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  1. Yeah, ever since the program shifted to an emphasis on the main trio: Robin, George, and Michael, it seemed like everyone else (Ginger, Lara, Amy and Jesse) played the second and third fiddle. I can see Lara making more of an impact now to fill the void left by Amy. Seems like ABC News president is now on thin ice in regard to her handling of the Robach-Holmes situation: https://www.thedailybeast.com/abc-news-bleeding-from-self-inflicted-wound-after-gma3-love-scandal?utm_campaign=owned_social&utm_source=facebook_owned_tdb&utm_medium=socialflow&source=TDB&via=FB_Page&utm_medium=socialflow&utm_campaign=owned_social&source=TDB&via=FB_Page&utm_source=facebook_owned_tdb&fbclid=IwAR0ypak1qfZrSjWEE6Hkojj6vv5bpoViK1V5MmVrAwEbYL2IHyh4NfWaU6w
  2. I noticed the mugs too. Have they made it official? I'm not really a fan of the current weekend morning cast, unfortunately, the show feels so stale now. I'm also disappointed that 5 Live has ended. Kudos to Sam, Andy, Rob and Bobby for providing a very personal, unique program. My wishful thinking hopes that the 5 Live team would co-host the upcoming KTLA News 4pm hour together, they can do a traditional newscast with 5 Live elements in between. .
  3. Like I said previously, CNN would be wise to pick them up for primetime. Their chemistry is dynamic like Joe and Mica. I do wonder if ABC/Disney made TJ and Amy sign an NDA? Yeah, when this began, I thought they stood a chance to continue, but I forgot how cut-throat and dramatic it can be behind the scenes. This has all the makings of a cheesy Lifetime limited series. The online tabloids have suggested that Lara had always had a beef with Amy and Robin didn't like how this incident could tarnish the GMA brand; it's also noted that Robin neglected to mention Amy much in her memoir, so I'm pretty sure these tensions boiled up backstage between personalities. I agree with you, I do feel like TJ and Amy should have gone private with their relationship in December, having them kissing on that pier last month just didn't help their case. But maybe they both realized they had nothing left at ABC at that point, so maybe that was part of a publicity stunt. ABC News is in an interesting time, they've had a number of promising on-air talent leave: Tom Llamas, Cecilia Vega, and now TJ and Amy. I do wonder if they plan to poach any talent elsewhere, Robin Meade or Jeff Glor? The recent TMZ article suggested that Amy has mishandled alcohol, which I think was far-reaching for HR to put into their mediation session, but I always wondered if drunk Diane Sawyer ever got into some trouble:
  4. Indeed! Unless she had some sort of mental disability, which I highly doubt, she had an idea of what she got herself into when started relations with a married man. You're old enough at 24 to make a choice, it takes two to tango. Yeah, it's not looking too good for TJ with the series of alleged relationships he had during his time at ABC. DeMarco Morgan seems to be his eventual replacement. I still do think that TJ and Amy can make waves with their own hour at CNN, they definitely have chemistry on-air that could make it an interesting and dynamic hour on television. It would definitely bring eyeballs to CNN.
  5. This smells like NewsCentral all over again. Looks like KCAL News will be the primary local news brand, @cbsla is no more on Instagram. This news station will be confusing many viewers as I don't think it the public will realize that "CBS 2 News" is obsolete.
  6. This is the same network that airs the longest-running scripted medical drama where doctors bang each other all the time and the network practically placed 4 hours of their fall primetime programming to show singletons dating each other in a tropical resort in Mexico, where they have a legendary "boom boom room". For a media company that has embraced sex-positivity in its programming, it's sort of hypocritical that they would be taking the so-called moral high ground for their employees. If their investigation finds that no company policies were violated, let Amy and TJ go back to work together I say.
  7. Yeah, it looks like Disney is playing it safe, taking their time to see if anything else comes out and making sure company policies weren't violated. Again, I go back to the Joe Scarborough/ Mika Brzezinski situation and how they've been able to continue on. At the same time, this type of buzz has brought GMA3 to the forefront, the media can't stop talking about it. Disney execs have to realize that they are chartering new territory and must realize that this relationship is going to be part of the dynamics of the program going forward; if TJ and Amy are indeed falling in love, that kind of energy will indeed bring in viewers. Morning news viewers will eat this up. If anything, if Disney decides they can't take distractions, TJ and Amy are perfect for CNN, give them some sort of show with them together in primetime, it would bring in eyeballs and interest and bring relevance to the network.
  8. Must be a trend, GMA and GMA3 do something similar with those color tones. I'm not into the style either, it's a little too bland for my tastes. BUT I'm LOVING this set, good job KTLA!
  9. I'd love ABC to revive it, heck maybe they can make it LIVE so it would bring more interest. I wonder if they've been thinking about it, they've had Wayne Brady compete on Dancing with the Stars on Disney+ this fall and he hosted the American Music Awards on ABC last month. It would be cool if they made him as the new host and incorporate new talent while mixing the legacy talent from time to time.
  10. Yeah, I always wondered why Jenny left KFMB, she seemed like the perfect fit for that station given her personality and the energy she brought to the newscasts. People do like her, I believe that for sure. It was a head scratcher why she moved to KUSI, but I'm thinking that KUSI had offered her opportunities for growth, it just sounds like it turned out it wasn't the perfect fit. Even though we make fun of KUSI here for preserving their 90s set, they are still a popular station, especially with affluent communities and those who prefer right-wing narratives. At this point, the only other stations I can see Jenny going to are KSWB (very on-brand) or KNSD; KGTV is too bland/boring at the moment to have someone like her on their station.
  11. What are all your thoughts on Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough? This is pretty much the same situation, just without the pictures in the Daily Mail (which I have no problem with personally since they have been separated from their partners). Mika and Joe are still doing fine all these years on MSNBC.
  12. Always thought Holmes and Robach were the future for main GMA, but this event makes things very interesting indeed. They always had good chemistry on-air, but it seems like things sparked off-air. I wonder how ABC will position this? Will viewers care? I think if they come out in the open and be truthful about what happened, I think most viewers who are already invested in GMA3 will be okay with it, I think some morning viewers will actually welcome it (might even help with ratings). They weren't in an affair like the tabloids are saying, it's 2022 and they've been separated from their partners since August.
  13. Very likely we will see programming powered by NewsNation, I can totally see crime documentaries and other news magazine specials (in the vein of how TMZ has been doing primetime specials on Fox) being part of the lineup. Kinda sad but not shocked that Mark Pedowitz is gone. He did a lot of good for The CW and kept the network's relevancy. It will certainly be interesting to see where Nextstar will take The CW, would love to see some sort of original programing continue.
  14. Newsy was a cool and fresh brand, I think it's more catchy than "Scripps News". I wonder if Scripps News and Scripps stations will have a unifying brand aka new graphics packages and music coming soon? I mean, they might as well standardize the whole thing.
  15. The thing is, morning television is such a communal experience. That's the wonderful thing that KTLA Morning News has been able to establish all these years and why they have been unbeatable, these news personalities become part of people's daily routine, viewers invite them into their house every single morning as they report news-weather-traffic-entertainment-and-everything-else, KTLA gave viewers a window to the world and interpersonal bonds are developed in the process -- Lynette connected with many viewers, and to have her 24 year career as a respected broadcast journalist end with a short and lackluster announcement was hurtful to loyal viewers, it's as if their family member was evicted suddenly. Listen, I totally understand the roots and protocols that human resources and management have to abide with, but it's this by-the-book nonsense that people have an issue with. All of this could have been prevented if management came to their senses and gave Lynette a dignified manner to say goodbye, just at a PR standpoint at the very least. Did Mark Mester make a mistake for going rogue on live television? Yes, putting out dirty laundry last Saturday was disrespectful and was not professional. It's an unfortunate circumstance but it makes me wonder why management did not do anything to ease or prevent the mishap. You have a coworker who is totally heartbroken that his work partner wasn't getting her dues, he posted on his public social media that he will share his view on the matter, but did management try to find a solution to resolve this issue? At the end of the day, are your employees robots or humans? There has to be a reason for this mass exodus that's happening at KTLA, Mark was probably at a boiling point. Mark's career will be fine, he's not damaged goods; the public sees this as a person who was sticking up for his fellow colleague, he will get picked up somewhere, his career is bright.
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