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  1. Always thought this made sense. Surprised Jim doesn’t do a preview of the 6pm during the 5pm.
  2. I’ve never changed my name. Listen, I can go back and forth with you all week if you’d like, but I prefer not to. Just give it a rest. It’s ok to have a difference of opinion. No need to throw insults.
  3. I’m relaxed. Clearly you are not. But I’ve seen you go back and forth with others in the past (maybe that’s why you change your username often) so I’m also done. Enjoy your day.
  4. Relax I’m not trying to argue with you or put words in your mouth. Just don’t see the big deal/difference between 2 hours and 2.5 hours, especially when it’s commonplace among other stations in Philly and around the country.
  5. The morning team is on for 3 hours plus GMA cut-ins. Jim and Jackie do 2.5 hours each. Why shouldn’t he? That being said, wonder if Christie will factor in at all, either sliding in at 10pm, or at noon, with Brian going back to 10pm. I will say again color me shocked that they didn’t go with co-anchors at 11pm.
  6. Did he say he wouldn’t continue on the 10pm? No reason to think he will stop just because he’s picking up the 11pm.
  7. Honestly surprised they didn’t go with co-anchors. Sharrie is already in studio for the 10pm, and the two anchor their other broadcasts together.
  8. Curious if they will announce his replacement(s) right away or if we will have to sit through six months of “fill-ins” trying out.
  9. WCAU is doing this as well, both last week and this week.
  10. Doubt Frances would be paired with Rosemary. Yes, Tracy does still anchor those hours with Jackie and Jim. I mentioned having two “full” anchor teams, meaning adding another male to the mix. Just seems like a lot for 3 people to handle 3.5 hours, and honestly seems like a lot to have Lucy (or Keith or Erin) stick around to anchor the 11am after the morning shift. Adding another male anchor could allow Tracy and this person to pick up the 11am and add either 4pm and 6pm, or even just the 5pm, leaving the rest for Jim and Jackie.
  11. Stephania did have a coanchor briefly, Dray Clark. They should go with the coanchors for weekend mornings, but Rosemary also needs a coanchir weekend evenings and Tracy could use a coanchor weekday evenings so that there are two full anchor teams weekday evenings.
  12. Where exactly does Shawn fit in currently? And who ended up filling Jim’s spot at 6pm?
  13. I could see Katie Couric in a Larry King type of role in the 9pm hour. I could also see Bill Weir take over the 10pm hour with a Nightline type of show. And a news wrap up show at 11pm, kind of like they had with Aaron Brown. 9pm: Katie Couric Tonight/Live 10pm: Lateline with Bill Weir 11pm: Newsnight with Aaron Brown
  14. https://www.drozshow.com The above internet address redirects to his show’s website.
  15. Sunday night had coanchors today. Nydia was in next to Walter tonight. She had subbed for him last night too. Jaclyn was in for her Sunday Morning next to Gray. I could get on board with these pairings. On a separate note, it seems that Christie Ileto is now the 4pm features anchor. She is mentioned in the close now and Alicia is not.
  16. It would make the most sense for Ben Bradley to add midday duties to his schedule.
  17. After his retirement, the obvious schedule to me is: Noon, 4pm, 6pm: Brian, Sarah, Adam, Jamie (only 4/6), Alicia (only noon/4) 5pm, 10pm, 11pm: Rick, Sharrie, Cecily, Ducis, Alicia (only 5) I imagine they will eventually decide traffic between Jessica and Matt, with one doing mornings and the other afternoon/evening.
  18. Because Scott and Jeff did so well ratingswise when they were in the chair … not gonna happen.
  19. Because Scott and Jeff did so well ratingswise when they were in the chair … not gonna happen.
  20. Anybody else notice last night’s 11pm had the PHL17 bug? Also, Jaclyn Lee has co-anchored the past few Saturdays.
  21. KNTV would be wise to finally add a 4pm newscast and bring him in to split evening duties with Raj, Jessica, and Janelle.
  22. Didn’t Rob used to anchor in the mornings before anchoring the 4:30pm? I think mornings he was replaced by Stefan is what was being referenced.
  23. Which would explain why Brian was off today.
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