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  1. Somebody mentioned on another site that these moves are odd for a brand that’s built on stability. I wonder if Jim is thinking about cutting back his workload and maybe dropping the 11 had anything to do with the drastic changes. When Shirleen left, they tested many pairs before deciding on Sharrie, although I believe she was the most frequent. Interestingly, Sarah was on today, Friday, at noon. So maybe that means she is back to a M-F schedule and someone else will be sitting next to Walter Sunday night. They mentioned Jeanette in the close, but not Alicia (who was not on today). Could she be the Sunday night anchor? We shall see, stay tuned ...
  2. These changes must be permanent. Sarah was mentioned in the 4pm Close even though Alicia was doing the feature stories today. They also referred to Jeanette as an anchor when they tossed to her for a story during the 5pm. Must say I’m not a fan of the changes and feel like they came out of nowhere (usually they test pairs on air). Rick and Sharrie have little chemistry. There’s really no room on the 5pm show for soft feature stories that Alicia now does. Jeanette jumped from reporter to 4pm anchor. Christie was the main reporter subbing as an anchor and she got nothing (so far). Sarah was subbing at 5pm since May and all she get’s is the 4pm feature role, definitely a slap in the face. And they need to get Walter a full time co-anchor.
  3. Noon today had generic opens with Brian and Sarah anchoring. Jeanette gave the 4pm preview from the newsroom and Alicia did an in-studio story in the 12:30 half hour. The close had Alicia standing by David, and her name was mentioned in the close.
  4. Hmmm, interesting. Perhaps Brian wanted off the 10pm to be home with kids. I think Rick’s kid is older and getting ready for college, so the noon/10pm switch makes sense for them. I hope that they are then going to test pairings at 4pm, with Sarah being the frontrunner. I do like Jeanette and Maggie, and think they are better at the anchor desk than Christie, but one of them should be put on weekend evenings with Walter, while the other two serving as fill-ins.
  5. Alicia was mentioned in the closing of the 5pm. If these are permanent pairings, it’s kind of sad to see Rick and Sarah broken up. Also, I feel like it’s a slap in the face to Sarah if she is not given the 4pm or 5pm as she well deserves it.
  6. Seems like something’s definitely up. Jeanette Reyes co-anchored at 4pm with Brian, and Sarah filled in for Alicia doing the features. The 4:30pm rejoin mentioned Sharrie in it, but she was not included in the close. But she gave the 5pm preview, and is now anchoring the 5pm with Rick. And Alicia was in studio at 5pm doing a story!!!
  7. Brian’s anchoring at noon with Sarah today. I caught the 12:30 opening, and it was a generic opening. I wonder if it was because they have a lot of news to get to today, or if it’s because they’re testing new pairs. UPDATE: When they close their newscasts, they usually say the names of those that are there as well as those that are off. Mysteriously, Rick’s name was not mentioned at the closing of the noon newscast.
  8. A new fill-in today. Saw Bob Brooks filled in for Rick at noon alongside Sarah.
  9. Hmm Sharrie was anchoring at 5pm today. Wonder where Sarah was (she was on at noon). C’mon 6abc, make your decision already!!
  10. Since WCIU ended their newscast, what’s Hosea Sanders been up to?
  11. Seems when affiliation contracts expire the networks can make it a condition of renewal.
  12. Wondering if and when Sarah will officially be named 5pm co-anchor. For most of the time Monica’s been gone, Sarah has anchored Monday through Thursday at noon and 5pm, while maintaining her Fridays off and continuing working Sunday evenings. Christie Ileto has been the most frequent sub for her on Fridays at noon and also doing the 5pm. I’d be shocked if anyone else gets the spot (as Sarah has been the fill-in 80% of the time). I hope they don’t continue her with this Sunday-Thursday schedule. Unless they’re going in a different direction, they need to give her the 5pm and make her schedule Monday-Friday. That way they can start testing co-anchors with Walter on weekend evenings!
  13. Sorry, wasn’t trying to be rude, guess I could see how it came off that way. I just see people on this site asking where to find stuff all the time that takes an ounce of thinking to find on their own. It’s like they’re too lazy to think (not directed at you, just speaking generally).
  14. With Sarah on assignment today, Maggie Kent filled in at both noon and 5pm (yesterday Alicia filled in at noon and Sharrie at 5pm).
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