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  1. On Spectrum cable in Southern California, the on-screen channel guide listing still shows WGNA (and a very small blurry NewsNation logo that nobody can see). I have a 77" QLED tv in my bedroom and can hardly see it. Also, the Spectrum app lists just WGN AMERICA in the channel listings. How is anyone even supposed to find this joke news network?
  2. Incorrect. It is running weekends. Married With Children is out.
  3. Yes there are changes to the schedule. For one, the (west coast times) 5 PM news will now repeat at 9 PM. A 4 HOUR OLD NEWS! LOL! Bad enough that it was 3 hours old. Now spots running on non-WGN America channels for NewsNation not mentioning WGN America nobody will never know where it is. Not that they did before. LOVE those ratings from this past weekend! One of the lowest EVER! There are more crickets in my backyard than that are watching FAILED NewsNation! Just sell the damn channel to someone, Nexstar.
  4. Spectrum News 1 gets MORE viewers in Southern California than NewsNation gets most nights nationwide. Your argument is a piss poor one since Spectrum has a premium demographic audience that NewsNation will NEVER get. NewsNation is DEAD. Never has been alive. The biggest laugh I get everyday is their promos claiming it's live at 8 pm when it airs on Spectrum SoCal live from 5 to 8 PM. Sell WGN America now as its losing value everyday. Running public service freebies isn't serving the shareholders.
  5. KTLA started by placing this story on social media tonight. It's not correct. Fox 11 anchor Elex Michaelson called KTLA out Yashar Ali used to work with Mayor Garcetti. He doesn't think much of the way the mayor's office wrote the order, either. It was OUTRAGEOUS for KTLA to put such a story out during this pandemic. It caused quite a stir on KTLA's Facebook and Twitter pages as well as other stations in Los Angeles. ABC 7 and CBS L.A. about an hour after the KTLA put out their own correct stories about this. KTLA on
  6. LOL. It's DEAD. Go look at their ad rates which have fallen faster than their ratings. https://ctv.kwayisi.org/networks/wgn/
  7. Sometimes but not always. Often they are on the website, app, Facebook only and not on broadcast. They (L.A. car chases) often appear on San Diego tv Facebook, also, which I still don't understand. LOL. NewsNation is DEAD. Not a chance. Revenues in Q4 are going to be abysmal post election in this Covid atmosphere. With the exception of their smaller market GA stations.
  8. No. There is no reason to wait. It is LOSING viewership not gaining. RSBN Facebook page had over 30K viewers for Trump's 3 PM EDT rally in Bullhead City, AZ today. 70,000 viewers for something that is available to 75 MILLION cable and satellite households is just downright pathetic and that is an understatement. They're already calling Shepard Smith's CNBC show a loser and it got 254,000 viewers in week 3. Nexstar should immediately sell WGN America to get some value out of it before its too late. They have no business in running a cable network and it shows.
  9. It's dead. Only getting 70k viewers, 12k in demo, it should already be cancelled. Car chases on Los Angeles tv stations Facebook accounts get more viewers than NewsNation does.
  10. Stu Mundel back at night in Sky Fox on the 10 PM news tonight. First time since he joined KTTV.
  11. They've been using Rick Dickert as their quasi-eye in the sky reporter during live helicopter reports after 2 pm, during during scheduled newscasts and live special reports, when CBS 2/KCAL 9 take over Sky Fox 11's chopper and feeds them video.
  12. I doubt it will last a couple of months considering this is election season and there's a ton of political advertising starting to hit Los Angeles tv, which is the #1 tv political advertising market by dollars in America (in 2020). KDOC is technically not a Los Angeles TV station despite its KDOC Los Angeles tag line. Ya, that was a disaster. But a lot more fun than this thing.
  13. This has to be one of the most boring, amateur programs ever produced on Los Angeles television. It's first two nights of ratings are a disaster.
  14. The ratings are NOT okay, they continue to languish, fall. I am not suggesting, the actual ratings show this. PROVE otherwise. The third hour is a complete disaster. They might as well run a test pattern with how few viewers they have. Considering how well ION is doing, and now being sold for a record price, reruns work pretty well. I expect ION will add news, too, under Scripps undermining this falied NewsNation venture even more.

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