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  1. My first thought was Mobile-Pensacola... Is that part of New Orleans' TV territory?
  2. Aren't a lot of Gray stations in markets where Scripps and Inyo plan to claw back the Scripps Networks when the current deals are up?
  3. What good is it doing sitting in a warehouse when it could be out there in the culture for people to partake in? We talk an awful lot about money, money, money, but not so much about the social or cultural value of things.
  4. Balking when it's time to renew. Also, Atlanta is a huge market. A top ten market. CMV fare can air elsewhere, but if it can't get a clearance in the market otherwise, that's what WUPA's for. It might look like a useless hunk of junk on the outside, but there's probably plenty of reasons we don't see for them to keep it. And if they gave it up, there would be no easy way back into Atlanta for them.
  5. I'm sure they'd be all too happy to give up a guaranteed outlet for CBS Media Ventures fare, and a threat they can use against Meredith/Gray when they balk at CBS's terms for WGCL/WANF.
  6. Didn't they actually remake some Sony-owned shows? Like Charlie's Angels?
  7. Is it that, or is it that the networks people watch didn't want LIV Golf?
  8. I mean, the creation of the WB and UPN was in large part driven by independents' fear of being outcompeted not only by network affiliates and the nascent Fox, but by cable networks... And considering how much bigger cable was in 2006 than it was in 1993, when those two networks officially threw down the gauntlet...
  9. Somebody would probably want the spectrum... Also you've gotta love big corporations and their aversion to paying taxes. They'd rather be in a cash crunch than pay taxes!
  10. Doesn't Paramount need money bad? Wouldn't selling off KSTW or WTOG for cash help with that?
  11. They hold some minority interest in Sarkes Tarzian, Inc.
  12. They own WKSY-LD in Rome, which is part of the Chattanooga market.
  13. I say this as someone with no ties to DFW, but my heart doesn't exactly flutter over the prospect of KXAS's star 5 being canned.
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