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  1. Lazy efforts? Sounds like someone sitting on a couch typing away on their phone/tablet complaining about petty items. NYC is currently at the epicenter of this crisis, and in a time where movement is restricted, we’re accusing a station of being lazy because their building may be infected with this disease and isn’t allowing them to resume normal operations resulting in one cancelled newscast (probably the least watched), and necessitating help from sister stations. Gimme a break! If everything else was normal And they were doing this, I would sympathize with your complaint, but not now. What viewers are complaining? It seems like just you and two other people. And if it doesn’t matter, then why ARE you complaining? Then again, I don’t know why I’m surprised as your posts usually stick out to me as overcomplaining anyways (see GMA and Today threads). C’mon, there are bigger problems in the world to worry about right now.
  2. It boggles my mind that some of you are sitting here complaining. Who cares if anchors in LA or SF are anchoring the news. You’re getting the news, aren’t you. It seems petty with everything else going on that people are finding the need to nitpick about every little thing. I’m sure they’re not purposely skipping the noon news. They’re at this age just not able to do it. Change over to channel 7! Some of you are saying that it is irresponsible that they are skipping it, well it’s irresponsible that you guys are sitting here complaining about instead of just changing the channel! End rant.
  3. Surprised that 6 was late to the game as far as remote/video conferencing in. Yesterday, Adam and Sarah videoed in to the 4pm. Also surprised that they haven’t switched to solo anchoring like 3 & 10, or limiting the amount of anchor teams in studio (like having Brian & Jeanette handle noon, 4pm, and 5pm half hour, and having Rick & Sharrie handling 5:30pm, 6pm, 10pm, and 11pm). I know Jim is the leader and face of Action News, but I’d think it’d be wise for him to stay home since he is over 70 years old.
  4. Seems like 10 has switched to solo anchoring. Have not caught the mornings this week but Keith has been handling 11am and 4pm as well press conferences in between, and Jackie’s been doing 5pm, 6pm, and 11pm. All weather people have been video conferencing in.
  5. With GMA3:SS&K on hiatus, Sara has been guest co-hosting for almost two weeks now. With Whoopi, Joy, and now Meghan all working from home, it has just been Sunny and Sara in-studio. Didn’t realize how much I missed having Sara on this show. She is a voice of reason and not a predictable politically biased personality like the others. Kinda hoping she comes back permanently. Also haven’t seen Ana in a few Fridays.
  6. Robin Roberts to start co-anchoring from home.
  7. With Joy staying home out of precaution and Whoopi moderating via video from home, Sara has been guest co-hosting on The View this week.
  8. As did Glenn in the afternoon. Keith and Erin handled 11am and 4pm while Jim and Jackie handled 5pm and on.
  9. Seems like Brian Taff has been co-anchoring solo at noon the past few Fridays. Jeanette had been filling in for Sarah prior to that. Oddly, Jeanette has been absent the past few Fridays at 4pm too, with Maggie Kent filling in at 4pm. Also, Sarah has been Sharrie’s fill-in at 5 whenever she is off, but this week Erin O’Hearn has been filling in at 5 (and 10) alongside Rick.
  10. Whose anchored at midday so far this week?
  11. Wonder if they would consider moving MTP Daily to 4pm, The Beat to 7pm, and then have D:WH run for 2 hours 5-7pm.
  12. Is this not a list thread? It even has the word “list” in its title. @Weeters @24994J @CircleSeven
  13. Ben Bradley would be another good replacement.
  14. Post is still there. Click on the ABC News Live set pic and scroll over to pic#2.
  15. Keith and Jim references it on a Facebook Live on NBC10’s page in the 10pm hour that it was a rarity. Back in the 90s there were regular fill-ins that resulted in male-male pairings. 10 often had John Alston filling in for Tracy at 5pm next to Tim. Also, Rob regularly was Lisa’s fill-in next to Marc on 6 at 5pm.
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