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  1. To be clear, WMAQ was using the original weather graphics until November 23rd. The next day, they switched from the old weather graphics to the updated Look N weather graphics on November 24th.
  2. WMAQ switched to the new weather graphics.
  3. WMAQ reverted back to their normal logo bug.
  4. That cake looks good. Just watched the final newscast today, and I'm going to miss CLTV.
  5. WGBO switched to the new graphics, but still uses the previous weather graphics.
  6. I will check out their 5:00 evening newscast and the 9:00 evening newscast as well. I might tune in to see the morning news tomorrow on Fox 32, just in case if they start using Beyond on the other newscasts.
  7. I tuned in to Fox 32 at Noon and I heard the Beyond news music package by Stephen Arnold Music in their news open and bumpers now, but the station is still using the Fox O&O News Theme by OSI Music in some teasers.
  8. I'm still waiting for WFLD to pick up the new Fox O&O news music package.
  9. WAPT also used the camera graphics in 2001
  10. I've noticed yesterday that they bought the weather information in the logo bug graphics back.
  11. Good thing is that WBBM didn't use the KCBS or WCBS logos in their new graphics
  12. Yes, I understand. But I didn't get a chance to see the news open, but I'll catch the new open at 6:00. I also like how they did with the new 10-day forecast graphics, it's pretty nice to me since the other stations currently uses the 7-day forecast weather graphics.
  13. I just turned on the news and noticed the new graphics on NBC 5. I wonder did they keep the current news music too?

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