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  1. Whit and Cecilia seem to be the common backups on weekends and after Tom on weekdays. I actually enjoy Dan on GMA weekend and don’t think he’s best suited for evenings. And I feel like you guys are in the minority here. People are tuning in so people do like David and Tom’s style of delivery.
  2. This is where ABC excels in looking to the future. They know how to identify rising stars and put them in a position to be ready to slide into a bigger role. CBS should take note.
  3. Based on articles above, it seems logical to deduce that Rosemary is going to weekend evenings. Always seemed stupid that they moved her to weekdays to anchor a 45-minute newscast. They overloaded on weekday anchors and now have to spread who’s left over more newscasts.
  4. I like the move of Keith and Erin to mornings as I feel they have the right personalities for it. But this leaves a lot of questions. Who will anchor at 11am? What happens to Lucy and Rosemary? Will Tracy be solo at 4&5, will she get a new co-anchor, or will Jim and Jackie split those shifts?
  5. On an aside, I saw Rosemary Conners is back on And was anchoring Saturday night. also, saw Vai and Tracy will only be on together through next week. Not sure if that means both in studio or on air. Thought he wasn’t retiring until November.
  6. Technically they are still on 40.2. The reason they’ve kept the name is probably because of brand recognition. And if they were to rebrand, I think ABC Central Alabama would make more sense.
  7. Airing at 9am too on KYW, displacing The Doctors who will likely move to WPSG.
  8. Not sure when this happened, but saw that Sarah was back in the studio at noon today.
  9. Is Krystal filling Britney’s weekday evening shifts?
  10. Wasn’t he let go because of Diana? She wanted off 6/11, and was reassigned to 5, bumping him to weekends to finish out his contract.
  11. It’d be nice to see him and Lori paired, whether it’s at WNYW or WABC, as that should have been the pairing once Steve left. Nothing against Ken because he does a great job, I just felt like Phil was a better choice at the time.
  12. Surprised they are not utilizing Sara anymore on The View either.
  13. Dick Johnson has passed away. https://www.robertfeder.com/2020/06/09/dick-johnson-1954-2020/
  14. Seems like NBC might be next in line: https://www.crossingbroad.com/2020/06/denise-nakano-out-at-nbc-10-buyouts-offered-to-other-employees.html?amp&__twitter_impression=true
  15. It’s probably safe to assume that this is the case at other NBC O&Os too.
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