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  1. I thought today was supposed to be Jeannette’s last day, but I guess it was yesterday. Missed the open, but there was definitely no mention of her in the close. Sarah was anchoring at 4pm with Brian, and Erin was the feature anchor today.
  2. I can agree on Matt, but not necessarily Ann. Norville was let go under similar circumstances as Curry, yet the bad blood has boiled down to the point that it has completely gone away as she was present at the last anniversary.
  3. Monday night will not get flex scheduling because of people attending these games. Hotel/flights would have to be changed if it was flexed to Monday night. That being said, I believe Fox and CBS will retain their current packages. I also believe that ESPN, ABC, and NBC will each get one of TNF/SNF/MNF. The Super Bowl will rotate between all 4 OTA broadcast networks, and ESPN will get the Pro Bowl.
  4. Glad they are using USA as a backup. Same with hockey earlier this year. It always seemed odd when CNBC was the main backup for sports.
  5. Looks like her last day at WPVI is Nov. 25 (first link). Looks like her first day at WTTG is Dec. 7 (second/third link). https://www.bizjournals.com/philadelphia/news/2020/11/02/action-news-anchor-departs-station-for-d-c.amp.html https://tvnewscheck.com/article/more-news/255364/jeannette-reyes-new-wttg-weekday-morning-anchor/ https://www.adweek.com/tvspy/fox-5-d-c-taps-philly-anchor-to-join-morning-team/225453/
  6. If they don’t give the 4 PM to Sarah at this point I’d be very disappointed. Alicia could add feature reporter responsibilities again at 4 PM in addition to her 5 PM duties. Jaclyn was hired as an anchor/reporter so it’d be natural for her to get Sarah’s Sunday night spot and possibly add Saturday night to her responsibilities. I surely hope if Sarah gets it they don’t continue her Sunday-Thursday schedule.
  7. If she’s doing that much filling in, they definitely need to find her a spot on their team.
  8. Cecily and Adam handled weekend weather duties this weekend. This time, Cecily handled Saturday evening, while Adam handled Sunday evening. I believe Adam had off on Friday, and I wouldn’t be surprised if Cecily has off on Monday. Also, interestingly, Walter anchored on Saturday evening as usual, but Sarah was solo on Sunday.
  9. I wish Nightline would go back to their Edd Kalehoff theme too.
  10. I’m not sure why you think she was misgendered. At no point did the WKRG story refer to this person using a male pronoun. The original website article stayed gender neutral (update made reference to the person being transgendered), and the TV piece that aired identified the person as a she. What part of that handling is disgusting? And correct me if I’m wrong, but is there a journalistic standard in place for referring to transgender people? One might argue that certain stations/newspapers are referring to the person by their legal gender. Let me state that I’m all for people being
  11. I believe that Week 18 is a last resort for the league, but is definitely on the table. This is they’re fault as they were foolish and naive to not think this was going to happen, especially after what happened with MLB.
  12. It honestly makes sense to rotate the four weekday weather people for the interim. They can do the same thing they did this weekend next weekend but substitute David Murphy in place of Karen Rogers. There are no early evening newscasts on Saturday because of college football, so it’s easy for Chris to do Saturday morning and night, and then Sunday night. And then the following weekend, they can have Adam and Cecily split the weekend again, and whoever does Saturday can get Monday off in addition to Sunday, And whoever does Sunday can get Friday off in addition to Saturday,
  13. When they announced the schedule changed, Broncos/Patriots was announced for Monday afternoon/ESPN. It was never announced for Tuesday night/CBS, perhaps you’re getting confused with Bills/Titans?
  14. Last weekend Adam handled Saturday evening while Cecily handled Sunday evening.
  15. NFL should’ve went with a 12-game schedule (eliminating inter conference games) and scheduled multiple bye weeks instead. Also, since next week’s Thursday game (KC-Buffalo) is likely being bumped to Sunday, they should move next week’s Green Bay-Tampa Bay game from Sunday 10/18 up three days to Thursday 10/15, since Green Bay has off this week and Tampa Bay played this Thursday, so both teams will be well rested.

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