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  1. Hmm Sharrie was anchoring at 5pm today. Wonder where Sarah was (she was on at noon). C’mon 6abc, make your decision already!!
  2. Since WCIU ended their newscast, what’s Hosea Sanders been up to?
  3. Seems when affiliation contracts expire the networks can make it a condition of renewal.
  4. Wondering if and when Sarah will officially be named 5pm co-anchor. For most of the time Monica’s been gone, Sarah has anchored Monday through Thursday at noon and 5pm, while maintaining her Fridays off and continuing working Sunday evenings. Christie Ileto has been the most frequent sub for her on Fridays at noon and also doing the 5pm. I’d be shocked if anyone else gets the spot (as Sarah has been the fill-in 80% of the time). I hope they don’t continue her with this Sunday-Thursday schedule. Unless they’re going in a different direction, they need to give her the 5pm and make her schedule Monday-Friday. That way they can start testing co-anchors with Walter on weekend evenings!
  5. Sorry, wasn’t trying to be rude, guess I could see how it came off that way. I just see people on this site asking where to find stuff all the time that takes an ounce of thinking to find on their own. It’s like they’re too lazy to think (not directed at you, just speaking generally).
  6. With Sarah on assignment today, Maggie Kent filled in at both noon and 5pm (yesterday Alicia filled in at noon and Sharrie at 5pm).
  7. A simple look at the most obvious place you’d find that would answer your question.
  8. They should add Joe to GD Wake Up to fill one of the vacated spots. I think it’d be nice to have Audrey do weather on GDWU and do feature reports on the main GDNY. Is Audrey holding on to weekend evenings? If so, how will she manage the 7 day schedule? Or could this be where Bill Evans lands?!
  9. Nydia filled in at 4pm and 5pm today (Alicia filled in at noon).
  10. 16 year old’s brains are not fully developed to always know right from wrong. However, adults should know better. It’s ignorant to blame the minor here for being aggressive - the blame should be on the adult who should know better and be assertive in saying no. Not a case of mistaken age here. He deserves whatever punishment he gets and there should be no leniency.
  11. I mean, it is summer. Aren’t numbers expected to be down? Seems like an unfair comparison.
  12. I mean, let’s be real, they are on anchor overload anyway.
  13. Zap2It’s tv listings is where I believe I found this.
  14. So WTVJ has Access Hollywood at 7pm, and All Access at 7:30pm on September 9. Ironically, WSVN’s 7pm slot, where Inside Edition currently sits, says “to be announced”. Could Extra Extra be headed there, and Inside Edition over to WFOR? Upon further inspection, WBFS seems to have picked up ExtraExtra to air at 4:30pm.
  15. So far this week at noon: Monday: Jeanette Reyes & Nydia Han Tuesday: Maggie Kent & Alicia Vitarelli Wednesday: Gray Hall & Alicia Vitarelli Thursday: Matt O’Donnell & Alicia Vitarelli Friday: Jeanette Reyes & Alicia Vitarelli Based on a few years ago when Shirleen left (date similar to Monica’s leaving), I expect WPVI to announce Monica’s replacement at 5pm in September, the week of September 16-21 if I had to guess. Odds on favorite is Sarah Bloomquist, whose been the primary fill-in for the vacant slot. The bigger question is who takes Sarah’s spot on weekend evenings: Christie Ileto, Jeanette Reyes, Maggie Kent, Alicia Vitarelli (with someone else filling in for her for the feature reports at 4pm Fridays), or does Nydia Han get promoted with one of the other ladies taking Nydia’s spot on weekend mornings instead.
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