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  1. Fox 11 just ran a live interview with one of the women from Christina Gonzalez live shot from earlier. Amazing talk with a community member who was trying to help a longtime storekeeper and friend and got caught up in being handcuffed by the LAPD. They reran an edited version of the liveshot just prior, too. Fox 11 is running away with this coverage, imho. Others are good, professional but Fox 11 is shining about the rest. Improved 1000%. I still have my criticisms but much, much improved and showing they are part of the community. One thing I have noticed is Fox 11 is streaming all their coverage on Facebook but other L.A. stations aren't. Just once in a while. I am surprised by that.
  2. Fox 11, KTLA 5 and KCAL 9 are the only three with coverage during prime time. KTLA dropping CW programming and Fox 11 obviously Fox network programming. Fox 11 is using 3 (three) choppers. They are cutting back and forth to the best shots from at least 2 choppers in the same police chase (4 so far tonight). There's a lot more to that video. They are going to rerun it on Fox 11 tonight. They started to a bit ago but had to cut to a police chase fast.
  3. CBS 2, NBC 4 and ABC 7 went back to regular programming at 7 pm. I don't understand why. The looting is increasing. ABC 7 is on KDOC 56 from 7-8 pm, though, with their regularly scheduled live newscast. KTLA, KCAL and KTTV continuing live coverage after 7 pm.
  4. Christina Gonzalez on Fox 11 just had the most amazing live shot I've seen in years. ALL LIVE. Black store owners in Van Nuys trying to protect their property and trying to stop looters from breaking into a neighboring business, flagging down approaching police that turned around but then the black store owners get handcuffed and Christina Gonzalez tries to sort out the chaos with LAPD. And it's all chaos in the highest order. I hope it gets posted online. One incredible riveting live shot. That said, everyone has been on for hours non-stop and commercial free (except KTLA). CBS 2, NBC 4 and ABC 7 did go to network news at 6:30 PM. CBS 2 and KCAL 9 are simulcasting otherwise and local coverage is continuing on KCAL 9 at 6:30 PM (along with KTLA and KTTV).
  5. Elex Michaelson really pissed off the Long Beach Chief of Police on air tonight. He even made reference to it in his press conference. Fox 11 was again the last station to end coverage on Sunday at 12 midnight. 12 hours of coverage. After 10 PM, they did have some commercial breaks.
  6. I spoke too soon. KTLA is back to commercial breaks. Nobody else is.
  7. Like Saturday night, all stations are suspending regular and network programs in Los Angeles. KTLA has been broadcasting commercial free today and it makes a big difference in their coverage. Spectrum News 1 has also been extensively covering the protests/riots/looting live - especially press conferences. They've been using someone's helicopter video, too. I watched them for a bit but they really can't bat with the big boys. Most stations have been on non-stop since Los Angeles Mayor Garcetti's 12 noon press conference.
  8. Elex is an idiot. He just said 2 million people live in Long Beach. I could fill a page with all his mistakes. He should NOT be a Los Angeles tv anchor. What I really love about Fox 11 is their ground shots. They don't stay stationary while on live which gives a great perspective of the entire area in the shot. I hope they keep improving as they have shown during their live coverage this weekend.
  9. Fox 11, ABC 7 and KTLA are covering the protests and looting in Santa Monica and Huntington Beach (no looting in that city) this afternoon. I noticed KTLA and KTTV were sharing the same helicopter video but they've also each had another helicopter of their own with their own reporter on at that same time. KTTV has been doing the most on the ground reporting and it's been the best of all stations this weekend. When the looting began, they were able to walk blocks away live on the air to the looting which no other station has been doing.
  10. Fox 11 finally ended their non-stop coverage at 12:43 am. They were on around 10 hours. Maybe slightly longer. Back on at 6 am Sunday.
  11. Fox 11 is the last station on. NBC 4 went off sometime between 12:10 and 12:20. Fox 11 is just great.
  12. They came back on at 11 PM on KTTV for another 30 minutes on Friday. CBS 2/KCAL 9 had the best coverage on Friday (everyone ended by 11:35) although I found everyone somewhat lacking. Coverage was excellent today except KTLA primarily because of their commercial breaks which were quite long. ABC 7 ended coverage just before Midnight Saturday night. KTLA, CBS 2 & KCAL 9 at Midnight. NBC 4 and Fox 11 is STILL ON after 12 Midnight. Kudos to both of them! The one thing I've noticed all the reporters talking about on air is the security they have with them. Something nobody had in 1992.
  13. There isn't much going on outside of Los Angeles. ALL the action is in the area from Downtown Los Angeles to Century City. I live in Riverside County and the only protest was in Temecula. It was broken up by the Sheriff after a car that a protester was driving went out of control and hit a baby and mother. In the OC, there is a protest in Santa Ana tonight. Fox 11 just covered it. I am not aware of any protests of significance in Ventura County. I don't see anything poor about the coverage except KTLA with its commercial breaks. KTTV looked much more professional on the flip side. Fox 11 has 2 choppers up and at least one of them is feeding video to CBS2/KCAL 9. There may be other sharing going on as you say. Colleen Williams just announced Today in L.A. on NBC 4 will start at 5 am on Sunday, 2 hours early. Everyone is still on but it's only 11 pm.
  14. Yes, Christine is in the studio. Elex isn't very good, though. I hope Fox 11 brings back Jeff Michael. He knows L.A. and would be much better with Christine Devine on this special coverage. KCBS/KCAL are reporting well but they could use more people reporting on the ground. That's one thing Fox 11 has really had plus their two choppers for this. KNBC and KABC look as professional as always. KTLA is the one I so shocked at. New ownership doesn't understand how you cover an emergency riot.
  15. KCAL/CBS 2 are simulcasting with the 2 and 9 logos up on both. Fox 11 has 2 choppers up tonight. KTLA is the only station that is running its regular commercial load. They look ridiculous.
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