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  1. Michelle always belonged on weekday mornings. Only reason she didn’t get it when Lori left was because of the previous unethical ND who also didn’t promote white talent. I see Shirleen as much more of a nightside anchor.
  2. Curious as well. Hard to think that either Bill or Rich is leaving.
  3. I would doubt it. I think they are probably going solo because it’s summer, people are on vacation and they are short staffed. They definitely weren’t expecting two anchor vacancies let alone on the same show.
  4. Very surprised to see Suki leave. I feel that her and Jenn really developed that show more than it has in years. She had developed a reputation for being difficult to work with, however I think her two years at Fox 5 have helped rehabilitate her image. She may have wanted yesterday to be her last day instead of today so as not to overshadow Jenn’s longer planned departure.
  5. Not surprising considering Altice’s major goal is likely to combine all the regions into one News12 network that serves all of the tri-state.
  6. She pulled off a rare feat in NY television: never got on the bad side of Suki.
  7. First thing I thought was a potential landing spot for Bill Evans.
  8. Another great call! Will so miss Diana. Irreplaceable, even though Bill will be taking her chair on the 5pm. I wish her so much happiness.
  9. Looks like a new set coming... Audrey Puente alluded to the fact that they would be relocating the weather center temporarily.
  10. Seems like traffic/entertainment reporter Elisa DiStefano is being groomed for an eventual spot at the anchor desk. She’s been filling in at the desk the last week or so, something usually reserved for Erin Colton.
  11. What’s bizarre to me is that either one of Steve or Dari couldn’t head over to FNC and anchor from Shep’s studio? I found that bizarre.
  12. http://www.ftvlive.com/sqsp-test/2018/5/18/new-york-anchor-quits-fox-oo ...allegedly due to poor working conditions in the newsroom.
  13. Moving Dolan out of the picture (even more) is bad news for News 12.
  14. Tim Fleischer attacked while reporting: https://nypost.com/2018/04/10/reporter-punched-in-the-face-near-de-blasio-press-event/
  15. I’m sure it will be a solo anchor like they used to have when they did a show in the 11am hour. If they are using someone from the morning show I bet it’s Jen Lahmers. I wonder if they will use Mike Woods or Samantha Augeri (or some combination) as the meteorologist. EDIT: they could also move Ernie’s “show” to noon and replace it at 6 with hard news.
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