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  1. Also wondering who will do weather at noon. David used to do weather at noon (M-Th with Friday off) but he also would first appear on air at 4:30am (not 4am - Karen handled the weather that first half hour). So far Britney did Monday (also 4pm too) and Chris did Tuesday. Honestly think they should give Adam the noon. Have him do noon, 4pm, 6pm, and Cecily 5pm (full hour), 10pm, 11pm. Gives Adam & Cecily equal air time, let’s Adam get home at a decent time to see his kids, and alleviates Karen from working 10 hour days.
  2. I don’t believe Tony is Greek.
  3. Plenty of stations have had 4pm newscasts, gotten rid of them, and brought them back years or decades later. Not sure why you’re doubting it could happen.
  4. Wonder what the plan is after he leaves. I see a few options: 1-Karen slides over to weather with Jessica Boyington taking over traffic. 2-Karen slides over to weather with Matt Pellman taking over traffic while continuing at 4pm and 5pm. 3-Karen slides over to weather with Matt Pellman taking over traffic while Jessica Boyington takes over afternoon traffic. Also, I feel this is a good time to rearrange weekday weather duties as mornings and noon is a long time for one person. Cecily-5pm (full hour), 10pm, 11pm Adam-12noon, 4pm, 6pm Karen (or David’s
  5. I must say while he does a good job out in the field reporting, he’s not that great at the anchor desk.
  6. I assume she’ll probably be filling in for Jim at 6 & 11.
  7. Nice to see Sarah subbing for Jim Monday at 6pm. The go-to’s are usually Rick, Brian, and Sharrie.
  8. KYW does this already and indeed seems pointless to have the same anchors on that entire time. I assume it’s Judge Judy’s replacement.
  9. Jeff Glor’s stardom had already climaxed when he was given the EN. They should’ve given him the position when Katie left, and not to Scott.
  10. Was thinking, does WLS have a features anchor, kind of like Alicia Vitarelli on WPVI? Could totally see Val filling this role on the midday and 4pm show.
  11. When Tamron’s show was originally picked up, it was by the ABC O&O group, including WLS. Because they could not find room on the schedule, it was sublicensed to WCIU. So I believe WLS was able to get it back when the opportunity presented itself. No way Live with Kelly and Ryan is going anywhere. It used to air on WGN and when the opportunity presented itself WLS grabbed it. I feel like WLS over the years has attempted to match the schedule of it’s sister stations, and it’s basically achieved that now.
  12. I wonder if the lifestyle show “Chicago Today” at 11:30am on WMAQ will be renamed “Chicago Live” to fall in line with the other NBC O&Os. Always felt they shied away from that name because it was too close in name to WCL. I agree Tamron is the likely replacement on the schedule, although Rachael Ray could be another possibility. I also could see Ryan becoming lead sports anchor. Jim can’t be that far away from retirement, so Dion could see a promotion in the near future too.
  13. Sarah on Sunday nights was only supposed to be for 1 month but turned into 9 years according to her instagram.
  14. Bill Ritter has come in on a weekend for breaking news. I’m sure Lee has popped in on a Saturday or Sunday too. I think the point others were trying to make was that in breaking news/weather events, anchors/meteorologists will come in on a scheduled day off (Lee was on vacation and appeared). It’s also possible that Sam may not have been able to fly out yesterday either.

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