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  1. Wonder who will replace her on weekend evenings with Walter. My bet is Alyana, but I could see them giving Christie, Maggie, and Nydia a tryout.
  2. If that’s the case, I wonder if they’ll also keep one of Keith or Johnny in the evenings as well.
  3. Wonder where the new hire will be placed. Interestingly, Johnny has been on with Tracy at 5pm this week, and Keith with Jackie at 6pm, 7pm, and 11pm.
  4. Wonder if the other CBS O&Os will follow suit.
  5. Wonder if the ABC O&Os in the east will begin a 3pm newscast.
  6. So it’ll be Tony & Jumi in AM, Leon & Eun at 4&6, and Jim & Shawn at 5&11? Surprised they don’t just rotate anchors for the 11am and keep Erika on weekends.
  7. Jackie was on last night from 5pm and on. Ironically Johnny Archer anchored 4pm solo. They should put Johnny in the mix too. Pair Fred with Jackie and Johnny with Tracy.
  8. I’ve got to think Jillian’s a shoe in for weekend evenings at this point. She’s been co-anchoring with Walter a bunch of weeks in a row now, sometimes on both nights. I’m wondering if they’re waiting for the new sports person to start before making the official announcement and changing the opening. They do still appear to be testing pairings at noon and on weekend mornings.
  9. Lucy and Erin co-anchored 4am-7am. Lucy anchored solo at 11am. Keith anchored solo at 4pm. Johnny anchored solo at 5pm. Keith anchored solo at 6pm. Keith anchored solo at 7pm. Keith will presumably anchor solo at 11pm. Why is it okay for two females to co-anchor together, but it’s considered taboo for two males to co-anchor together? They could’ve had Keith and Johnny co-anchor together. If not, why not keep Keith in the morning, and have Lucy (or Erin) jump to the nightside to co-anchor with Johnny?
  10. They show Rangers, Stars, and Mavericks games on the main feed. The sub feeds are named appropriately for the territories of the teams they show.
  11. NBC SPORTS DFW would be more appropriate.
  12. None of the CW affiliates owned by CBS are airing it.
  13. Glad to hear that’s the case, but surprised to hear she’s doing the 9am instead of the 12noon, which would make more sense in my opinion. Also surprised that Siafa’s only responsibilities are the 4pm.
  14. Kind of surprised they haven’t had the morning team hand off the noon to the 4pm team yet. With Kate handling weather at noon and 4pm now, it would make sense for uniformity/consistency purposes. Plus the morning team has a lot on their plate, 4:30-8:00am, national show cut-ins through 9am, news at 9am. That’s essentially 5 hours of on-air time.
  15. As for Sam C on Fridays, it is technically his shift, but he has the day off. Probably similar thinking for the sports team. Over on WPVI, there was a few years where Sarah had added Sunday evenings to her schedule leading her to have Fridays off (with a few rare exceptions), but she was still listed in the open, and her co-anchor continued to say Sarah’s off.
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