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  1. I agree, I feel like the space underneath the L3 might be for a ticker? Open is definitely a downgrade, this almost looks like an in-house open like WJET.
  2. Interesting read. Being in the market, I hear it, and especially the signature, as soon as I heard it, I heard a hint of Aerial (Which I am actually a fan of - lol). I definitely knew from that point it was a Stephen Arnold theme. But I also agree, it is kind of somber to me. I am interested to see what the future cuts would sound like.
  3. Or maybe to WSOC with their 10 year old graphics! LOL! (To be fair, there has been a few updates here and there, but a brand new package would be nice to see!)
  4. Well - WJAX/WFOX has had the "Scripps" gfx package for years as well - And the logo - I am glad someone else noticed Google Play. It is definitely different.
  5. Lol I was going to say, it is definitely still being produced, I still (sad to say) watch it every weekend on VH1! Lol this weekend, one episode, everyone was masked up (post 2020).
  6. I know I am super late, but I just saw this! I wonder if they are paying, although I have noticed, it always says "First Alert" and then Weather Center, or Forecast, etc. I wonder if they are using a loophole by not ever saying "First Alert Weather". Just very interesting, never knew it was trademarked!
  7. Former WJLA/CNN and current WRC Anchor Leon Harris was arrested after being charged with DUI: https://www.nbcwashington.com/news/local/leon-harris-involved-in-car-crash-charged-with-dui/2955116/
  8. I can't even begin - I am still confused on air because you hear all three (!) newscast titles on the station now. FOX 46 News, Queen City News is coming, and FOX Charlotte News Tonight at 10. I am so lost, because the open and the anchors say FOX 46 News at 10, but its advertised as FOX Charlotte News. This is a mess. Not to mention Queen City News (IMO) is a stupid name for a viewing area that encompasses two states. I was looking forward to seeing a nice refresh for 46, but this is garbage. I know part of it is the de-emphasis on "FOX" but, honestly, why not just keep the same branding, or even better, stick with FOX Charlotte branding, it was WCCB previous branding, might as well use it. I do not see this sitting well in the market.I'm sure by May there will be three more names for the newscast.
  9. Also in Charlotte over at WSOC, Demany Lewis and John Paul switch roles, with Demany Lewis taking Mornings, and John Paul taking Midday and 7pm. No word on the replacement of Brittney Johnson in the Mornings just yet.
  10. WSOC “refreshed” their 2012 package last year with new L3s. They have been open-less since 2019.
  11. From what I remember, their actual building is cramped with the local newspaper and such, so I am not surprised at the size of the set at all.
  12. Not bad, I agree the teal and gotham at the beginning was a little strange, but I like it. Personally, I would be fine if WSOC decided to pick it up at this point. (Going on 9 years already.) But I digress.
  13. No, it is just called WSOC Tonight. They abandoned the custom graphics, and it is the normal updated graphics now, and same theme song. All the other newscasts are still Ch 9 EWN.
  14. Interestingly enough, I watched this morning. The National Desk w/ local cut-ins from Winston-Salem studios, and a WLOS meteorologist. I am curious to see 6pm.
  15. I saw the commercials for weeks now, I wonder why they did not go to the local Sinclair stations (WLOS even WSET)? I definitely do not see it lasting too long. But, I did notice their Facebook page introduced Weant and had constant weather updates for a while.
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