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  1. So, I happened to turn on my Spectrum on my Apple TV, and noticed that Spectrum News (NC-Charlotte) is now Spectrum News 1. Anyone heard anything about this change? Everything else is the same, but after searching the internet, I didn't see anything about it. (I know it isn't earth shattering news, but I am extremely curious why there was a change!)
  2. I was going to say, Janai is taking extra time off due to the pregnancy and the COVID situation. I must say, the Kenneth/Janai Combination is great. They are probably the best WNN anchors I've seen together. I wish honestly, they would've given them the 1pm hour instead of Keke, Streahan etc. (Pandemic coverage now). But I digress. It is sad to see something like this coming from ABC especially.
  3. This is amazing. I loved First News, but this is awesome. I love how with the Full Mix for the Top of the Hour, I heard something similar to claps, and burst out laughing, thinking C Clarity had popped up! Lol I would love to see this as a TV News Theme too.
  4. HAHAHA - So I didn't even realize that was her, it is on every morning During EWN Daybreak on WSOC. I agree - I definitely prefer WSOC over the other stations. I am a "give me the news" and keep it moving. I wish our Media Scene column was still active so we can get ratings info for Charlotte again.
  5. I never understood this logo. I mean, I like how clean it looks. But, I just absolutely do not understand what the "slash" is for, or represents. I usually don't care about logos, I just think they all, for the most part look the same. But this one just boggles my mind.
  6. Hmm, I thought it was because at one point, 4:00 was called "Focus at 4" or something? If it isn't then, yeah, that is strange lol. I wonder if 4:00 is a different format or something (pre-COVID 19)?
  7. Wow - He has jumped around quite a bit. He was at Spectrum News here in Charlotte for a bit (literally, outside my apartment), after coming from WJZ. Thats a lot of moving around!
  8. I did notice that. What's interesting, is they still refer to everything as "Channel 9". I don't necessarily "Hate" using the call letters, but 9 is so much better, IMO
  9. Okay, now it makes sense, I didn't realize it was an actual syndicated show, I thought it was an online show the whole time. Dang.
  10. Me too - WSOC has had their graphics since the DNC in 2012. These 11:00 graphics are great, compared to what was there before. I am hoping that this will result in a graphics overhaul for the station, as I think the '12 light flares have ran their course. It is simple enough and is less intrusive as their previous graphics. Hopefully this is the test run for a refresh!
  11. Yeah the Overlapping is stupid. But maybe because the C represents Charlotte or Carolinas. They probably wouldn't highlight the state because our viewing area is NC and SC.
  12. WSOC quietly added an hour long 7PM newscast on WAXN, anchored by Damany Lewis and Allison Latos.
  13. Lol they didn't even need that much, because it was Spectrum News on WXLV. WXLV never really had good luck there, you have 3 powerhouses, and the triad just can't support that many news operations.
  14. Finally. They usually had garbage and 12:30 so I am happy they finally fixed it.
  15. I wish this was the WBTV package (with Teal instead of Orange, tbh) This is probably one of the BEST packages I have seen in a while! The other Gray gfx (besides 'OIO) is not as good.
  16. I know I am among the minority, but I love it. I feel like it is TEGNA done correctly. It is clean, slick, and I really like the music. I think with a few tweaks per market for edgier cuts, I think that will make it pop for larger markets. The music actually reminds me of 360 from KLAS.
  17. Best case scenario. I think having WJZY/WMYT having that synergy with WGHP will be great for both stations, and even for the region (WNCN, WGHP, WFXR, WSPA). I'm actually a Nexstar fan, so I am much happier with Nexstar gobbling up our affiliates here than keeping them as O&Os. WJZY has barely made a dent in the ratings here. WSOC and WBTV are the giants of Charlotte. Honestly, FOX was taking a real risk creating a news operation from scratch, and from watching a total of 10 minutes of their newscasts since 2013, it just wasn't clicking. Hopefully Nexstar can clean the station up, or (in my best case scenario) possibly outsource their newscast again.
  18. Correct me if I am wrong, but I believe it has something to do with ratings. If they start a few mins earlier, they can maximize their ratings for that hour or something similar to that.
  19. This is much better than the WBTV open IMO.
  20. Good - Because Ch9 EWN hasn't been the same since she left. (I still watch it over everything else though.)
  21. The commercials were saying on WJZY at 1.
  22. No, she is on Summer hiatus. She will be back 9/16.
  23. I love the new set also. I think it fits WGHP's Hometown feel. They have always been the local hometown station, and the set gives that vibe, IMO. The graphics, I agree with MichiganNewsGraphicsJunkie. This is probably my favorite Tribune package!
  24. Watching it over Livestream - Can't see much of the set, but the graphics, are pretty nice. It looks somewhat in-house. Definitely a nice upgrade.
  25. Uh oh - Maybe finally WGHP will upgrade their "interesting" graphics also! See Brad Jones's Facebook Post
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