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  1. Yes, sorry. I copied and pasted from the article.
  2. WPIX New York, WCIU Chicago, WPHL Philadelphia, KDAF Dallas, and WLVI Boston have been reported as carrying the show. So I guess O&Os in those cities will not carry it.
  3. Just short of two months, and still no word on Monica’s replacement. Sarah has been the most frequent fill-in, whenever she’s been on at noon she has also anchored at 5pm, except recently. Oddly, this week (also last Thursday July 4), Sarah was on at noon, but not at 5pm. Monday she filled in for Alicia at 4pm, but Sharrie was on at 5pm. Today (Tuesday) Sarah was out in the field reporting at 4pm, 5pm, and 6pm with Sharrie on again at 5pm. UPDATE: Sarah was on with Rick at 5pm Wednesday. Makes me wonder if they are holding the spot for an outsider or if they are just testing different pairings. Jeanette seems to work well with Walter on weekends, as does Christie.
  4. Last week there was a day Lauren was on with Diana at noon, and Sam was doing weather.
  5. I could be wrong, but WCAU has Vai before he comes on the air, and then Lucy after Vai takes over in the co-anchor chair. In the 4pm and 5pm Jim usually fills that role (occasionally Keith at 4pm and Jackie at 5pm. WNBC used to have Karry Barrett handling that in the mornings before she left.
  6. I’m not trying to be rude. I’m pointing out that your posts are repetitive, not just here (see all your WCBS and WNBC weather related posts). It doesn’t seem to be accidental (1 minute apart would be accidental). Seems as the moderators are asleep at the job, as they’ve scolded me and others for far less offenses in the past. As too David, what I meant is for Mike to replace David if David were to move to Bill’s role after he retires.
  7. Do you realize that you posted the same exact thing about 14 hours apart. Your repetitiveness all over the NY boards is becoming annoying. As to the topic at hand, I actually would like to see Mike either take over for Bill or David. Mike’s young and has plenty of experience, and is great at what he does. I like Joe, but like Sandra, he’s better on weekends and as a weekday fill-in. His personality just doesn’t scream “lead anchor” material.
  8. It’s entirely feasible David Price could be moved to mornings (and retain the 11am while ceding the 4pm to Janice).
  9. Albuquerque-Santa Fe is still the closest TV market.
  10. I’m sure Matt Peterson will fill her spot as he is on staff as a fill-in. I wonder if Chelsea is going to one of the other O&Os.
  11. Surprised they flew someone from KGO in to fill in. Could’ve just had a WPVI person drive in.
  12. Not true. The Blue Jays last won in ‘93, so Canadian teams have won zero World Series in the 21st century.
  13. Odd that they kept Jalen Rose. He’s the worst of the bunch and the most clearly biased.
  14. Christie Illeto is in tonight with Walter.
  15. I mentioned that David Murphy usually has Fridays at noon off, but he still works Friday mornings. I don’t see what all the fuss about Sam is. He comes off as a divo. I’m sure he is getting paid handsomely, so why shouldn’t he at least have to work Friday morning?
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