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  1. This right here... smartest thing anyone has said on this site in a very long time. The ONLY reason you all are clamoring for a sale relates to graphics, music and set designs which is just idiotic. There's a reason Gray isn't doing layoffs or furloughs and it isn't just "kindness". And if you think TEGNA is the only group that will be doing this you're absolutely wrong.
  2. How is this "Tegna-itis"? A lot of TEGNA stations have a traffic reporter. The fact that WTHR dropped theirs obviously was a local decision. It's a rare example of local media evolving and re-thinking dated concepts.
  3. Can we keep the childish bragging about "inside" info to a minimum? No one cares. You should also be careful not to burn your sources by running your mouth about this stuff. They trust you with this info, you should respect that.
  4. VERY good if this was 2010. It's not bad, but it's not exactly following any recent motion design / industry trends.
  5. For any of those graphic wizards lurking around on this forum who think they can do a better job than anyone else already in the business, you now have the chance to play a key role at the hub in Denver. Get those reels updated!
  6. I think it looks great on WESH where it was launched and it was a major improvement over what most Hearst stations had at the time, but it's not great for a group package. It's also way off-brand for a lot of stations that use it. The Hearst station I was at when it launched has since gone all in on this thing and every story has some sort of graphic animation leading into it, a fullscreen, half screen, lower, whatever... it's overkill. Way too flashy, way too much going on. Graphics for the sake of graphics, in some cases masking a weak news product. It's honestly hard to watch.
  7. You're right -- I think that's the biggest thing they can do to update their look, take some of the templates to 16:9. Lower thirds could be updated as well, shove the bug further out. I think this is something a lot of stations really need to accomplish in 2017. It's time. My last station did research on this before making the switch to 16:9 graphics and did not receive a single complaint after the launch. edit: And take the station bug off that ugly parallelogram chip! It hurts more than it helps.
  8. It's going to be a long time before you see a new graphics package. They went in a little too deep. Too many stations went with physical representations of the graphics look (sets, vehicle wraps) which is honestly always a terrible idea. Stations never have money to redo duratrans when their graphics change. An update is most likely. They should start with the opens, those are the weakest part of the look. There's too many templates and custom graphics made for stations for them to roll out something new anytime soon.
  9. They exist, somewhat. I've built one at a station I was at that had talent rejoins. But honestly, for marketing purposes, you really don't want to change these out just because someone is out sick or on vacation. Also, producers hate them. More often than not they are the first thing to get dropped from the rundown when the show is heavy.
  10. Patrick will report. They did the same with Terry Sater when he took the 5 and 6, he would report at 10. I believe same with Jason Newton. WISN seems to have a formula or a template for this sort of thing... I think it works.
  11. I knew there wouldn't be an external search. Here's the new anchor lineup: 5 p.m.: Toya Washington, Patrick Paolantonio, Mark Baden 6 & 10 p.m.: Kathy Mykleby, Joyce Garbaciak, Patrick Paolantonio, Mark Baden, Dan Needles So Tim Elliott likely takes Patrick's AM spot, they get a new breaking news anchor from a smaller Hearst market. Joyce was anchoring weekends if I'm not mistaken, so they will need to find a replacement there as well. Here's the very long winded release. I think WISN made the right moves here.
  12. WISN's Craig McKee, who has been anchoring the weeknight 5, 6 and 10p newscasts alongside Kathy Mykleby, is leaving to take a top spot at WCPO in Cincinnati. My money is on Tim Elliott, the new "breaking news anchor" for 12 News This Morning to take his spot... Interesting that WISN and WTMJ both have senior anchor vacancies right now.
  13. Fox also had a graphics package built and ready to go for KTVU. WFXT has to build from scratch, and they couldn't even get started until they built an art department. They are probably only now getting started on any sort of new look/rebrand. edit: and NOTHING happens quickly at CMG. Takes lots of research and analyzation. They are very calculated in their moves... which is smart.
  14. I would imagine it's probably getting tough to produce things in SD these days, most production trucks are HD now. I very much doubt it was mandated by any sort of contract.
  15. If WMGM was Jersey's last decent news station then may God have mercy on New Jersey. Yikes.
  16. Tricia isn't a weekend anchor, she currently does the weekday 3:30 & 5pm shows alongside Wolford and is also a Contact 13 reporter.
  17. 10pm yes, I believe May 09? It was close.
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