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  1. Wasn't Katz also planning on utilizing their library of true-crime documentaries?
  2. Perry Sook is on record stating that Nexstar has no interest in national platforms. WGN America might well hit the block once Nexstar takes over, if not before then.
  3. I've been surprised that This TV is still on the air for some time now. It feels like something Tribune never got around to axing - plus I don't know if MGM is even really interested in it.
  4. Dan Rather was and is a man of great integrity, a presence sorely missed in this day and age. Couric's tenure was unfairly maligned from the start, and I think she got a raw deal.
  5. Won't TEGNA be able to fix the Justice Network? The one time I tuned in, KUSA's feed was real, real janky.
  6. They really wanna end up like Cumulus, don't they?
  7. Denver would probably be the better choice - since it's not as prone to excessive heat as Phoenix, either.
  8. They are in plum markets that they would have basically no opportunity to re-enter if they did sell them off.
  9. Sinclair is gonna have to take on a shitload of debt in order to pull this off...
  10. Didn't Brian Brady create all sorts of companies that were ultimately part of Northwest?
  11. How does DailyMailTV get any ratings at all?
  12. I think we also spaced the NBCO repeal. So yeah, it's legal.
  13. The Bradleys are the NPG family. Could St. Joseph really support multiple TV operations?
  14. Really hoping Terrier lets the Cox stations keep doing their own thing aesthetically...
  15. Oh thank you, I missed your stuff so much.
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