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  1. Uh, it's the same logo design as KWQC's. You don't see them calling themselves "KWQC HD News 6"!
  2. A couple of WZZM news opens: WZZM 13 News at 11 (May 15, 2010) with VO Ed O'Brien: http://youtu.be/wxJo9EF4AJw WZZM 13 News at 6pm (July 30, 2010) -- with Bill Ratner replacing O'Brien. http://youtu.be/5MEYTic3gIc And a WXMI open from October 6, 2011: http://youtu.be/5MEYTic3gIc
  3. Starting Monday, October 3rd, WWBT's NBC12 News Today will expand to 4:30am. WWBT is the third station in Richmond to join the 4:30am bandwagon. Here's a link to a funny video promoting the launch featuring the station's weekday morning meteorologist Andrew Freiden. http://youtu.be/t-ETGtIb8No Let's go to another Channel 12, WSFA in Montgomery where meteorologist Dan Atkinson is retiring after 40 years. He first worked at the station from 1974-1982 and then moved to Atlanta (WSB and The Weather Channel). He returned to WSFA in 2006. His last day will be this Sunday, October 2nd. I remember watching him on TWC years ago. We at TVNT wish Dan a happy retirement. http://www.wsfa.com/...in-broadcasting
  4. KCNC in Denver is pulling the plug on its 4pm newscast (that replaced Oprah) due to low ratings. It will be replaced by Dr. Phil on September 5th. http://www.denverpos...ews/ci_18742504 http://www.mediabist...newscast_b19332 Forgot to mention that Evrod Cassimy (pronounced cass-uh-mee) from WWBT/WUPV is now an anchor/reporter for KCNC.
  5. WTSP (Tampa) 10 News Weekend Edition open, 1995 WJKW (Cleveland) NewsCenter 8 open, 1978 WCAU (Philadelphia) 10 News open, March 1986 http://youtu.be/q7rhC5_6VbE WCIX (now WFOR-4 Miami) "6 Action News" open, January 1994 WCCO (Minneapolis/St. Paul) Saturday 6pm Report open, 1981 (begins at 0:30) http://youtu.be/T4c85UHNFkM WCCO "The Scene Tonight" with Dave Moore, 1971(?) http://youtu.be/b1auyft1xx0
  6. Speaking of WTSP, Mark Collins will be joining the station on September 15th. Collins is a native of St. Petersburg and he's been splitting his time as a freelance meteorologist between WTSP and Jacksonville's WJXT. http://www.mediabist...her-team_b18823
  7. KHOU 11 News at 10 (Houston) open, April 2011: WTSP (Tampa) "10 News" noon open, July 2011:
  8. WSB, WAGA and WXIA (Atlanta) opens from 1976-77: A WXIA promo/image campaign from 1974 during the "Pro News" era (station was an ABC affiliate; logo appears @ 0:50)
  9. WESH 2 News Opens (including WESH 2 News on CW18) with the current "Local. Live. Late Breaking." slogan, 2010-present: http://youtu.be/eCC6gK12pNU WESH 2 News opens (HD) with the former slogan "Big Coverage of the Big Story", 2009: http://youtu.be/M0D9kiCtEiQ
  10. On to Richmond with news opens and montages... WRIC 11pm news montage (March 2003) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XpyLjP95iiA WRIC "Good Morning Richmond" open (March 2003) featuring now-former anchors Gwen Williams and John Reid http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sRyzXO7-anM WRIC 11pm news open from May 2003 featuring Juan Conde and now-former anchor Lisa Schaffner. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XEovZESMB2k WRLH Fox News at 10 open from 2003 featuring now-former WWBT anchor/reporter Mychael Dickerson (WRLH's 10pm newscast is produced by WWBT). http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9zF6cIRt9t0 WTVR 11pm news montage (March 2003). "News 6 Network" (WTVR-TV, FM 87.7 and wtvr.com) was their news branding at the time while the general branding was "WTVR 6". http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9zF6cIRt9t0 WWBT 6pm news open Thanksgiving Day 2003 featuring Curt Autry, Julie Bragg (formerly of WWBT and WTVR) and Christina Feerick (now with WRIC)
  11. WSVN 7's "Deco Drive" montage (9/24/2010): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AYCre2a_Oso&feature=player_embedded
  12. (*sigh*) I thought we're done making fun of WSVI...
  13. Let me guess: WVUA is a "This TV" affiliate.
  14. NewsChannel 3 (WWMT) Live at 10 on CW7 open (2008): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qZS3gW9aN0c
  15. tw-804


    The CBS affiliate in Richmond, Virginia. Debuted their new graphics on 1/23/2013
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