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  1. What about that sweet sweet reverse comp?
  2. Do these in-house alternatives to syndication get any ratings? They're there to save a buck but at what long-term cost?
  3. Also...it's real estate. It's a great side hustle!
  4. To say nothing of other studios and networks...
  5. I believe it was The WB that gave Sinclair the sweetheart affiliation deal. The network, famously averse to compensation, agreed to fork over $64 million to Sinclair over a ten-year period in exchange for affiliations!
  6. They can't have a Dabl station on a plum channel number but ION can just keep on doing what they do...
  7. Can't believe Weigel lost ground to themselves...
  8. They really need to just dump Thursday Night Football but it must make the NFL too much money for them to do it...
  9. How come Fox is so aggressive about having O&Os in strategically-located markets but the other networks would apparently rather jump into a pool of ice water than buy stations? NBC presumably got all their seething out of their system once they got their long-sought Philly and San Francisco O&Os - and pre-empted a big long tantrum about Dallas-Fort Worth by simply conditioning their investment in Hicks Muse's deal for LIN on gaining control of KXAS...
  10. The station they gave up because they just had to have their Niners Station?
  11. Wouldn't it be wiser for the NHL to make like MLB and have three national TV partners? It might mean more revenue for them...
  12. Somehow I hadn't heard about River Mile before now... Surprised Kroenke's actually seeming to gain any traction with it! People seem to consider Elitch's this beloved institution, even though it's...really not great. Also I have never set foot inside KCNC's building.
  13. Do they need a new building? I don't understand why there's such a hunger here to knock down facilities that are "old." NBC shows off 30 Rock like a prized heirloom, but everybody else's old digs? Gotta go!
  14. I'm honestly surprised Scripps hasn't replaced it with a more suitable facility already. The Communications Center is hideous, sure, but there must be some sort of KLZ nostalgia at play here...it's the oldest active broadcast facility in Denver, isn't it? And channel 7's been in it for most of its existence...
  15. Oh that would make too much sense. Give them another ten years or so to get a clue.

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