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  1. Did anyone catch if Rick soloed at 10, or if Erin joined him?
  2. Maggie is filling in at 4pm and 5pm at the anchor desk. Erin was filling the feature role at 4pm (and I’m assuming the 5pm too).
  3. Sarah was off all last week, and Brian anchored solo. It’s so weird how they feel he needs a co-anchor today but not last week. They did this with Christie Illeto last time and she ended up being nothing more than a fill-in.
  4. Perhaps we will get a 4pm co-anchor announcement at the same time (and any other chair that needs to be filled as a result of that) so those opens can be recorded too.
  5. I wonder if Chris will be promoted to weekend evenings, and she will get weekend mornings, or will she directly replace Melissa on weekend evenings?
  6. Shocking announcement as Jim Gardner announced at the end of the 11pm news last night that he will step off the 11pm show at the end of May sweeps, with Rick and Sharrie taking over the 11pm as co-anchors. He will then step off the 6pm and retire completely at the end of the year in December. Brian and Sarah will take over the 6pm show. APRIL FOOLS!
  7. Wonder how that will work out television doubleheaderwise. Under the old format, CBS had 8 exclusive doubleheader Sundays, and Fox had 8 exclusive doubleheader Sundays, and week 17 was a doubleheader Sunday for both of them (giving them 9 total each).
  8. Alicia filled in at 4pm and 5pm today at the main anchor desk. She also doubled as the feature anchor. Apparently Sharrie will be on GMA Weekend as the Pop News Anchor this weekend.
  9. Today Maggie filled the feature anchor role during the 4pm, which Alicia has been doing since Jeannette’s departure and Sarah’s slide over to the anchor desk, and in the close Sarah mentioned both Maggie and Alicia’s names. But Alicia was present on the 5pm in her feature anchor role. Can’t quite figure out what 6’s plans are but do feel we are closer to finding out in the coming weeks.
  10. Based on Shirleen’s and Monica’s departures and announcement of their replacements, the announcement could come anywhere between this coming week and the end of April. While Sarah is the obvious choice as she has filled in the most, she was also the obvious choice to fill Monica’s position and that didn’t pan out. The difference with that is that Jeannette had plenty of fill-in experience at the anchor desk. I think Maggie is too new to the anchor desk, and Erin’s frequent comings and goings don’t bring the stability needed for that position. Both would make a great weekend evening co-anchor.
  11. And it was Brian and Maggie at 4pm, 5pm, and 10pm.
  12. Thursday’s lineup was the following: 12noon: Sarah solo 4pm: Brian and Sarah 5pm: Brian and Maggie 10pm: Brian and Maggie Curious to see what Friday brings as Sarah is traditionally off.
  13. I’m wondering if they wanted an anchor on both newscasts instead of having two fill-in reporters doing the 5pm? Although not sure I understand why Brian and Sarah didn’t just anchor at 4pm and 5pm ... unless Jim is also off??? I feel like we should have a 4pm anchor announcement in the next month, so maybe they are testing pairs? Even weirder, both Walter and Gray were in studio doing reports so they could have also filled in.
  14. Especially since Sarah is working why couldn’t she have anchored the 4 PM? Sarah did give the preview for the 5 PM, so I wonder if both Rick and Sharrie are off today. Alicia was the feature anchor at 4pm. In the close, they mentioned Sarah’s name. Update as I’m writing this, Sarah and Erin are co-anchoring at 5pm. I don’t think, as the 10 PM has had solo anchors in the past.
  15. Today at 12noon Sarah is anchoring solo, but instead of saying Brian is off, she said Brian will be along a little bit later, which means that he’ll be anchoring the later shows. Makes me think that he will be filling in for Rick at both 5PM and 10PM, in addition to anchoring the 4PM. I wonder why they think it is essential to have a coanchor at 10PM when one of the anchors is off, but not at 12noon.

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