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  1. Nydia was on this morning. Interesting that Rick or Sharrie didn’t sub, or even Brian. As for the 4pm, could it be possible that the spot is going to an outside person? Sarah has filled the spot every day she was on, with the exception of one week when Sharrie did the 4pm while Sarah was the feature anchor subbing for Alicia at 4pm/5pm. And Sharrie has done the majority of Fridays at 4pm. Unless they are still trying to figure out weekends, hence the holding pattern?
  2. Then you live in a delusional world. He’s on a channel that broadcasts conspiracy theories and baseless allegations. Have you seen his Twitter account? Some of his tweets are borderline controversial/racist. I was never a fan of his and believed he only got the job because his dad was police commissioner. But despite his following while he was on GDNY, his image is now tainted.
  3. I doubt they’ll put her on weekdays. She will probably get weekend mornings with either Jeff or Amy being bumped to weekdays. Could see the noon/4 person picking up Friday mornings and Lee picking up Friday 4pm. Or for all we know Sam may move to noon/4 (in which case the morning person Lee could split Fridays). Guess we’ll find out in a few weeks.
  4. And it seems as they are: https://www.instagram.com/p/CP8kcUMnKhG/?utm_medium=copy_link Brittany Bell is joining as a meteorologist. Assuming she’s not replacing anyone, they’ll probably carve out the 12noon and 4pm for someone. Now the question is how will things be shuffled around?
  5. Jaclyn Lee anchored again with Gray last Saturday morning. Wonder if she is permanent and if they are going to stick with two different co-anchors for Gray, one on Saturday and one on Sunday, or if one of them will move to evenings. Wonder what’s going on with the 4pm. When Shirleen left, her replacement was named in 4 months. When Monica left, her replacement was named in 5 months. It’s now been 6.5 months since Jeanette left.
  6. It undoubtedly will be either Adam or David.
  7. Well since you went there, our former president is 74 and senile, among other things.
  8. The open was the old open. At the top of the hour Gray said, “Jaclyn Lee joins us”, and Jaclyn said, “so happy to join you this morning”.
  9. Maybe we’ll get an official announcement Monday?
  10. I honestly believe the only shuffling that needs to be done is amongst the 4 afternoon/evening anchors. Have Dave & Liz anchor at Noon and 5pm, and Bill & Sade at 4pm, 6pm, and 11pm. That way each anchor pair is on 2 hours and no one from the morning anchor team (Shirleen) is being stretched. They should invest in an additional weather person honestly.
  11. https://www.google.com/amp/s/editdesk.wordpress.com/2020/10/09/qa-with-wtvd-meteorologist-brittany-bell/amp/ According to this article, 4:30pm and 5:30pm. I wonder if she handles the 12 noon show too.
  12. I actually disagree. I am pretty sure it is for actual risk minimization. Many stations still have weather and sports people working from home.
  13. I replied this after the first time it was posted and he seemed to gloss over it. No way ESPN moves the NBA off Wednesdays. Most people seem to forget when ESPN acquired the NBA, the NHL got knocked off Wednesdays and bumped to ESPN2.
  14. There is a paywall on the Athletic article. What exactly are they getting? Also, come NBA/NHL playoff time, things might get tricky, especially in the first and second round. I assume they will have to utilize all four of ESPN/ESPN2/TNT/TBS.

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