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  1. Re: This just in First Coast news and Action News jax are Going HD This might be the first time all "big 4" affiliate's local newscasts go HD on the same day.
  2. You can officially add WFOR to the HD list. They started airing newscasts in HD tonight. I'm currently watching their newcast on-line at CBS4.com and both the graphics and set look great! http://cbs4.com/local/high.definition.cbs4.2.1446202.html There's just something about the gold CBS logo and the blue and white "4" that has a very South Florida feel to it!
  3. WFOR is already on a temporary set and according to SFLTV.com, they could be in HD in time for the Super Bowl. http://www.sfltv.com/2010/01/12/wfor-on-temporary-set-announces-changes/#more-5848 Does this mean the only CBS O&Os not in HD are WJZ and WWJ (even though they only air a morning newscast and don't have their own news department)?
  4. According to Post-Gazette, KDKA will be going HD tomorrow. That is also when they will be unveiling their new look.
  5. Rob Owen reports in today's Post-Gazette that KDKA will have a revamped set when they go HD on June 15th. http://www.post-gazette.com/pg/09156/975060-238.stm [url=http://www.post-gazette.com/pg/09156/975060-238.stm][/url]
  6. Apparantly, WNEP is doing news in widescreen 16:9 SD upconverted to HD. It's a start. http://www.nepa-hdtv.com/showthread.php?t=1255
  7. I'm not sure because I have never really seen WTOV's newscasts. Only one or two clips on YouTube. WJAC isn't bad for a small market though. As for KDKA, I really hope they don't just have a widescreen version of the current graphics. That would look terrible. I would really like it if they got the same graphics that KYW has that were designed by Hothaus.
  8. Wow! First, WJAC doing news in 16:9 SD (they are in the process of installing HD cameras) and now WTOV in HD. I'm surprised that it wasn't the other way around, being that WJAC is in a bigger market than WTOV. Anyway, Cox Broadcasting is going in the right direction! As for KDKA going HD, I just hope they don't delay the date again. Let's cross our fingers and hope they follow through with the June 15 date. I can't wait to see some new graphics!
  9. I have concluded that WJAC isn't in HD, rather they are broadcasting in 16:9 SD upconverted to HD. They have not mentioned being in HD and on my guide, it says nothing about being in HD. Also, the picture quality on WJAC is not as sharp as it is on WPXI or WTAE.
  10. Yeah, it seems as though KDKA's transition to HD has been anything but smooth. First, they were scheduled to make the switch back in February or March, and then it got pushed to May or June. I was just shocked when I saw WJAC in HD because it was all of the sudden. They didn't even say anything about being in HD in their first broadcast. They did, however, say several months ago when they introduced their new set that it was all part of their transition to HD.
  11. UPDATE: I have concluded that WJAC is not infact in 1080 HD, but rather in 16:9 SD upconverted to HD. There has been no mention to being in HD or nothing on their website. Also, the picture quality is not as sharp as it is on WPXI or WTAE, so for now, WJAC is in 16:9 SD.
  12. I am pretty sure that they are. Their live shots/field video is in widescreen, but it may be widescreen SD upconverted to HD. They are also probably one of the few stations that air syndicated programs such as Wheel of Fourtune and Jeopardy in HD. As opposed to KDKA which is horribe in airing HD programming. They don't air the CBS Evening News, Dr. Phil, or The Insider in HD. The only programs that they do air in HD are sporting events, CBS primetime, and Letterman.
  13. It appears that KDKA will go HD soon. Here is a quote from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: "We expect to make the transition to HD in the next two or three months," said KDKA general manager Chris Pike. "The equipment has been purchased and is in house. We just need to complete the installation." http://www.post-gazette.com/pg/09023/943769-42.stm Now lets hope KDKA gets better graphics when they make the transition to HD.
  14. Yes, I meant KCNC, but for some reason I was thinking of WCCO. Sorry!
  15. Since KCNC and KOVR are now in HD, does anybody know when KDKA will go HD?
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