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  1. As of yesterday WTIC has fully switched to the TEGNA graphics.
  2. WTIC TV in Hartford began using the new TEGNA graphics yesterday. Sticking with the with C Clarity.
  3. Here in Miami, WTVJ has dropped the rings and returned to its logo without them.
  4. That lower third has been use by a few other O&Os for specials. Like here in Miami they use it for 2 community programs that air on Sunday mornings and several weather specials they produce throughout the year. It does resemble a bit of their NECN look.
  5. WTVJ (NBC Miami) & WVIT (NBC Connecticut) are having their mets broadcast from their homes. And also practicing social distancing in studio.
  6. WTVJ, here in Miami did the same this evening, but they stated it was a "Special Edition" of the news after Nightly.
  7. Looks like WTVJ here in Miami, has switched over to the new teaser graphics like WMAQ in Chicago has today. And WNBC has switched up their weather graphics headers to match, well on some graphics.
  8. Looks like the Telemundo station in Houston, Chicago, and DC are using the new Telemundo graphics.
  9. WSCV the Telemundo affiliate here in Miami has been using some elements of this "update" to promote their new midday newscast, but no update graphics with the launch as of yet.
  10. KNBC just launched Look N at 6pm
  11. Looks like NBC Bay Area started using Look N this morning.

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