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  1. They want the web presence...
  2. Couldn't they have just sold WGCL (and possibly the SuperStation) on to someone else?
  3. If he tried to crash the wedding... I take it the deal for the excess Quincy stations didn't include some sort of clause that he couldn't try to thwart any Gray deals? Like how Kraft was able to fend off Nestlé as a challenger for Cadbury by selling them DiGiorno and their other pizza brands?
  4. Zaslav's ego probably wouldn't allow it. It's supposed to evoke the classic Warner Bros. shield... It's almost certainly a placeholder.
  5. Not as grand though! (cue Max Steiner fanfare)
  6. Isn't Paramount half-dead anyway? Half their projects get shuttled off to streamers... Also, wouldn't Warners have too many mouths to feed if they took on the Paramount/Republic/DW Studios library? Their own movie library is huge as it is...
  7. Wasn't The CW actively dragging down WGN's primetime ratings? Would that change with a reunion?
  8. So when's Jabberjaw gonna be on Shark Week?
  9. I suppose vertical integration isn't out of the question there... Gray may have dodged a bullet not being able to land TEGNA. It's true that TEGNA has a lot of big, attractive prizes, but the Meredith stations ought to be much easier to integrate, given that there are fewer of them. They're also in a lot of the same markets and they're cheaper!
  10. MeTV is an empire, and can you have an empire without colonies?
  11. Too bad you can't take WTVG too...
  12. I mean, the national launch of MeTV itself was probably an effort to get the jump on Antenna... Figures that MeTV Plus would be Weigel's counter to Rewind!

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