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  1. TEN Eyewitness News Sydney 6:00 open on the night of Gulf War 1 in 1991. Prime Minister Bob Hawke - who died today - announces Australia's involvement in the war. Hawke is remembered as Australia’s most popular Prime Minister, the ‘lovable rogue’ who won four consecutive federal elections, and was described even by political rivals as Australia’s greatest Labor Prime Minister. And his most famous line - said after Australia’s victory in the America’s Cup in 1983:
  2. TEN News Melbourne 6PM - Tiananmen Square Massacre 1989
  3. Agree with the above. HUUUGGE YouTube videos look terrible.
  4. BBC News 1989 - still shocks the hell out of you. Still impresses to this day.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=id=9ApaHO-ZGEw;t=36 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=id=Ur_flKvjyPM;t=105 .. and the earlier classic open from 1987.
  5. Ten ID 1990 - this originally had the letters TV Australia above and city names underneath, but both were gradually phased out.
  6. Ten News Brisbane 1990 Ten News Melbourne 1990 Ten News Sydney 1990 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=id=V3dSPeeXII8;t=96
  7. ATV News Hong Kong 1989 - There was something awesomely futuristic and just cool lookin about this set, and this intro doesn't disappoint - like from some galaxy! I love the anchor shots.
  8. Nine Newsflash 1991 - classic breaking news intro (recorded by yours truly) RAI 2 1989 - speaking of classic intros, I taped this as a primary school kid and I freaking love the uber-cool simplicity! (and I always found the blooper so delightfully Italian) TEN "Hard Copy" 1991 - Dope intro! RAI 1 Tempo 1989 - most badass weather guy in the world. Seven "Real Life" 1992 - speaking of badass intros. This was a 6:30pm nightly show in the 90s with Stan Grant. These were all taped by yours truly.
  9. What is the CNN theme used here on this ITN promo? Was it for Morning News? ITN News at Ten 1989, with LWT (London Weekend Television) News
  10. As Ten appears set to drop "Eyewitness" (for the third time in its history) and adopt the name "10 News First", here is when Ten first became strongly associated with the "First" brand.
  11. I thought you didn't like foreign-language videos?
  12. So where are you supposed to put Univision or Telemundo newscasts that are from the USA?
  13. Sky News Gulf War Coverage 1991 Sky News Overnight 1989 Anchor chat with Scott Chisholm and Selina Scott Sky News 1995
  14. Sydney 2000 Olympic Bid win in September 1993 - TEN breaking all-night coverage of the big announcement at 4:00 AM! (catch the decision at @4:30) Having watched this live as a kid, I can say this was one of the greatest thrills of my life!
  15. Nine News Adelaide 1988 Seven News Adelaide 1987 on GTS-BKN (inspired by NBC Nightly News) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=id=lmm5TANxMi4;t=50 Nine News Promo Adelaide 1991
  16. TEN Melbourne Eyewitness News w/Mal Walden 1991 Taped by yours truly at my grandparents' place in Malta: And a brief mash, taped by me also, with TEN Sydney 1990 open:
  17. The problem is - in David Muir, ABC found itself with a dramatic, attractive and especially flamboyant evening news host who is perfect for attracting viewers in the demo - notably women. It's like the so-called "appeal" of Justin Trudeau. Peter Jennings - although not gay - I remember was really the first to have this whimsical, conversational (and higher-pitched) kind of delivery that engendered a deeper kind of "connection" with the viewer than the more impersonal, old-school "voice of God"-style anchors like Dan Rather. Jennings definitely represented a "different" mould of anchorman in his era at ABC. And Muir was the logical successor to keep that style going (in his case, going way over the top. For what it's worth, I am not a fan of Muir's or ABC's new style at all). So, Jeff Glor is the opposite of this style. CBS's mistake was thinking it was just about age, and hiring a telegenic youthful anchor. No, it was about expressiveness and flair and drama - like it or not. Jeff hasn't got it.
  18. Wow. That's some serious nostalgia. The chemistry is just pouring out of that desk!
  19. World Tonight with Clive Robertson 1992 - from my tapes. I recorded this as a kid in Sydney. It is classic Clive - famously grumpy and crotchety, with a very, very dry sense of humor, he is even better here than the caricature spoof of him on a sketch comedy show - and yes, he talks about auditioning at another TV station! I also found the themes quite enlightened and classy pieces - worth listening to the long close. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=id=EKlRgdAzBxA;t=1140
  20. Ten Good Morning Australia 1989
  21. First, those CONGO credits are ridiculous! And it staggers me that the station could use those ugly-ass fonts on their open. And the talent shot framing is not at all matched. Is this made by a 10-year-old!? And do they have hairspray at the station? Wowsers.
  22. CBS Evening News with Dan Rather 1989 (Hurricane Hugo) Dan Rather anchors CBS News coverage of Hurricane Hugo in the Caribbean in 1989. Recorded via TMC/Antenna Sicilia Italy re-broadcast. I recorded this video from Malta at my grandparents' house - they received Sicilian TV channels over the air from 100km away, and TMC Monte Carlo/Antenna Sicilia aired the CBS newscast every morning! It was my first exposure to American TV news and, as a primary school kid (and especially in comparison to British TV of the time), I was in awe of the "big-budget", movie-style atmosphere of the newscast, centered around the anchor with his big name in the titles, and their epic news theme.
  23. ATV News at 8 Hong Kong 1989 - incomplete very short clip Recorded by yours truly. For only the biggest fans of ATV News, this is a very very short clip! As a kid in London, my immediate impression was how incredibly American and 'foreign-looking' this newscast was - the anchors sitting so close, the intriguing style of the anchor woman, that rather futuristic set - it was all so different.
  24. ITN Morning News at 5:00AM 1989 Recorded by yours truly as a primary school kid in London (when I used to sneak downstairs before 5 to catch this... and familiar to one or two of you!) - this was always one of my more stunning clips. Everything about the Morning News was fascinating back in the day - the 5am start, the live updates all night (ITV had just commenced all-night broadcasting), the CNN block, and that theme. And of course the presentation was dope. I was an aviation nut too, so this newscast hit home. To this day, there is still something raw and moving about this clip, their presentation of the first pictures coming in from the United crash, and the tension you can feel from the start to finish.
  25. ITN News at 4:00AM 1988 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=id=IBVkLImcoUU;m=7;s=3
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