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  1. 2 hours ago, Abraham J. Simpson said:

    WPVI is definitely not the same format. It is a more straightforward though lighter newscast. Headlines and all that, and a  good amount of feature-ish content—consumer news, trending/social media content, etc. No separate desk, or that kind of thing. The producer is one who helped shape their 4 pm, and she’s brought a similar (not identical) feel to 10 am. 

    Good vibe among the presenters, and they’ve managed to work in the weekend morning meteorologist who typically handles Wednesdays at noon for one weather segment the last couple of Wednesdays.

    I’m not sure they have a clear rotation at noon yet. It’s usually Brittney and Chris with Adam thrown in here and there. 

    5 hours ago, MediaZone4K said:

    Broken record but...I think stations should get away from morning news anchors having to do the noon because of that long stretch of hours,  working from about 3:30 am to 1pm ish. 


    If anything:

    TEAM A 4:30-7, GMA cut ins, 10am

    TEAM B: Noon, 4, 6

    TEAM C : 5 & 11pm.

    B at Noon, 5

    C at 4,6,11

    that would give both those teams two hours of airtime. 

  2. 1 hour ago, MorningNews said:

    Talent opens scrapped and no mention of Shirleen at noon would seem to confirm this. 

    Seems reasonable that she wouldn’t do 4:30-7, GMA cut ins, 10am and noon too.

    Seems like a good opportunity to rotate Sandra and Michelle in that role permanently. Otherwise adding it to Liz’s duties makes the most sense. 

  3. 15 hours ago, TheRolyPoly said:

    Another inaccuracy here. Your Life Arizona goes back to an hour at 10am, two episodes of Last Man Standing at 11am, and the newly expanded hour-long Arizona's Family News at Noon.



    Maybe if the changing newscast blog was still a thing, people wouldn’t be getting things wrong, and you wouldn’t have to shame them for doing so. 

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  4. 31 minutes ago, wabceyewitness said:


    Sounds like it will be a lighter and different broadcast based on the promo for it (“Same team. New vibe.”) and how they opted to say “hosted by…” rather than “anchored by” in the press release. 



    They should’ve went with “Good Morning New York” for the name to differentiate it. 

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  5. 1 hour ago, CircleWXYZ said:

    Drew Barrymore is moving to sister station WKBD, Detroit 50.


    ET has moved to Fox O&O and cross town rival WJBK, Fox 2.


    As for the 7pm hour, I highly suspect that the time slot will eventually be for the 7pm  newscast.

    Actually looks like DB is moving to WDIV to replace Rachel. 

  6. 13 hours ago, CircleWXYZ said:


    Starting September 11th, CBS News Detroit at 9 am moves to a full hour and a rerun of CBS News Detroit at 11 pm replaces Entertainment Tonight at 1:37 am.  Looks like Family Feud will be the only syndicated program left on WWJ.

    What’s happening to Drew Barrymore?


    Surprised they haven’t been able to get IE/ET for 7pm hour. 

  7. 3 hours ago, SF1964 said:

    Will Natasha Brown be anchoring that newscast as well?  🤦‍♀️  She only anchors 9AM, occasionally at noon, 4PM and fills in at 5PM a lot.


    2 hours ago, 24994J said:


    No? Not without giving up the 9am. News anchors work normal, 8-ish hour shifts, like most people, but that doesn't mean 8 hours on-air. 🤨


    43 minutes ago, SF1964 said:

    I like Natasha.  I just find it odd that her "on-air" day seems like it's stretched out.   The station has sports anchors filling in for news anchors and regular news reporters doing sports.  Having some anchors sitting in chairs at the desk, others standing awkwardly.  The other stations in the city have many anchors/reporters that can do both well and can fill in on any newscast and don't have to use the same 5-6 anchors every day.


    Surprised they didn’t give the morning team the 9am, and the 4pm team the 12noon. That would’ve made more sense. 

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  8. 9 hours ago, JustinH said:

    Not true...WABC, WPVI, and WTVD all air GH at 3pm eastern. Has been for awhile now. Even when All My Children and One Life to Live we're still on, GH was always on at 3pm.

    You’re wrong or you’re misreading my previous post. GH was at 2pm on those three stations for a brief period of time (2012-2014) when Katie Couric had her show on at 3pm. 



    GH moved back to 3pm on the east coast O&Os and a few other select stations after Katie was canceled.





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  9. 56 minutes ago, JustinH said:

    ABC wanted schedule synergy among the east coast and central time zone stations. Kelly & Mark @ 9:00, local news @ 10:00, The View @ 11:00/10:00 Central, Local News @ Noon/11:00 Central, GMA3 @ 1:00/Noon central, Tamron Hall @ 2:00/1:00 central, and GH @ 3:00/2:00 central.

    Except for the fact that most ABC affiliates on the east coast air GH at 2pm. The O&Os did briefly as well when Katie was at 3pm. 

    12 minutes ago, 24994J said:


    The TVNewsCheck article relayed the ABC press release, word-for-word.




    That said, I do feel like there are some details that still need to be ironed out, namely the potential need to update the noon assignments at both WABC and WPVI, but those things will surely become more clear, down the line.

    WPVI has Sarah at noon, with John Paul filling the vacant chair most of the time. So I don’t anticipate any update needed there. I’m surprised they are bringing in both Nydia and Alyana for 10am, as they are both on weekend AM, so will they move off those newscasts? It also now means they have 10 weekday anchors, 12 if you count Alicia and Christie.


    As for WABC, I could see Shirleen moving off the noon, and Liz taking over. 

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  10. 15 hours ago, wofchristian said:

    Since were now getting a 10AM newscast, who do you think will anchor it? And do we yet to have an actual lineup for noon?

    My guess is Matt and Tamela. Or John Paul and/or Christie Ileto.


    But I think a better lineup would be:

    10am & 4pm: John Paul & Alyanna Gomez

    12noon & 5pm: Brian Taff & Sarah Bloomquist

    6pm, 10pm, 11pm: Rick Williams & Sharrie Williams

    Send Gray back to weekend AM where he shined alongside Nydia and Chris. 

  11. 2 hours ago, JoseRM303 said:

    For those wondering Fred made his official debut behind the anchor desk tonight.

    He made his debut last Wednesday behind the anchor desk. 

  12. 5 hours ago, NYNewsCoverage said:

    WCBS made another interesting anchor decision this morning- teamed 2 male anchors together (Doug Williams with Dave Carlin). I believe the only other NYC station to do this was WNYW a few years ago? Interesting how 2 women anchors are so commonplace and 2 males are incredibly rare, at least in the NY market.

    I don’t know why stations think it’s taboo or something. It was commonplace back in the day. KYW did it earlier in the week too. 

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  13. 1 hour ago, wofchristian said:

    It’s not about hierarchy, it's about shifts. Gray already does the 10PM PHL17 cast, so it makes sense to keep him on. If Sarah were to fill in at 11PM, that means she would've been working for 12 hours, which I'm pretty sure no one wants to do.

    I never said it was about hierarchy, that was someone else’s argument, which I argued would have resulted in a different lineup. But you’re also wrong, it’s not about shifts either. If it were, why would they not have Gray anchor the 10pm and have Walter do the 11pm?

  14. 2 hours ago, Geoffrey said:


    CBS 2 News made it clear that Legoland sponsored the segment. And with John appearing at least four times an hour, they got a lot of coverage. Legoland purchased the presence of a member of the CBS 2 News team during a CBS 2 News broadcast.

    Okay, relax. Did it create bias in their presentation of the weather? I think you’re making a big deal out of nothing. 

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  15. 1 hour ago, 24994J said:


    It's not so much "give" as the ABC O&O has right of first refusal for the Monday Night games. After that, the CW/MyTV/indies of the world effectively "bid" to air the games. I'd imagine a similar procedure is at play, for the WNBA game.

    Or maybe WPIX passed on it. Not trying to sound sexist, but I am sure the game is not a big ratings draw. 

  16. 2 hours ago, jrogo said:

    Long overdue but hopefully this will be a good change. I would’ve preferred someone who is actually independent and a true moderator, since Chuck has blurred that line, but those days seem to be long gone. It will be interesting to see who they chose to replace Kristen on Saturday Today. 


    44 minutes ago, FiveNews said:

    As far as the sucessor for Welker on Saturday today- my best guess would be someone from NBC News Now or NBC News Daily. Those individuals seem to serve as minor league players cutting their teeth until a big network opportunity comes up.

    Why does she have to be replaced on Saturday Today? Is there any reason she can’t keep that role?

  17. 5 minutes ago, 24994J said:

    Gray is now a weeknight anchor, and Walter is not, so the former gets the big show in such a basic hierarchy. I don't know who did the earlier shows, so I don't know that Gray needed to be pulled from his regular 10pm slot, but I'd imagine the 10 wasn't a top priority on a holiday.

    It was:

    12noon: John & Sarah

    4pm: Walter & Sarah

    5pm: Gray & Christie

    6pm: Sarah

    10pm: Walter

    11pm: Gray


    I get what you’re all saying, but in that same hierarchy and line of reasoning, Sarah should’ve been the fill-in at 11pm, and someone should’ve filled in at noon for her. Or when Rick is off, Brian should fill in for him and someone should fill in for Brian then. Just seems stupid. I know, I’m nitpicking over something stupid. 

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