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  1. Either that or Monica would’ve gotten the 11 solo I think, as she was the more frequent fill-in. I wonder if Sarah will be the primary fill-in at 6pm just as Sharrie is at 11pm.
  2. Either that or Monica would’ve gotten the 11 solo I think, as she was the more frequent fill-in. I wonder if Sarah will be the primary fill-in at 6pm just as Sharrie is at 11pm.
  3. I wonder who will replace him at noon? Still think they should have went with Rick & Sharrie at 5,10,11, and Brian & Sarah at 12,4,6. My bets are on Christie, Alyana, or Alicia getting the noon spot, with Gray as a long shot. And although Brian is probably my favorite anchor at 6, seems kinda sexist to replace both male solo anchored newscasts with two male solo anchors.
  4. Jillian co-anchored all the weekend evening newscasts this past weekend again.
  5. Jillian’s been co-anchoring with Walter on all the weekend (Sat and Sun) evening newscasts this weekend.
  6. Any word on her replacement? I’d like to see Shawn get the 11pm and Pat the 6pm. I wouldn’t mind seeing Eun cross over to evenings either. I wonder if they’ll ever swap the 6:30pm half hour with NBC NN.
  7. I’ll disagree and say Rob is my preferred candidate. That being said, I’d be ok if Ravi is picked, but I do think one slight change should be made if Ravi is picked: Rob should get the 6pm with Judy, and Ravi should get the 7pm with Cheryl.
  8. While I love Gray, I think he’s better suited for mornings. I could see Rick, Brian, and Sharrie in the running for the 6pm. I honestly wished they had gone with co-anchors at 6pm & 11pm. Curious to see if whoever gets the 6pm causes a ripple effect on other shows. Seems that they’ve been experimenting weekend evenings too with Walter being joined by a co-anchor various times.
  9. Jillian’s co-anchoring with Walter again tonight.
  10. Honestly think after the runoff they should put Kelly at 3pm instead of back at 10am. Kelly has higher ratings and is a better lead off into the 4pm.
  11. Interestingly, Jim anchored the election breaks during prime time. He also appeared on the 11pm in a feature/analysis role.
  12. Jackie was missing tonight for election coverage.
  13. Actually like this move. Maybe they can add Theresa to “The Noon” and 6pm to co-anchor with him?
  14. Or maybe the midday guy will do the 6pm.
  15. Is Adam still solo at midday and 5pm?
  16. Forgot to post, but Jillian Mele was co-anchoring with Walter this past Sunday.
  17. While I agree @MorningNews often gets salty, I kind of agree with them this time as it is somewhat confusing why this is not ok to post. Also, Today in South Florida is used by WTVJ, while WSVN uses Today in Florida.
  18. Keith at WCAU is usually no tie in the mornings, but the morning newscasts tend to be a little softer.
  19. I don’t foresee NBC going “halfway” and cutting sone nights but not all. Do you know how confusing they would be to the viewer? It’s all or nothing.
  20. Wonder if they want to have one of the western feeds since Aaron anchors there. Surprised they didn’t follow the other O&Os in moving Kelly to 3pm (and have Dateline at 2pm, Access at 1pm, and NBCND at 12noon). I must say with regards to NBC News Daily that I’m surprised they don’t have their strongest anchors (Kate and Aaron) anchoring the “East coast” feeds.
  21. I actually found The Talk and The Real both to be too “fake”. The View has never been afraid to have differing views. Just seems like the other two’s hosts were going out of their way to agree with each other and not talk about real hot topics.
  22. The sad part is that Andy and Jerry think that’s true. I actually think that Jerry drags down the show.
  23. You all do realize CBS has owned WUPA since 1994, right? If they wanted to move the affiliation, they would’ve done so a while ago. A lot of major market CBS affiliates are in 3rd or 4th place, you don’t see CBS trying to move affiliations there, do you? Also, Gray owns other CBS affiliates, I don’t thing CBS is looking to piss off Gray. What NBC did in Boston is completely different, as they did not own a station there prior.
  24. Is the weekend morning spot vacant? I honestly don’t remember as I feel 3 has gone through so many meteorologists in the past few years.
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