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  1. E! News is reporting Mester may be exploring legal options against KTLA. IF you want to kill your career, that's the perfect way to do it. https://www.eonline.com/news/1347832/whats-next-for-former-ktla-co-anchors-mark-mester-and-lynette-romero-after-exit-drama
  2. The public perception of Mark Mester post KTLA means nothing. He IS damaged goods in the eyes of those who do hiring in broadcast media. He's shown he is a loose cannon - on air. That won't play well. Regardless, he's done in L.A.
  3. I'm sure the attorneys for Nexstar have said "shut up" to management. That's the correct public relations move as this will all fade very fast - just like most news cycles. Until KTLA gets a direct threat, ratings & more importantly revenue slide in the morning news game in L.A., management is safe.
  4. You are in a forum discussing KTLA which is in California. If you read through the link I posted you'd also know that any company that does business in California or a company outside the state that employers California residents can not enforce their non-compete clauses at all. Glad I was able to educate you. You can thank me anytime you wish.
  5. Non-competes are illegal in California https://oag.ca.gov/news/press-releases/attorney-general-bonta-reminds-employers-and-workers-noncompete-agreements-are
  6. Two of Murdoch's properties (TMZ, NY Post) have picked up the story, video. Good luck getting a job anywhere. https://www.tmz.com/2022/09/23/mark-mester-fired-ktla-lynette-romero-anchor-management/ https://nypost.com/2022/09/22/ktlas-mark-mester-fired-after-rogue-rant-on-lynette-romero/?utm_campaign=nypdaily&utm_source=sailthru&utm_medium=email&utm_content=20220923&lctg=607d8f7070302947037f9d53&utm_term=NYP - Morning Report
  7. Social media reaction isn't going to get you a job in Los Angeles. He's done in market #2.
  8. More reaction. This story isn't going away. The Nexstar Mess in LA.... — FTVLive
  9. I suggest you read the article I posted. They were not divorced when KCBS was forced to admit Lampley & Bree were to be married. It was never private. It was the talk of all the gossip columns in L.A. early on.
  10. No. This is not the standard. The standard is to for the station's p.r. department to release a press release thanking the employee for their service and wishing good luck in their future endeavors. Never say a word on-air if the employee is going to a cross town competitor. This started when KTLA allowed Sam Rubin to read a lengthy departure story about his co-worker on-air. Then KTLA posted it to their social media. It should have been known by management that Mark Mester was going to make a statement - he promoted it the day before - and it should have at the very least been reviewed ahead of time & monitored live. If anyone is to blame & should be suspended and in my view fired is management at KTLA. They dropped the ball themselves. I've worked at/consulted radio stations that would have cut off Mark Mester mid-sentance for criticizing management on-air and they'd instantly be fired. Clearly management doesn't follow his social media or watch him on air live. This is Los Angeles not podunk West Virginia. This was highly unprofessional from all involved at KTLA - but specifically management.
  11. Closer to home, Paul Moyer was allowed to say goodbye on KNBC. But not in-studio. https://franklinavenue.blogspot.com/2009/05/knbc-bids-farewell-to-paul-moyer-who.html?m=1
  12. Lynette Romero leaving KTLA after nearly 24 years. KTLA tweeted Sam Rubin's video about her departure then deleted their tweet. They've reposted a new video now
  13. None of the comments in the two threads on Fox 11's page on Twitter about her departure are complementary to her. They're still up. On Facebook, Fox 11 put up her departure video and disabled the ability to comment. They've since deleted the video. I highly doubt she will resurface in Los Angeles ever again.
  14. Dan Abrams 25-54 demo ratings fall below 1000 viewers. NewsNation ratings aren't growing, they are continuing to fall.
  15. Lampley and Walker were married to other people and had an affair, divorced their spouses and married while at KCBS. It was a noticeable scandal on air. No comparison. L.A.'S MOST VISIBLE Office Romance : When TV news co-anchors Jim Lampley and Bree Walker became a team off the air as well as on, tongues started wagging. What's it like to conduct a romance when so many people are watching? - Los Angeles Times (latimes.com)
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