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  1. Wow, surprised they passed over Walter and Christie. Wonder who will take over Gray’s spot on weekends. They don’t really have any male anchor candidates waiting in the wings. Will miss Gray starting off the Saturday newscast with “a pleasant good morning to you” and his banter with Chris. Also, I feel like this decision is incredibly shortsighted. With rumors of Nexstar buying the CW, which might lead to an affiliation swap with 57, and the rumor of them placing NewsNation in the 10pm hour, the WPVI-produced newscast may not be for the long term.
  2. Lori also had a stop in Philly.
  3. Per Jessica’s Facebook post, she will be doing evening traffic along with her Top 6 segment Friday mornings.
  4. Wonder if there has been any thought of bringing back the “We’re 4 New York” promo campaign. Since it’s debut in 1992, they seem to bring it back every five years (1997, 2002, 2007, 2012) with the exception of 2017.
  5. Frances seems to be firmly planted on weekend mornings, but Johnny has bounced around in his anchoring responsibilities. I think he’s done a great job filling in and would love to see him paired with Tracy, maybe at 11am and one or two of the evening shows (either at 4&6 or at 5). He’s too good to be buried in the weekends.
  6. She’s finally making the move to weekends.
  7. Brian’s out this week so far, so Alicia has been filling in at noon. Christie has also been sitting next to Sharrie at 10pm this week. Wonder if this could be a preview of when Jim retires, with Brian taking over the 6 solo. Makes better utilization of Alicia and Christie instead of just being the third wheel feature anchors on the early evening newscasts.
  8. Agreed. Even swapping them would be better. And doesn’t KTRK have a separate team that anchors the 3pm?
  9. Wonder if she’ll be doing a Scott Palmer work schedule - doing weekend sports and 5pm sports three weekdays, with Ducis handling the 5pm sports the other two weekdays.
  10. Don’t forget Jane Pauley (Sunday Morning) and Deborah Norville (Inside Edition, part of CBS’s production arm).
  11. Looks like they’ve eliminated the third sports position according to sources. Wonder if Jamie will slide into the weekend position or if they’ll just have the anchors or random reporters do the sports segment. https://www.crossingbroad.com/2022/01/jeff-skversky-resurfaces-with-local-basketball-gigs.html?fbclid=IwAR3PWBXqTJgTlMgcteakxjrdPd-6PryzQFoinMzjJIlnLy642NyxcZ77-nU
  12. There’s this: And this: https://www.crossingbroad.com/2022/01/investigation-is-jeff-skversky-still-working-for-action-news.html?amp His bio is gone from 6’s website and he’s been spotted doing a report on NBCSP. Wonder if based on his reel he is looking to transition to news?
  13. I saw on another thread that if Nexstar’s acquisition of the CW goes through, they may try to put Newsnation on at 10pm. With Nexstar owning WPHL here, I wonder if they would move the CW affiliation there, and if so, may spell the end of the news at 10pm. May make sense to hold off on naming a co-anchor until there is certainty or clarity on whether the outsourced news will continue.
  14. Always thought this made sense. Surprised Jim doesn’t do a preview of the 6pm during the 5pm.
  15. I’ve never changed my name. Listen, I can go back and forth with you all week if you’d like, but I prefer not to. Just give it a rest. It’s ok to have a difference of opinion. No need to throw insults.
  16. I’m relaxed. Clearly you are not. But I’ve seen you go back and forth with others in the past (maybe that’s why you change your username often) so I’m also done. Enjoy your day.
  17. Relax I’m not trying to argue with you or put words in your mouth. Just don’t see the big deal/difference between 2 hours and 2.5 hours, especially when it’s commonplace among other stations in Philly and around the country.
  18. The morning team is on for 3 hours plus GMA cut-ins. Jim and Jackie do 2.5 hours each. Why shouldn’t he? That being said, wonder if Christie will factor in at all, either sliding in at 10pm, or at noon, with Brian going back to 10pm. I will say again color me shocked that they didn’t go with co-anchors at 11pm.
  19. Did he say he wouldn’t continue on the 10pm? No reason to think he will stop just because he’s picking up the 11pm.
  20. Honestly surprised they didn’t go with co-anchors. Sharrie is already in studio for the 10pm, and the two anchor their other broadcasts together.
  21. Curious if they will announce his replacement(s) right away or if we will have to sit through six months of “fill-ins” trying out.
  22. WCAU is doing this as well, both last week and this week.
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