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  1. Haven't the Sumralls been slowly winding things down for a while?
  2. Because as the big chains have learned over the last decade, you can replace proven syndicated product with cheap substitutes and people will keep watching. /s
  3. CBS only sold WFRV and WJMN to Liberty for tax purposes. John Malone wanted to dump a bunch of shares in CBS Corporation and you know how much he hates paying taxes.
  4. Why would they care about that?
  5. It's not a "waste of space" if you own it.
  6. Losing money? Isn't WCOV run real lean? And of course there's the retrans money...
  7. So TBN was going Hollywood, then. That makes sense!
  8. Why did they do the Hillsong Channel anyway?
  9. Do the sales people get antsy about sports overruns? I've heard that some stations are very wary to break into programming to cover news because the sales people don't like losing all the inventory...
  10. WOI and WZDX both use TEGNA's preferred sans serif in their branding: Proxima Nova!
  11. Late reply, but Fox owns the "20th Century Studios" name and logo. Disney uses them under a perpetual royalty-free license. So no, Disney didn't buy the searchlights.
  12. Yup... Disney sold WJRT in 2011 for $16 million (and WTVG for $14 million). I wonder if they regret selling when they did...
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