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  1. Most recent was a story about a 2.9 earthquake in Century City. It happened this past Friday early am. It was posted on CBS LA Facebook again on Saturday but didn't mention the earthquake happened on Friday but still said, as the original story did, this morning. That wasn't correct and it should have been updated. I often post this to their Facebook. This happens frequently with CBS LA stories.
  2. No, the app isn't an all in one. The website, Facebook, Twitter, the app most times have different content for CBS Los Angeles. Nothing is consistent. What bugs me most about CBS Los Angeles is a habit of posting stories over a day after they happened (either again or for the first time) on Facebook and Twitter and many times they aren't written to reflect that fact.
  3. Nobody will care unless it was a fulltime car chase channel. CBS Los Angeles has the worst app in the market. Anytime a push notification comes, it never redirects to the story. Despite having the best helicopter reporter in L.A., Stu Mundel, their Facebook coverage always is the weakest as far as numbers compared to all other L.A. stations.
  4. Was not run on KNBC on Monday, January 14th due to a car chase that ended around 11:50 am. KNBC filled the rest of the hour with news about the Los Angeles teacher's strike and rain.
  5. I think Spectrum News 1 Southern California could be used in place of Novocaine. It would put any patient to sleep. 1-5 is closed in both directions through the Camp Pendleton area because the car chase has become a police standoff. You can't get to San Diego or Orange County. They're not even reporting that on the traffic break on Spectrum News 1.
  6. There has been a police car chase going on for 90 minutes in Los Angeles with 3 PIT's and a man on a scooter was hit during the chase. It's still going. KCBS, KNBC, KTLA, KABC, KCAL and KTTV are carrying it live. Spectrum 1 Southern California News hasn't mentioned ONE WORD about it. This has to be the most out of touch and boring news channel in history.
  7. Tribune stations (KTLA, WGN America, AntennaTV) were blacked out about 2:10 PM on Spectrum Los Angeles. They're running a long pre-produced voiced anti-Tribune message.
  8. They're just getting in line with KABC on Saturday (11-12 midnight) and KNBC on Sunday (11-12 midnight). On Sunday, KCBS runs CBS 2 Sports Central for :15 min. at 11:30 pm and KABC now has ABC 7's Sunday Night Sports from 11:35 pm for :25 minutes. KABC use to have news in that 11:35-12 midnight slot on Sunday for many years.
  9. KCAL makes a ton of money on their well established primetime newscasts. Won't ever happen.
  10. Southern California Spectrum News 1 is nothing like NY1. It has more of a public broadcasting feel - except weather which is exactly the same as The Weather Channel. Many of the localized stories are filed by citizen journalists, also.
  11. West Los Angeles as I live next to UCLA. The local reports span from Downtown, Hollywood through Long Beach and up through Malibu. But I wouldn't call any of the localized news actually news. They're all lifestyle features so far. So far as I can tell, most repeat every 90 minutes.
  12. No. San Diego is primarily Cox Cable not Spectrum. Even in the every 15 minute weathercasts on Spectrum News 1 (or as they call their newscasts, The Beat on 1) in SoCal they don't report on San Diego weather.
  13. I am a Spectrum cable & internet customer in Los Angeles. You can view Southern California Spectrum News 1 on their app when away from your home wi-fi. Only selected channels are available away from home and none of the local stations are.
  14. This morning I've been watching for about 45 minutes so far. Only one paid spot or psa between 10:45 am & 11:30 am, SoCal Chevy dealers. Everything else is a Spectrum News 1 imaging promo. Multiple in each break mostly for anchors. Weather segments feel like a ripoff of The Weather Channel. The maps popping up from the floor are awkward to view. There are a number of ongoing technical glitches in sound, video and quick flow of one segment to the next but it's no disaster.
  15. Chevy Dealers of Southern California was sponsoring the 2 pm hour. Also saw Jack in the Box & CVS ads.
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