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  1. CBS trying to put its foot on ABC's turf? Feels like 1997 again, when CBS Block Party competed directly with ABC's veteran sitcom block TGIF on the same night. ha I wonder if CBS This Morning would ever move into hustle of bustle of Times Square? I'm pretty sure that has come up.
  2. That's pretty much ABC News' powerhouse on-air team all in there on Tuesday evening. Then you have George working with cancer survivors Robin and Amy in studio for GMA in the mornings since then. This is going to be a headache for the news department. Wear your freaking masks people.
  3. Congratulations to Sandra, I always remembered her to have a strong presence on the San Diego airwaves. This is a huge victory towards equal pay for women and minorities. I am glad she spoke up and fought the fight, this is a common struggle for many and the dialogue should be out in the open for those in the industry. Would love to see her back if she's given a chance elsewhere.
  4. Overall, nice set and graphics. I just think the rings look too similar to what "Today " has, even Newscast Studio commented on the similar graphic tones: https://www.newscaststudio.com/2020/09/21/gma3-what-you-need-to-know-redesign/
  5. Happy to hear TJ is joining GMA3! Both he and Robach should be the heirs of GMA in my opinion whenever Robin or George decide to move on eventually, they both work great together. New logo on the promo, and I'm guessing new graphics (or slight adjustments) come next week: https://www.instagram.com/p/CFSDNnoBVDY/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link
  6. Aww, I LOVE they brought back the old theme.
  7. I agree, there was no need for a new logo, the circular one that they have right now still works. Feels like one of those unnecessary logo changes that companies get too often these days. Is there a need? Probably not. Is someone making money off this change? Most likely.
  8. @carolinanews4, this is a forum about news television. Dialogue and critical analysis about industry trends and industry happenings should be deeply encouraged. I don't think we are being negative about the situation, a lot us were skeptical about how this operation was intending to work. Results matter and media companies will not wait a long time to see what happens. A well produced newscast means squat if it doesn't make any money. Go ask Disney when they co-created Fusion, which had a promising variety of news shows and talent when it first began. The had a huge launch and pr
  9. Nexstar's plan is just all wrong. The WGN America brand should have bee retired a long. time ago, millennials only know WGN as the superstation that brought us Kids WB and The WB network programming back in the day and the local Chicago dating show called The Buzz. Since then, they tried their hands on scripted programming but gave up on that after a few years. The network is mostly reruns and a random Jerry O'Connell Canadian drama. It's pretty much a mix of many things and now they want to add a daily newscast? They should have just created a news streaming app for News Nation, they would a
  10. So true. I wish them well, but this is a true uphill battle.
  11. Yeah, the new logo just looks too plain for me. I found the other two more marketable and their designs had more personality. We'll see, it really depends if it comes together with the new graphics. ET is reporting that Sara Haines will be broadcasting live from the studio, so we may see some enhancements on the set. Source: https://www.etonline.com/sara-haines-officially-returns-as-co-host-of-the-view-152544
  12. The View formally confirms that Sara Haines is back, they will also unveil a new logo for the new season. Source: https://deadline.com/2020/09/the-view-abc-sara-haines-1234570901/ Not really into the new logo, looks very bland. I'm guessing we'll be getting new graphics as well. I wonder if there was also budget for redoing the set had Covid not happened.
  13. Not all. KFMB has no Roku app.
  14. Here in California, KTLA and KSWB are not on streaming for Roku, and that's highly disapointing when their competitors like ABC, CBS, NBC O&Os and EW Scripps have taken big strides to make their live content available to the masses. Station groups like Nexstar and Tegna need to wake up and have tons of catching up to do.
  15. TOTALLY. Cord-cutting is real and people will continue to cut their ties with cable and satellite. The future is streaming and it's very laughable that station groups are not putting themselves out there on places like Roku and Amazon. In regards to WGN America, I'm surprised that the network is still a thing. It's already lost in the shuffle. They might as well rebrand the channel if they plan to target news/info content, wouldn't mind seeing a CNN Headline News-esque network.

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