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  1. Is Bill no longer doing Fridays at 11pm?
  2. Or at least moving Michelle or Toni to weekend evenings to be with Joe.
  3. And apparently their exes have bonded over this and are dating each other.
  4. It’s part of MyNetTV’s network primetime lineup. The NBC O&Os have it as part of their daytime syndication package.
  5. I would certainly think Shirley would be in the mix for some of the shows.
  6. Not sure. I was more wondering if he’s got the “feature” part down too well not to come across as “newsy” enough, but otherwise think he’d be a great addition.
  7. I wonder if Ben Aaron would be an option for 4pm.
  8. Have they decided on Marza’s replacement? I feel like he’d be a good fit along Michelle.
  9. I’m not sure they have a clear rotation at noon yet. It’s usually Brittney and Chris with Adam thrown in here and there. B at Noon, 5 C at 4,6,11 that would give both those teams two hours of airtime.
  10. Seems like a good opportunity to rotate Sandra and Michelle in that role permanently. Otherwise adding it to Liz’s duties makes the most sense.
  11. Who has been filling in for her at noon?
  12. Maybe if the changing newscast blog was still a thing, people wouldn’t be getting things wrong, and you wouldn’t have to shame them for doing so.
  13. They should’ve went with “Good Morning New York” for the name to differentiate it.
  14. Actually looks like DB is moving to WDIV to replace Rachel.
  15. What’s happening to Drew Barrymore? Surprised they haven’t been able to get IE/ET for 7pm hour.
  16. Surprised they didn’t give the morning team the 9am, and the 4pm team the 12noon. That would’ve made more sense.
  17. You’re wrong or you’re misreading my previous post. GH was at 2pm on those three stations for a brief period of time (2012-2014) when Katie Couric had her show on at 3pm. https://deadline.com/2012/06/general-hospital-to-move-to-new-2-pm-slot-on-september-10-292479/amp/ GH moved back to 3pm on the east coast O&Os and a few other select stations after Katie was canceled. https://soaps.sheknows.com/general-hospital/news/39759/general-hospital-changing-time-slots/ https://michaelfairmantv.com/general-hospital-to-switch-time-slots-in-some-markets/2014/08/13/
  18. Except for the fact that most ABC affiliates on the east coast air GH at 2pm. The O&Os did briefly as well when Katie was at 3pm. WPVI has Sarah at noon, with John Paul filling the vacant chair most of the time. So I don’t anticipate any update needed there. I’m surprised they are bringing in both Nydia and Alyana for 10am, as they are both on weekend AM, so will they move off those newscasts? It also now means they have 10 weekday anchors, 12 if you count Alicia and Christie. As for WABC, I could see Shirleen moving off the noon, and Liz taking over.
  19. My guess is Matt and Tamela. Or John Paul and/or Christie Ileto. But I think a better lineup would be: 10am & 4pm: John Paul & Alyanna Gomez 12noon & 5pm: Brian Taff & Sarah Bloomquist 6pm, 10pm, 11pm: Rick Williams & Sharrie Williams Send Gray back to weekend AM where he shined alongside Nydia and Chris.
  20. Anyone know what’s going on at 3?: https://www.ftvlive.com/sqsp-test/2023/7/20/going-from-bad-to-worse-in-philly
  21. He made his debut last Wednesday behind the anchor desk.
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