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  1. Some more FACTS about NewsNation. They make good laughs at the Thanksgiving dinner table.
  2. I really don't care about your family. Note how newspapers and their journalists have destroyed their own circulations. Most cities will no longer have a newspaper within 10 years. Local tv news is going the same route. NewsNation DOES NOT have a good viewer base. I know. You know that so stop lying. I can prove it and will in this post. CAN YOU? Obviously not. NewsNation started with the exact same reach as Fox News. Do you even know what that was? It was not a start-up channel. Comparing it to Fox News, MSNBC, CNN, Newsmax...all of which were startup channels EXCEPT MSNBC is simply moronic... CBSN (which is no winner but certainly has better distribution points than NewsNation). Go look at these demos on a VERY BUSY news day and do yourself a favor, shut up. You don't know anything. NewsNation is the biggest failure in TV news. Hands down.
  3. Going by this forum decides what is and isn't a quality network? LOL. That's why most people in tv news are going to lose their jobs this decade. They don't understand today or the future. You especially. If it wasn't for independent news, a case in Wisconsin would not have been decided on facts. No mainstream network or local outlet was there to cover the events that occured. Independent journalists are beating the mainstream media every single day and the public has noticed. Apparently the public agrees with me. Do I need to post a chart of how the ratings of NewsNation have not only slid when it was WGN America but has continued to slide throughout this year? It is a FAILURE and that isn't going to change. RAV gets more viewers from WarRoom, and isn't the only show on RAV that does, than NewsNation gets from any program they carry. Yes, it is rough production wise around the edges but at least it has a huge growing base across multiple platforms. Something that can not be said for any NewsNation program. NewsNation is the single BIGGEST failure in the history of tv news. You've just proved it by calling it a national cable network and so did I providing at link to its ratings. Show me one cable news network with its reach that has consistently had ratings as low as it has. When you want to have a fact based discussion about how LOW the streaming numbers, including YouTube, are for NewsNation, I'll be happy to make a mockery out of your uneducated post again. Really, quit making such ridiculous statements if you can't bring facts. FACTS. Go look at a definition of the word.
  4. LOL! I posted the ratings for NewsNation on Friday. A HUGE news day. They continue to fall month after month. And, no, NewsNation is not a facts based news effort in the least with its low rated opinion programming. Really, if you are going to come here and make statements, stop making misleading ones. Go look at the Apple podcasts rankings for top news podcasts. Every day Steve Bannon's WarRoom is in the Top 10. Show me one NewsNation joke program that even makes it to the top 100 on ANY chart. RAV and Newsmax get it right by offering their products across a spectrum of hosting services. Something Nexstar will never learn. Yes, Live PD is the only thing that could save NewsNation. Explain why NewsNation added Abrams & Larkin from LivePD? Nexstar just does not understand that they were not the stars of the show. There is no need for a LivePD channel. A&E didn't exist just on it but it did fuel its ratings rise for other shows throughout the week. LivePD was a very low cost production. You people really have NO CLUE AT ALL! Good luck (not really) to NewsNation even existing after the heavy rumors of CNN complete retooling come to fruition after Discovery begins control. I really don't care about YOUR OPINION. I posted FACTS. You are not.
  5. Glad to see how jealous you are. The PATHETIC NewsNation ratings continue to FALL even on a HUGE news day. https://twitter.com/RoadMN/status/1462903552427372545?s=20
  6. NewsNation has been irrelevant since day one. What are you talking about? You don't even know. LivePD is the only show that can save NewsNation. NewsNation is not providing a product that anyone cares to watch. Proven by ratings and impressions. That alone makes it the worst in tv news history. I could care less about quality. Eyeballs & clicks makes you a winner or loser. WarRoom on Real America's Voice & its streaming platforms get more impressions than NewsNation gets from any of its shows. Real America's Voice is a concept that will work much better in today's environment of streaming & OTA than Nexstar will ever get out of NewsNation. You really aren't very knowledgeable & your partisan rant means nothing when proven impressions prove you wrong.
  7. Quite frankly, I don't care in the least what you think about me or what I wrote. I predicted that NewsNation would be a complete failure BEFORE its disastrous premiere. It was an unneeded, poorly timed, horribly executed concept that has only gotten worse as it limps along as the biggest disaster in tv news history. Period. I stand behind all my statements 100% and they are proven to be correct. WGN America had nearly full cable penetration & a fully developed social media presence before Nexstar destroyed it. MSNBC did not - coming off as a low rated talk cable network with few cable/satellite subscriptions & unfavorable channel positions. Why are you making such a laughable comparison between the two? In today's environment of cable & satellite subscribers ditching cable for streaming, OTT, and with Nexstar having no relationships with the top streaming providers, you better have a hit show to anchor your channel or you are nothing but a unwatchable, unneeded disaster. Even Jack Posobiec gets more impressions through Apple podcasts & consistently ranks in the top 5 for news/opinion & just started months ago than NewsNation gets in all combined impressions for its top show. Pathetic.
  8. Dan Abrams works for multiple networks and Live PD has nothing to do with that. It was on Friday and Saturday nights. Occasionally appeared on other weeknights. You are comparing Dog the Bounty Hunter with LIVE PD? LOL!!!!! You clearly don't understand a thing. NewsNation is beyond struggling and will never amount to anything. It has nothing redeeming about it. It's the biggest loser in tv news history. Live PD is the only show that can give it ANY exposure.
  9. No. It should run Friday & Saturday nights for three hours. You clearly don't understand why. But those are the only two nights it works. The current Abrams, Larkin show is a DUD. Get rid of it immediately. It has zero chance of ever being successful. Live PD is the only show that would put NewsNation on the map. But like A&E was doing, many other shows related to it would be created because of it. NewsNation would have to rebuild itself around those shows. Live PD is the only show that will put NewsNation on the map. Otherwise it will continue to be a utterly complete failure & joke of the broadcast news industry.
  10. Gee, I wonder who made that argument like a year ago NewsNation was destined to be a failure before it even started. It will never amount to anything but being the biggest joke ever conceived by a TV station group owner. Now, they're trying to court the Live PD audience for Dan Abrams news analysis show by throwing "Sticks" on it. Just moronic. These fools at Nexstar couldn't sell ice cream on 110 degree day because they clearly know nothing about marketing. Idiots.
  11. On Spectrum cable in Southern California, the on-screen channel guide listing still shows WGNA (and a very small blurry NewsNation logo that nobody can see). I have a 77" QLED tv in my bedroom and can hardly see it. Also, the Spectrum app lists just WGN AMERICA in the channel listings. How is anyone even supposed to find this joke news network?
  12. Incorrect. It is running weekends. Married With Children is out.
  13. Yes there are changes to the schedule. For one, the (west coast times) 5 PM news will now repeat at 9 PM. A 4 HOUR OLD NEWS! LOL! Bad enough that it was 3 hours old. Now spots running on non-WGN America channels for NewsNation not mentioning WGN America nobody will never know where it is. Not that they did before. LOVE those ratings from this past weekend! One of the lowest EVER! There are more crickets in my backyard than that are watching FAILED NewsNation! Just sell the damn channel to someone, Nexstar.
  14. Spectrum News 1 gets MORE viewers in Southern California than NewsNation gets most nights nationwide. Your argument is a piss poor one since Spectrum has a premium demographic audience that NewsNation will NEVER get. NewsNation is DEAD. Never has been alive. The biggest laugh I get everyday is their promos claiming it's live at 8 pm when it airs on Spectrum SoCal live from 5 to 8 PM. Sell WGN America now as its losing value everyday. Running public service freebies isn't serving the shareholders.
  15. KTLA started by placing this story on social media tonight. It's not correct. Fox 11 anchor Elex Michaelson called KTLA out Yashar Ali used to work with Mayor Garcetti. He doesn't think much of the way the mayor's office wrote the order, either. It was OUTRAGEOUS for KTLA to put such a story out during this pandemic. It caused quite a stir on KTLA's Facebook and Twitter pages as well as other stations in Los Angeles. ABC 7 and CBS L.A. about an hour after the KTLA put out their own correct stories about this. KTLA only offered an update when they should have offered a total retraction. Heads should roll over this at KTLA.
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