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  1. Looks like a new set coming... Audrey Puente alluded to the fact that they would be relocating the weather center temporarily.
  2. Seems like traffic/entertainment reporter Elisa DiStefano is being groomed for an eventual spot at the anchor desk. She’s been filling in at the desk the last week or so, something usually reserved for Erin Colton.
  3. What’s bizarre to me is that either one of Steve or Dari couldn’t head over to FNC and anchor from Shep’s studio? I found that bizarre.
  4. http://www.ftvlive.com/sqsp-test/2018/5/18/new-york-anchor-quits-fox-oo ...allegedly due to poor working conditions in the newsroom.
  5. Moving Dolan out of the picture (even more) is bad news for News 12.
  6. Tim Fleischer attacked while reporting: https://nypost.com/2018/04/10/reporter-punched-in-the-face-near-de-blasio-press-event/
  7. I’m sure it will be a solo anchor like they used to have when they did a show in the 11am hour. If they are using someone from the morning show I bet it’s Jen Lahmers. I wonder if they will use Mike Woods or Samantha Augeri (or some combination) as the meteorologist. EDIT: they could also move Ernie’s “show” to noon and replace it at 6 with hard news.
  8. Don Dahler subbing today at 5 with Kristine.
  9. I don’t think you see on air talent suing their news director for discrimination ever day of the week. That’s what happened here. There’s a reason WABC management has just been gutted. The WABC GM allegedly insinuated that Lori Stokes submitting to sexual favors would speed up her contract negotiations. Here is the following from Laura's lawsuit: August 3rd: Goldberg said, “My agency is currently involved in negotiations to remove on-air talent from her contract but still have that contract fully paid because this person was treated so poorly by WABC, worse than you have been treated. I actually thought Dave Davis was going to lose his job last week but somehow he survived.” August 16th: Lori Stokes (“Stokes, black female, Co-Anchor) announced her last day of employment with WABC “as of today”. Edwards sent a station-wide email announcing Stokes’ decision to leave. Laura told Goldberg, “I’m guessing Lori might be the person you were telling me about. So sad.” Goldberg responded, “She’s gonna [sic] be fine”. On September 6, 2017, Andrew Brill (white male, ESPN Radio Reporter) told Laura generally, “Dave [Davis] told Lori [stokes] during contract negotiations, you know there is a way to make this whole process go a lot faster.” Laura recalled Goldberg had told her previously that Davis “likes black women and has a history of inappropriateness.” Thus, Laura believed that Lori was propositioned for sexual conduct in exchange for a better negotiated contract.” Laura then notified HR that she would not sit in negotiations alone with Dave Davis.
  10. Good for her. WNBC’s product has greatly improved over the years.
  11. Not surprising. Glad both him and Camille are gone. Very disturbing what he allegedly did with Lori Stokes and how he handled the Laura Behnke situation. Who knows what else has been uncovered.
  12. Was wondering the same. For the station’s sake, I hope not.
  13. Tina Cervasio tapped as WNYW’s sports anchor and host of “Sports Xtra,” replacing the departed Duke Castiglione who held both roles. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.newsday.com/amp/sports/media/tina-cervasio-fox-5-1.16682410
  14. Now that we’ve had larger sample size, what’s the verdict with the Good Day changes? Personally I think they hit a homerun with Lori and that it is probably working out better than even they expected. And while I wasn’t a huge Suki fan, the pairing with her and Jenn Lahmers just works somehow, and it’s made Good Day Wake Up a lot more formidable than it ever has been.
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