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  1. 4pm news for WTVR? WHAT?!! Wasn't expecting that news!
  2. Meanwhile at Buffalo's WKBW, GM Michael Nurse and two members of its station's sales department were released from their duties by a Scripps representative today. https://buffalonews.com/2019/08/06/wkbw-tv-staff-stunned-as-gm-nurse-and-two-key-members-of-sales-team-are-let-go-by-scripps/
  3. Meanwhile in Louisville, say bye-bye to Good Morning Kentuckiana because WHAS 11's weekday morning newscast has a new name. Wake Up debuts tomorrow (Monday), July 22nd. https://www.whas11.com/article/news/local/wake-up/rise-and-shine-wake-up-launches-on-july-22/417-9d097f78-75dc-4373-a9e1-3c99cb4b26ba
  4. Meanwhile in Honolulu, KHON2's Kathy Muneno has left the station to spend more time with her kids. She anchored the news on KHON since 2007 and worked as a Hawaii news broadcaster for over 25 years. https://www.staradvertiser.com/2019/06/09/hawaii-news/newswatch/khon2-news-anchor-kathy-muneno-is-leaving-the-station-after-tonights-newscast/
  5. Last Monday (June 3), Nashville's WTVF changed their profile picture on Facebook to include the rainbow flag in a show of support for Pride Month. But less than an hour, it was removed and went back to the old one after complaints from viewers online. WTVF, who has a long history of supporting the LGBT community and equality, airs Out & About Today (the station partnered with LGBT magazine Out & About Nashville) on their NewsChannel 5 Plus channel since 2005. FTVLive (6/5 article): https://www.ftvlive.com/sqsp-test/2019/6/5/nashville-station-caves-to-pressure Out & About Nashville: https://outandaboutnashville.com/removal-of-pride-logo-causes-pr-firestorm/ FTVLive article with WTVF's statement (6/6 article): https://www.ftvlive.com/sqsp-test/2019/6/6/the-intern-did-it
  6. WRIC (Richmond) Chief Meteorologist John Bernier celebrates 35 years at the station late last month... https://www.wric.com/news/local-news/-frogchokers-and-hayrotters-john-bernier-celebrates-35-years-at-8news/1954276868 ...meanwhile down I-64 East to Hampton Roads, meteorologist Craig Moeller will be returning to WVEC in a few weeks.
  7. More from the AJC and CBS46 on Sharon Reed's departure... https://www.ajc.com/blog/radiotvtalk/exclusive-sharon-reed-leaving-cbs46/oJI2jlvXbiTYApTTfC7XUL/ https://www.cbs46.com/news/anchor-sharon-reed-announces-her-departure-from-cbs/article_77a82bb0-678e-11e9-82e0-a71f7519b814.html
  8. WVEC's Kristina Robinson left the station last Friday.
  9. Really? WTVR used that slogan in the late 2000's.
  10. I mentioned this in the TEGNA thread, so I'll post this right here: A new show is coming to WGRZ this Wednesday, April 10th at 4pm. It's called Most Buffalo hosted by Kate Welshofer and weathercaster Maria Genero. The Ellen DeGeneres Show will move to 3pm and Dr. Phil will move to 2pm replacing Dateline. https://buffalonews.com/2019/04/02/ellen-being-moved-on-wgrz-in-favor-of-4-p-m-local-production/
  11. Meanwhile in Western New York, a new show is coming to WGRZ on April 10th (why on a Wednesday?) at 4pm. It's called Most Buffalo hosted by Kate Welshofer and weathercaster Maria Genero. The Ellen DeGeneres Show will move to 3pm and Dr. Phil will move to 2pm replacing Dateline. https://buffalonews.com/2019/04/02/ellen-being-moved-on-wgrz-in-favor-of-4-p-m-local-production/
  12. THIS!! Now, WTOL is "spilling the tea" on the now-viral video. http://www.wtol.com/2019/03/28/its-time-spill-tea-wtols-cringe-worthy-video/
  13. WHSV (Harrisonburg) meteorologist Frances Peyton is heading to WTVR here in Richmond.
  14. They DID give them a fresh new look almost three years ago and boy, do they need it (I live in the Richmond area, BTW). WRIC's current set - that was built by FX Design Group - has been around since 2016, debuted a new logo, dropped 615 Music's "Battery V.4" (aka "Always Worth Your Time") for Stephen Arnold's "Guardian" package and replaced the old Young graphics with the KOIN6 graphics. WRIC's set took top honors in NewscastStudio.com's 2016 Set of the Year - Fan Vote, and it was head-to-head against the set of - wait for it - VH1's "Martha & Snoop's Potluck Dinner Party". Not kidding. Fast forward to late last year (Nexstar era), WRIC has a new branding - "ABC 8", dropping the longtime brand of "TV-8" - and just a few months ago, WRIC has a new voiceover: Paul Turner.
  15. WHAT?! Dang, I'm shocked! In the near future, we'll be seeing WVIR instead of WCAV on the SBTV app. Wow.
  16. WVEC's Arrianee LeBeau is heading to KTVK/KPHO in Phoenix.
  17. Reporter Laura Geller (formerly of Richmond's WWBT and soon Hampton Roads' WVEC) is joining WUSA 9 in D.C.
  18. Changes at Raycom's...I mean, Gray's WWBT here in Richmond. Just learned that the station's First at Four was expanded to an hour today meaning sister station WUPV's 4:30pm newscast - which moved from 6:30pm since September 2017 - is no more. The new second half-hour replaced Inside Edition. IE continues to air at 7:30pm after ET while WUPV airs a second airing of Hot Bench in the 4:30pm slot. Me Time with Frangela - which airs at 2pm - has been replaced with Right This Minute.
  19. You mean Ryan. And also, cut down on the boldface, dude.
  20. Neither will WRLH. They still got Gari's Daily News music package, those ancient Sinclair graphics (weather segments still have the WWBT graphics) and that late-2000's news set that should've been gone a long time ago.
  21. Wow, WWL. They should've premiered the show in the fall of 2019 or back in September of last year, but this Monday?! First, they moved the 7-9am block of Eyewitness Morning News in 2016, and now they're moving "Live!" - a popular daytime show that's been airing on the station for 30 years (since the show was syndicated) after the news - to a little-watched MyTV affiliate. Bad move.
  22. Vinnie Politan - formerly of HLN - is leaving Atlanta's WXIA after four years. His last day at 11Alive is tomorrow (Thursday). https://www.ajc.com/blog/radiotvtalk/exclusive-vinnie-politan-leaving-11alive-after-four-plus-years/RhVaTFUsZx35TOcV0rUCjN/
  23. Some news in Richmond and Hampton Roads... WWBT has a new meteorologist: Nick Russo. He comes from WEYI NBC 25 in Mid-Michigan... [MEDIA=twitter]1054365213632409601[/MEDIA] ...while a few miles down the road, Constance Jones - formerly of WPLG and WAGA - is now WRIC's new evening anchor. [MEDIA=twitter]1054510634191241216[/MEDIA] Meanwhile down I-64 East, Meteorologist Casey Lehecka is joining WAVY from WJAC 6 News in Johnstown, PA. [MEDIA=twitter]1054105101760106497[/MEDIA]
  24. WFTS has updated their open. It now includes the slogan "Tampa Bay's Streaming News Leader". Don't worry, they're still using "Taking Action For You".
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