3 and he and Robach seem to be the future of the franchise. In the evening, Muir will most likely be anchoring for another decade or two as long as the ratings are strong. I do wonder if NBC has offered Tom Llamas a role on Today, like on the third hour? Overall, do you guys
  8. I remember reading an article saying that the network will honor the remainder of their syndicated contracts. Sort of odd from a branding perspective but then again progressive-leaning Freeform remains attached to the hip of Pat Robertson and The 700 Club for all eternity.
  9. Matt Gutman suspended again: https://deadline.com/2021/02/matt-gutman-abc-news-covid-19-1234694009/
  10. Congrats to both Linsey and Whit, both deserving of this role!
  11. It's the same issue with Stephanopoulos double dipping with GMA and This Week. ABC would have been able to keep Jake Tapper if they gave him This Week all those years ago. 20/20 is pretty much a shell of its former self and is no longer the multi-topical format that gave us segments like 'Give Me a Break', does anyone really host the current show? Seems like the Friday program became a 2-hour crime docuseries, I don't think Muir or Robach even introduce the story. Looking at the ratings, it looks like the crime series is working. At this point, ABC should give 20/20 another timesl
  12. Yeah, for the press, Elliott made it seem like wanted to go back to sports, but that never made sense to me since he could have always gone back to ESPN if that was what he was truly saying. If I remember correctly, the executive producer of the Today show (Horowitz) at that time came from ESPN and he was in the midst of redoing the Today show from the ground up and had hoped to put Elliott somewhere in there. Lauer and his minions got word on the situation and revolted to the point that Elliott wasn't really welcomed to Studio 1A and nixed the Today show revamp. NBC Sports didn't really give
  13. Very interesting and I wonder what exactly NBC has lined up for him. He should be very careful. Just ask Josh Elliott and Sam Champion, both were promised to be featured across all their platforms when they moved to the NBCUniversal family. Elliott had a lot of pushback from the Today show club and wasn't actually utilized well on NBC Sports while Champion sort of flopped with his own morning show at The Weather Channel. I understand the idea of wanting a new challenge and professional growth, but Llamas had a really great role and had great visibility at ABC News.
  14. I grew up in SoCal, so my mind immediately thought Rosie was carried on all NBC O&Os. Didn't realize that this wasn't the case. Living In San Diego, I remembered seeing a billboard for KNSD's daytime lineup, which was Roseanne Barr's short-lived talkshow followed by Rosie O'Donnell's program under the moniker "Roses Delivered Daily" campaign. Yeah, I feel like Corden is just an acquired taste, I like how different his format is. He definitely does well with social media, but it has to be difficult juggling both a daytime talkshow and film career. Being in Ca

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