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  1. The commercials were saying on WJZY at 1.
  2. No, she is on Summer hiatus. She will be back 9/16.
  3. I love the new set also. I think it fits WGHP's Hometown feel. They have always been the local hometown station, and the set gives that vibe, IMO. The graphics, I agree with MichiganNewsGraphicsJunkie. This is probably my favorite Tribune package!
  4. Watching it over Livestream - Can't see much of the set, but the graphics, are pretty nice. It looks somewhat in-house. Definitely a nice upgrade.
  5. Uh oh - Maybe finally WGHP will upgrade their "interesting" graphics also! See Brad Jones's Facebook Post
  6. Yes, I think that is what I mean. It looks unfinished and its awkward animations and pauses. I am wondering if the larger markets are getting a more "pizzazz" package, while smaller markets, something lesser. But, it doesn't surprise me with Gray. I always thought the WRDW graphics were awkward and horrendously bland also.
  7. So, I have been trying to put my finger on it. I love the WOIO graphics, I think they are great. But WMC, KLTV, KTRE gfx, are not as good to me. I feel like the graphics are dull, and don't necessarily entice me to watch the newscasts. I know it sounds really insignificant, or petty. I think I was just expecting so much MORE in these new Gray graphics.
  8. I was thinking the same - I wonder if the WBTV package would be similar to the WOIO package?
  9. I watched this a few weeks ago. VERY VERY interesting. I never realized all of the pieces of UPN. I know, as a black community, we watched UPN all the time, and was kind of distraught when the network disappeared. I always thought UPN was consistently the 6th place network, but apparently, it traded spots with WB (and sometimes FOX). Make sure if you watch this, you block out like a good hour and some change to watch! Hopefully he will do the WB at some point.
  10. That explained everything EXTREMELY well. It now makes sense! I would've never put it all together. I just remember seeing the decline of 3D, never thought about the relation with Apple!
  11. Just caught it on WSOC. All 7,000 names they read in 3 minutes! Lol
  12. I just saw that a few min ago posted on their fb. I actually like it much better than the previous wx graphics.
  13. https://wjla.com/news/nation-world/meteorologist-fired-after-on-air-racial-slur-leads-to-outcry?fbclid=IwAR3brw-Nl7yQOT8gJWZk0rGB7xcZO12IXFugOorXT2XOG3fCPLo6kyQfuoE WHEC Meteorologist let go for using a Racial Slur on air.
  14. Yes, I noticed some little changes on WSOC, like they have Erica and Scott on 5-630, 10, and 11, and Allison is basically a reporter now, changed the backdrop of the set, and Paul Boyd (yuck) reporting in the morning. It is definitely becoming a mess at 9, hopefully Cox will move that ND soon.
  15. Yes, Lake WAVY is definitely prone for flooding, literally, every time it rained in Portsmouth, it was flooded when I lived there, especially near WAVY.
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