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  1. How is this "Tegna-itis"? A lot of TEGNA stations have a traffic reporter. The fact that WTHR dropped theirs obviously was a local decision. It's a rare example of local media evolving and re-thinking dated concepts.
  2. Can we keep the childish bragging about "inside" info to a minimum? No one cares. You should also be careful not to burn your sources by running your mouth about this stuff. They trust you with this info, you should respect that.
  3. You're misinterpreting the story.
  4. The price of seamless LED walls has dropped so dramatically the past few years, it's foolish to build a set with monitor walls like this - you're already building a set that will look dated. Outside of that, it's pretty traditional, but it's not bad.
  5. Yeah - this set's perfectly fine. The criticism is baseless and childish.
  6. VERY good if this was 2010. It's not bad, but it's not exactly following any recent motion design / industry trends.
  7. I'm not sure if you know how money works but a business' supply of it is not infinite.
  8. It's unfortunate that anyone has to lose their job over something as absurd as ratings, being that it is such a flawed metric that hasn't really kept up with the times, but what else would you do if you were in station management's place? Ratings have been essentially stagnant at the station for years. Maybe Michele maybe didn't hurt those numbers, but I don't see a valid argument that she helped. It was time for a change and maybe Bill and Kate aren't the answer, but Michele was never going to provide the sustainable growth they need.
  9. This should be helpful to a lot of the speculators in this thread. http://www.tvnewscheck.com/article/106897/tech-ingenuity-help-stations-weather-harvey
  10. Is it your belief that those shows only had growth because you were anchoring them?
  11. WFXT and their CSD have parted ways. I'm guessing a lot of these decisions were made without the input of anyone with a solid marketing/creative background. Since you guys are so smart, why don't one of you apply for the open CSD job?
  12. Yup, I'm sure all the Cox suits can't wait to drop primetime network programming and the NFL... CW would be a GREAT replacement. :rolleyes:
  13. Looks like it's to mark a "top 10 weather day" and apparently today was one.
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