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  1. The networks have seen to it that there are no more New World-esque shakeups. That Fox eventually bought New World outright - and still owns most of the outlets they inherited from them - helps with that.
  2. Lemme guess, Disney wants it to be exclusive to their platforms.
  3. Please no Scripps chow. KMGH is a mess and I can't imagine KWGN wouldn't also become a mess. Also can't imagine why Fox wouldn't want KWGN. I thought they were all about duopolies? KWGN is based in the same building as KDVR and they share one news operation. Unwinding that, if Fox and Nexstar so chose, would be a pain.
  4. If only WGN ditching The CW had happened earlier than it did...Cox/KTVU could've pointed to that and said "we survived without you before, and we can do it again." I'm pretty sure they'll never admit it, but it's easy to infer that Fox used their option to buy WLFL-WRDC from Sinclair as leverage over Capitol to make them cough up WJZY-WMYT. And WCCB has done just fine without Fox too. That it would!
  5. Meanwhile ABC meekly sticks with KDNL and seemingly will for the rest of eternity. I'm sure the possibility of KTVI hitting free agency doesn't compel them at all.
  6. Why not cash? Fox is far from broke and Nexstar needs to pay down debt.
  7. That may seem obvious to you and me, but Disney has never been all that interested in the 24-hour news business, and their Iger-era Midas Touch has largely eluded ABC. (Said Midas Touch is largely the result of Iger hollowing out the company's core and lucking out with his buying spree - the rest of Big Media was too stupid to buy Marvel, which had remained independent well into an era when comparable IP holders had long since been swallowed by media conglomerates, he lucked into catching George Lucas toy with selling his company, and Rupert Murdoch was all-too-willing to just get rid of his most valuable assets)
  8. Also, weren't diginets in the early going and Disney/ABC doing the typical Big Media tentativeness?
  9. I thought the London and KWES deals were building off of the Belo acquisition. They're very bullish on Texas.
  10. What kind of price would WBNS and WTHR have gone for in 2009? Because $535 million feels like a massive sum to me, even now.
  11. Do Scripps stations have right of first refusal on any Katz launches and WKBW passed on airing Court TV?
  12. Wasn't Katz also planning on utilizing their library of true-crime documentaries?
  13. Perry Sook is on record stating that Nexstar has no interest in national platforms. WGN America might well hit the block once Nexstar takes over, if not before then.
  14. I've been surprised that This TV is still on the air for some time now. It feels like something Tribune never got around to axing - plus I don't know if MGM is even really interested in it.
  15. Dan Rather was and is a man of great integrity, a presence sorely missed in this day and age. Couric's tenure was unfairly maligned from the start, and I think she got a raw deal.
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