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  1. It’d be nice to see him and Lori paired, whether it’s at WNYW or WABC, as that should have been the pairing once Steve left. Nothing against Ken because he does a great job, I just felt like Phil was a better choice at the time.
  2. Surprised they are not utilizing Sara anymore on The View either.
  3. Dick Johnson has passed away. https://www.robertfeder.com/2020/06/09/dick-johnson-1954-2020/
  4. Seems like NBC might be next in line: https://www.crossingbroad.com/2020/06/denise-nakano-out-at-nbc-10-buyouts-offered-to-other-employees.html?amp&__twitter_impression=true
  5. It’s probably safe to assume that this is the case at other NBC O&Os too.
  6. Wow, that came out of no where. I always liked Denise. Hopefully someone will pick her up somewhere. It sounds about the same time Rosemary is coming back from maternity leave. I wonder if she’ll be moved to weekend evenings. That schedule might work better for her as a mom of a newborn, and Erin & Lucy (or evening Keith) are fine handling the 11am.
  7. And Jeanette is co-anchoring with Walter tonight.
  8. Tracy is co-anchoring with Stephania this morning.
  9. Nydia is back in studio co-anchoring with Gray today.
  10. Keith Jones in the newsroom co-anchoring with Denise tonight (Saturday) because of the protests.
  11. Sharrie is co-anchoring with Walter tonight (Saturday). I assume it’s because of the coverage of the protests.
  12. Actually, the hybrid format existed during the original CTM era. The hybrid format contributed to some of the lower ratings so much, that when The Early Show debuted, CBS mandated that it be carried in it’s entirety (with very few exceptions). I doubt they’ll go back to the hybrid format.
  13. Some of your arguments make no sense. Just because the NWSL is there, it doesn’t mean anything. Also, please proofread your posts as they are usually one long run on sentence that often has parts that are unreadable. You’re obviously convinced that Raleigh is going to get MLS and MLB refuse to listen to any sort of sound logic.
  14. Sure it is about money, why else are they in business?!. While you make a good point about San Jose and Sacramento, San Jose (6) and Sacramento (20) are both higher ranked DMAs than both Charlotte (21) and Raleigh (27) and therefore have a much bigger fan base to draw from. As to Columbus and Cincinnati, two points: (1) Columbus almost lost their team but were it not for the city threatening to sue, and (2) you must keep in mind that you can include in their fan base Cleveland (and to lesser extent Louisville, Pittsburgh, Detroit, and Indy). It is proven that Northern California and Ohio can support two teams in other sports, while North Carolina only has one team for all sports but baseball. It’d be $illy to $plit the SoVA-NC-SC fan base in two.
  15. No way Raleigh will fill spot 31 or 32. Same reason Tampa Bay won’t get a team because of Orlando and San Antonio won’t get a team because of Austin. Detroit, Phoenix, San Diego, Las Vegas, and Indianapolis seem best positioned for the last two spots.
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