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  1. TVNewsLover

    2018-19 Syndication News

    Doubt that. WNBC tried this on their main channel and many of the others tried it on their COZI subchannel and it flopped. I wonder if KTRK is also getting Wheel as part of this deal. Same article also mentions they’re not sure what they’re putting there yet. I wonder if Millionaire or Right This Minute might move to the NBC O&Os since something will have to budge on the ABC O&Os with Tamren’s new show.
  2. TVNewsLover


    No, the midday news is being cut to a half hour. WNBC has had a similar show for a while.
  3. TVNewsLover

    Out and About

    Seems like it was a personal decision. Plenty of in-house candidates to replace her. I hope we get another Tuss/Culver pairing at least once in the interim. They should ship one of those guys up to Philly to anchor weekend evenings with Denise.
  4. TVNewsLover

    The Channel 6 Action News Thread

    So every Friday Melissa Magee “fills in” for David Murphy doing weather at noon, but today Cecily filled in at noon, and now Melissa Magee is filling in for her at 11pm. I haven’t seen Cecily on the noon since she got promoted to evenings. Speaking of the noon newscast on Fridays, why don’t they just change the opening to drop Sarah and David, keep Rick, and add Melissa? Ever since Sarah was added to Sunday evenings, Sarah has been off Fridays, and Melissa has filled in for David.
  5. TVNewsLover

    November 2018 Sweeps Results

    How is this possible, yet it’s also claimed that adding more news also makes stations more money?
  6. TVNewsLover


    So you’re suggesting they have 5 male anchors and 4 female anchors on weekdays? I don’t see that happening. It makes no sense for Ted to anchor a half hour. You’re also demoting Carolyn to a half hour. And if Chuck is going to reduce his duties I see him dropping the 11pm, not the 5pm and 6pm. The NBC O&Os tried the 7pm newscasts on COZI already and they ended up dropping them.
  7. TVNewsLover

    The CBS 3 Eyewitness News Thread

    Is there a reason this guy is allowed to keep trolling this thread and the Fox29 thread? I mean, I disagreed with someone in another thread once and was sanctioned immediately for being argumentative (which I was not and the sanction was later overturned). He was the same way over on the yahoo group for Philadelphia TV news pre-TVNewsTalk, with the same user name and all.
  8. TVNewsLover

    NBC 10 Thread

    Money. Plain and simple. If you are gonna go with variety why not go with a different pair for 6pm and 11pm too. Variety is great, but it doesn’t come cheap either. Seems like they’ve settled on new weekday pairs: Early Morning: Lucy & Tracy Late Morning: Vai & Tracy 11am: Vai & Rosemary 4pm: Jackie & Erin 5pm: Keith & Erin 6pm/11pm: Jim & Jackie Seems like they’ve switched some of Tammie and Glenn’s time slots too.
  9. TVNewsLover

    A call to the media

    I’m sure there are legal ramifications too of reporting something that’s not on paper, hence why it’s reported the way it is.
  10. TVNewsLover

    Megyn Kelly Today Officially Cancelled

    Bad idea. Kathie Lee wants to retire soon and Hoda does not want to anchor four hours straight. I just don’t see them giving it back to the affiliates. Too much money to be lost at network level. Will repeat too much money to be lost by giving hour back to affiliates. I appreciate your enthusiasm for game shows, but I don’t think the networks share that enthusiasm. And let’s be honest, most of the game shows you bring up most people don’t remember. CBS TM runs 7-9am, so having hard news at 9 would not compete with CBS. Plus Today is light on the hard news from 7-9, why would they want to do at 9? Let’s be real, people hated her show before it even started. That’s how polarized our country has become.
  11. TVNewsLover

    The Channel 6 Action News Thread

    Jim Gardner did a preview at 10:29 and 10:49 tonight for the 11pm news, but the 10:59 tease and actual news were handled/anchored by Monica Malpass. Do they prerecord previews after the 6pm news? Otherwise sounds like Jim might have had an emergency to tend to.
  12. TVNewsLover

    NBC 10 Thread

    Do they really need a separate anchor team for just the 11am show? Couldn't they just have had Keith and Erin anchor it? It seems like they're playing around with the 4pm show too. Jackie has anchored with both Erin and Rosemary this week while Jim is clearly in the building as he was in the sat center at 5pm and anchored at 6pm and 11pm.
  13. TVNewsLover

    Bomb threat at CNN New York studios

    Not following you here. Are you suggesting that free speech should be curtailed here? Why should CNN (or Fox News for that matter) change what or how they cover things? No matter how you cover something you’re going to piss off someone. There is NO justifiable reason for this and it was not avoidable. You’re essentially blaming CNN instead of the actual culprit.
  14. TVNewsLover

    The CBS 3 Eyewitness News Thread

    I thought they were in 3rd place, but I get your point. Same difference. Yes, the WCCO experiment is not working. Doing things such as switching where the weather and sports people sit will not do the trick (weather person has to walk in front of desk to get to their seat). The same anchor team at 5/6/10/11 while also contributing to the 4pm doesn’t work. And while I like Alexandria and Natasha, I don’t think they make a good team at 4pm. Send one of them to weekends with Joe and give the other a young male co-anchor, and they should add either the 10pm (or 6pm) to their duties. Sports: Don Bell was an upgrade from Beasley Reece so all ok there. Weather: I love Kate Biko but she seems better suited for mornings. They should have never booted Kathy. And I’m not sure what purpose adding Lauren served. She is definitely not for evenings.
  15. TVNewsLover

    Out and About

    I think Jessica is a good addition. Here’s hoping Rick Ritter replaces her at the WJZ anchor desk.

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