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  1. Stu Mundel back at night in Sky Fox on the 10 PM news tonight. First time since he joined KTTV.
  2. They've been using Rick Dickert as their quasi-eye in the sky reporter during live helicopter reports after 2 pm, during during scheduled newscasts and live special reports, when CBS 2/KCAL 9 take over Sky Fox 11's chopper and feeds them video.
  3. I doubt it will last a couple of months considering this is election season and there's a ton of political advertising starting to hit Los Angeles tv, which is the #1 tv political advertising market by dollars in America (in 2020). KDOC is technically not a Los Angeles TV station despite its KDOC Los Angeles tag line. Ya, that was a disaster. But a lot more fun than this thing.
  4. This has to be one of the most boring, amateur programs ever produced on Los Angeles television. It's first two nights of ratings are a disaster.
  5. The ratings are NOT okay, they continue to languish, fall. I am not suggesting, the actual ratings show this. PROVE otherwise. The third hour is a complete disaster. They might as well run a test pattern with how few viewers they have. Considering how well ION is doing, and now being sold for a record price, reruns work pretty well. I expect ION will add news, too, under Scripps undermining this falied NewsNation venture even more.
  6. KTLA Morning News was not popular because of Michaela. It already was well before she came and has continued to be so now years after she left. It's the on air team that meshes very well with each other that keeps KTLA on top and that isn't going to change. KTTV is exactly the flip side of KTLA in the morning. KTTV needs to make some major talent moves beyond just Michaela if they ever plan on being competitive in the morning. As for Stu Mundel, most of the car chases in Los Angeles are in the afternoon through very late night. He's now on in the early morning to 2 pm. Those that were use to him were watching him later in the day. He really hasn't added much to KTTV but that's not his fault, it is management's. He's on the wrong shift.
  7. The ratings, households, demos are getting worse by the day. If you can't see this is DOA, you don't understand the delivery of news today and in the future. NewsNation has no future.
  8. FBN was a completely new channel. It didn't have access to 75 million households. You are comparing apples with oranges. WGN America and its Nexstar owned stations promoted the hell out of a product that is a complete DUD. NewsNation is DOA and won't be revived nor will WGN AMERICA. SELL WGN AMERICA NOW, NEXSTAR. WGN America has a huge household base that would take years, if ever, to cobble together today. It certainly is salvageable for another company that knows how to run a cable network. WGN America will never be a 24/7 cable news network. This is 2020 not 1980 and they don't have the resources or knowledge to even run a 3 hour newscast.
  9. You can NOT operate ONE cable channel today. That's not the way the industry works anymore. Nexstar has proven they don't have the ability to even present a product that viewers let alone advertisers want. Reruns would do much better...and were...in demos/sales. Nobody is buying it. They're giving ads away like crazy. The ad agencies are laughing at it. As I have said in multiple posts since this turkey even went on the air, SELL WGN AMERICA NOW, NEXSTAR, while you can still make something off of it. NEXSTAR KILLED WGN AMERICA. It is NOT salvageable.
  10. It's no different of a concept than the original CNN2/CNN Headline News or Satellite News Channel. This is the 2020's not the 1980's. It won't work. It is DOA. Nexstar should bail now on WGN America and sell it to CBS Viacom, Disney or Comcast since it still has some value due to its large subscriber base and in many cases favorable channel positions. Those channel positions will get downgraded as this failure continues to flounder. Nexstar has no leverage in retrans if it tries to use WGN America as part of its bait. Just be rid of it now as it is bound to lose tens of millions. What kind of a company premieres a new 7 day a week program prior to the Labor Day holiday weekend? It's just more stupidity from Nexstar.
  11. The drop in demos is even worse. This is a 55+ newscast. You can't sell it. This will not survive.
  12. The most boring newscast I've ever seen. There is absolutely no soul to this newscast. Just stories that fly by. This will lead to the end of WGN America under Nexstar ownership.
  13. Nexstar will sell WGN America after their disaster newscast tanks what is left of this once great superstation. Spectrum listings for SoCal updated and it's going to air from 8 pm to 2 am. So it will be delayed 3 to 6 hours. Who the hell is going to watch a 6 hour delayed newscast? Tonight would be a classic example of this being a joke with riots going on in Minneapolis & Wisconsin, a hurricane in TX, LA, major league sports cancelling games and a convention...and they'll be hours behind on all these stories that have to be covered live.
  14. Nothing like watching 3 hour old news. I, for one, think this is going to be a huge flop. It will air on Spectrum in Southern California from 5 to 8, repeating from 8 to 11 pm. Nobody will watch it here. We have news during all those time periods in the Los Angeles area. Hell, nobody watches Spectrum News 1 in SoCal either.
  15. Fox 11 just ran a live interview with one of the women from Christina Gonzalez live shot from earlier. Amazing talk with a community member who was trying to help a longtime storekeeper and friend and got caught up in being handcuffed by the LAPD. They reran an edited version of the liveshot just prior, too. Fox 11 is running away with this coverage, imho. Others are good, professional but Fox 11 is shining about the rest. Improved 1000%. I still have my criticisms but much, much improved and showing they are part of the community. One thing I have noticed is Fox 11 is streaming all their coverage on Facebook but other L.A. stations aren't. Just once in a while. I am surprised by that.
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