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  1. It does feel like the pool of V/O artists skews pretty old, honestly. Like there is no one to take the reins from the mainstays as they decline or leave the profession.
  2. Disney doesn't own the searchlights anyway! Fox Media owns the 20th Century Fox trademarks, and Disney is licensing them on a perpetual, royalty-free basis.
  3. The existing Fox wordmark is iconic? At any rate, Rupert kept the 20th Century Fox trademarks, so they don’t need to pay to license the searchlights.
  4. Isn't WJZY an infamous mess? I'm sure Fox won't miss it that much.
  5. just wanna say i’m a HUUUGE fan of the trans rights KWGN icon!! 👋🏽

  6. Are any of the megachains really friends?
  7. I think one of the reasons MLB wanted to buy the Fox Sports Nets was to reclaim a bunch of teams' rights and move away from regionalization, towards a centralized rights deal. I think that's a better idea than sticking people with the local team based on geography.
  8. Isn't Arnold pretty ruthless when it comes to taking packages out of the syndication market too? Fusion was exclusive to Fox stations and it was retired about a decade ago - it and Elevation have been retired for longer than they were offered at all!
  9. It's the FHWA alphabets through a type designer's lens. More "rational" and optically-correct. Also, this design has been in the USPTO's files for a while and apparently none of us noticed!
  10. That’s Interstate. I do wish that typeface would return to prominence.
  11. The old ticket logo had strength. It was clear, concise, even inviting. I have no idea what this logo is about.
  12. I've been over geometric sans serifs being everywhere for years now. Can we also get a "hell no" to those weird exaggerated inktraps in the N's?
  13. I mean, the quality of CGI that TV shows can afford isn't exactly on the level of Avatar...
  14. Oh, definitely not. But it's kept the big media crap machine floating along for years, and now Netflix and Amazon are scaring them into actually trying again.
  15. Hasn't that extortion money done a great deal to keep broadcast TV afloat the last 20 years or so? Well, the outlets that don't have an ESPN or a Fox News kind of cash cow.
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