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  1. Don't stations like KILM and WDLI and WLWC eat up the bandwidth of their channel-sharing partners? With regards to WLWC, The CW got screwed so bad in Providence, didn't they?
  2. It really is something how thoroughly MeTV eviscerated RTV... Cartoon Network is losing product to HBO Max in large part because AT&T is starving their still-tremendously-lucrative cable networks of resources. Nickelodeon has had their heads up their asses for the last 15 years or so and has spent most of the last decade blasting the sort of "hey, remember us?" messaging typical of organizations that are deathly ill (MGM, pre-Eisner Disney, and pre-Turner Hanna-Barbera all come to mind here). The one hit cartoon they've squeaked out since Avatar was quickly embroiled in scandal
  3. The thing about Qubo is that Scripps would likely have to invest big bucks into it to make it even remotely competitive. That would mean spending big on original programming that they'd either produce in-house or otherwise lock down all the rights to. There would also likely be minimal help from the syndication market, since most of the worthwhile content (at least, animation-wise) is owned by Disney, WarnerMedia, ViacomCBS and NBCUniversal, and I can't imagine most of those companies are all that eager to help. They could perhaps look into old TGIF shows or what have you but I can't imagine t
  4. I can't imagine Scripps would've been excited about Qubo eating up spectrum on their new stations if they didn't own it... The KCDO deal doesn't make a lot of sense, but I suppose Scripps thought Grit deserved a .1 here because we're Out West. As for the Katz-Univision deal, the press release does say the migration will happen over the next five years...I'm sure Scripps's thinking is like Disney's seeming patience with regards to Marvel screen rights reversion...
  5. re: Qubo Dozens of Canadian media executives cried out in terror...
  6. Gray's been doing it for years. KHAS, WAGT...just to name two!
  7. "KC" is kerned really tight...that's probably why!
  8. Isn't ViacomCBS kind of a trash fire? The leadership from when Start TV and Dabl were launched mostly got canned by Bakish, didn't they?
  9. Connection was originally marketed as a mainline Arnold package, under the name "Premier." Only after the SESAC Attack did it switch brands and take on its present name.
  10. channel2


    Why did TEGNA even want WATN-WLMT? Memphis and New Orleans strike me as having very similar profiles: no growth and depressed economies, although New Orleans seems to have a stronger tourism business than Memphis.
  11. It's a cue they took from the 20th Century Fox logo itself.
  12. Antenna? It brings to mind Zarana more for me!
  13. Ma Bell seems to consider CNN a crown jewel, at least for now... Then again, Time Warner's treasure trove of intellectual property was probably a stronger motivator for AT&T to make the deal...
  14. Honestly, CNN had problems even before Zucker came in. He just brought the sideshow with him.
  15. I thought The WB jumped over from KXTX to KDAF right away. I know they were only doing two nights of primetime a week though...
  16. Fox could've had a great bargaining chip/dumping ground had they really gotten that second terrestrial network going...unfortunately, the world just wasn't ready for its Amerinovelas...
  17. I love me some flashy 3D stuff, for sure, but local TV in general seems to lack an understanding of building a multimedia brand. TEGNA has a lot of issues but they have a ton of stations that would sure as hell rather swim than sink.
  18. Essentially enlarging the post-split Viacom was a horrible idea. Their philosophy is to water everything down and hope people don't notice, or take shortcuts and then sink into a tar pit once those shortcuts stop working or disappear entirely... Remember how, back in 2008, Paramount had Iron Man/Marvel, Indiana Jones, and both DreamWorkses (Animation and the live-action side that they owned at the time)? Notice how all of those things are gone now? And of course how Nickelodeon has basically spent the entire period since the mid-2000s becoming The SpongeBob Channel? Thi
  19. I don't think they can ever consistently compete against Today and GMA. The public seems to like their style better, and aping them isn't in CBS's DNA. This Morning is a counterweight - little-loved by the masses, but given more respect by the intelligentsia. They repeated the strategy with Colbert's Late Show before its style gained broader relevance. The entire network clears This Morning, right? Because CBS's morning news has been so historically moribund that I know several affiliates that didn't bother to clear whatever they were airing against Today and GMA for years; didn't
  20. I really don't think CBS would go as far as to axe the Evening News entirely. That would be suicide. Its ratings may be crap but the inevitable headlines and stories about how disrespectful this would be to Walter Cronkite and Dan Rather and such would probably rankle the suits too much for them to go through with it, no matter how desperate ViacomCBS gets.
  21. I take it corporate can't force them to air it?
  22. How often do VNRs air? It seems like every now and then people manage to spot one and there's a big to-do about it...it makes me wonder how many get through without being noticed...

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