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  1. I wonder why they didn’t have Chris and Mary anchor the 9am, with Cindy picking up the noon, or even Dana doing the noon.
  2. I doubt that’s why they hired another meteorologist.
  3. You can spin it anyway you want, it’s a demotion, unless they asked to be placed there.
  4. Based on what other O&Os are doing, it is likely Jim and Janelle. Now would be a good time to hand over the noon to the 4pm team.
  5. They could air it at 3pm replacing news or have it swap times with Inside Edition.
  6. That’s got to be a placeholder for a week or two, can’t imagine that being the solution.
  7. If the Nexstar station is affiliated with a Big 4, I see the status quo remaining in place. But if Nexstar has a MNTV affiliate, I could see a swap happening.
  8. I would think so too as he is most deserving and probably my favorite on the weather team, but I’m thinking of the optics of it. Is it a good idea to have the three men weekdays and the two women on weekends?
  9. Love Cindy, but feel Chris and Mary would’ve been better choices and better use of resources. They could’ve handed off the noon to Dana Tyler.
  10. Guessing this is Gray’s replacement on weekend mornings. That was quick by WPVI standards. https://www.charlotteobserver.com/news/local/article263922491.html
  11. Don’t understand why they can’t make AFG and Ana full-time hosts. They’ve had more than 5 full time hosts in the past, and this would give all the hosts leeway to take on other projects on the side. They can have all six hosts on on the same day too.
  12. Have they hired people to do the local news and weather cut-ins in Atlanta, Seattle, and Tampa?
  13. Christie Ileto anchoring at the network on America This Morning today.
  14. Another mention in the article that I agree with is that CBS didn’t go with a unified branding, particularly Next Weather as not many stations use it.
  15. Well this is stupid. While it may benefit KCAL, it’ll probably hurt KCBS. Who wants to watch 2 hours of national news and features at 4am and then almost an exact repeat at 7am? Would it not make more sense to simulcast the 4-7am local newscast on 2&9 instead?
  16. I’ll disagree on that. While he may be knowledgeable, I don’t think he has the greatest on-air persona, and feel Krystal was better at that, and management obviously did too, hence why she was filling in weekday evenings.
  17. Looks like 10 is back to full strength in the weather department. https://www.bizjournals.com/philadelphia/news/2022/07/11/nbc10-replaces-hurricane-schwartz-and-krystal-klei.html
  18. Keith filling in Saturday morning and Erin filling in Saturday evening. Over on 6, Rick is filling in in the evening.
  19. https://www.tvinsider.com/1041362/jeopardy-wheel-of-fortune-airs-first-schedule/amp/ Interesting read on which airs first and where.
  20. Bill’s got to be up there in age, maybe 65? Can’t imagine he wants to work past 70. Really liked Krystal and feel she was underutilized. Steve just doesn’t do it for me, not sure why they picked him up. I imagine they’ll utilize some of the T62 weather people as they did one morning last week. What exactly has been her role there? Has she even been on air?
  21. Actually thought about this before you brought it up. Could see them going with a shorter version, like Star Network, with stations branding as Star ##.
  22. On a separate note, Johnny Archer has anchored alongside Tracy the past two days, and I must say they work really well together. 10 should think about pairing them together for either 11am and 5pm, or 4pm and 6pm.
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