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  1. I'm not sure why Scripps would ditch the Virginia stations anyway...
  2. 20th Century Fox is one of the most iconic brands in the history of cinema, whereas Touchstone is basically a shorthand for mediocrity. I can’t imagine why Disney would want to bring it back in any capacity, other than to keep the trademarks active.
  3. I mean, CBS had the chance to get back into Hampton Roads...
  4. Disney owns the FX trademarks. I doubt they’ll drop that brand. Half of 20th Century Fox was 20th Century Pictures, from which the searchlight tower logo, the fanfare, and Darryl F. Zanuck were carried over in the first place. So this is almost a full-circle rebrand!
  5. 6? Wasn't it less than three years ago that they canceled all their Critically-Acclaimed Originals ahead of the Sinclair takeover that wasn't? I can't imagine Nexstar has any interest in prestige television...
  6. Most major media outlets seem to have given up on that beat ages ago. It's noticeably harder to find reliable ratings info than it used to be.
  7. What resources would Gray need to sway the SEC?
  8. Couldn't Gray make money by syndicating the SEC package beyond the stations they own? I'm sure plenty of CBS affiliates - and indie/CW outlets in markets where CBS owns stations and might not let those outlets clear the package - would love to have it.
  9. I meant, like, documentaries, things they could rerun, or sell to Netflix. Of course, that goes against the “just milk the retrans cow until it dies” philosophy these chains seem to have.
  10. Does WGN really need Papa Network to make it without the sports? If anything they might actually gain an incentive to do really interesting stuff.
  11. With regards to Sears and Kmart, is there an Eddie Lampert type waiting to bleed local TV dry if they miss a few steps?
  12. From what I've seen, NBCU's actual corporate identity has a lot more thought and presence in it than most media companies' identities. They did have custom fonts made, and they insist on that particular shade of purple.
  13. I really don't think that the logos for media conglomerates are designed to be memorable. They seem to me like they're supposed to fade into the background and avoid too much notice.
  14. Doesn't Nexstar have multiple packages they standardize around? Plus, the Hearst group isn't as big as Scripps...plus don't they have pretty strong proprietary tech? Scripps doesn't seem to want to either let stations do their own thing again or create multiple packs to standardize around.
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