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  1. Remember that theme Hawaii News Now (KGMB/KHNL) used from 2009 to 2014? Someone posted it to the NMSA recently and it's a production music track! The name of the song is "Sunrise" by Video Helper (track #59 from the album "Overkill"). http://www.newsmusicsearcharchive.com/#3,1,1579 https://www.videohelper.com/album/696ce9a8cf01dca6/vh031-overkill
  2. Another update for WRLH: They're getting Sherri. Just watched a short promo but it didn't say what timeslot. Maybe they'll put it in the morning instead of the 2pm timeslot Wendy is in.
  3. Just saw a short promo for LIVE with Kelly and Ryan on my local FOX station, WRLH. The show is returning to Richmond and it will air at 11am on September 5th (currently the time slot is home to 25 Words or Less and You Bet Your Life with Jay Leno). To be honest, they should have put it at 9am to replace The National Desk. Remember last year, WWBT dropped LIVE from its 10am timeslot for TODAY with Hoda and Jenna and debuted a new 11am newscast, NBC12 News Before Noon. EDIT (4:00pm/ET): Just saw a short promo for Karamo. The show will be on WRLH as well. Didn't say what timeslot.
  4. Sounds like WTOP's theme - that debuted in 2020 by ReelWorld - but with the WBBM signature.
  5. I know. WRLH used to air it in syndication (late nights). That’s why I didn’t mention it. Currently no station in Richmond is airing the show.
  6. WWBT and WAVY. They air the show at 2pm.
  7. Ah, okay. I know Bounce TV airs it as well.
  8. Last month, Studio 31 Media Archive's YouTube channel posted a montage with WRIC's new graphics. And you know what? I can picture the new graphics on WAVY/WVBT in Hampton Roads - along with 615 Music's Newswire V.2. The graphics they have right now has been around since 2013 (was it that long?!). Nothing's wrong with the current look WAVY/WVBT have but it's time for a new one, IMO.
  9. After Nick Cannon's talk show was cancelled, the videos were removed from its YouTube channel as well. Now the channel is the new online home for Sherri Shepherd's show. Meanwhile, my home market - Richmond, VA - has some holes to fill: WRLH (FOX) is losing Nick Cannon, The Wendy Williams Show, Daily Mail TV and The Doctors. WTVR (CBS) and its Hampton Roads sister station WTKR 3 (also CBS) are losing Ellen. Question is: which show will the two put in the 3pm timeslot? Hopefully no 3pm newscasts... WUPV (CW) is losing Judge Jerry, The Real, The Good Dish, Schitt's Creek (which is leaving syndication), Mike & Molly (which is also leaving syndication as well; I didn't know that) and RightThisMinute (currently it airs on late nights). Is Couples Court cancelled? If so, WUPV should fill that slot as well.
  10. Wait, WHAT?! I didn't know that.
  11. Not only that, they have brand new music: Aerial by Stephen Arnold Music (yeah, the theme that most of TVNT hates, lol...).
  12. Here's a rarity: WXEX's (now WRIC; Richmond, VA) Eyewitness News Nightcast from September 21, 1987 (starts at 2:24). Channel 8 moved from Petersburg (my hometown) to its current location near Richmond a few years later.
  13. They're still using The Rock - but for bumpers only - and the former Scripps graphics. They're now using Stephen Arnold's Everywhere I Go theme for the open. (video from YT user DADOSUPERMARIO2)
  14. What shows? The only Fox Nation program they have aired is Park'd, a travel show hosted by Abby Hornacek.
  15. CBS News Miami is now live, y’all. http://miami.cbslocal.com
  16. tw-804

    In Memoriam

    Sad news to report: Dave Hughes, the bearded and camo-clad founder/publisher of the popular Washington/Baltimore media news/gossip site DCRTV.com, has passed away at 63. He had an apparent heart attack Monday (Dec. 27th). DCRTV has been online for 24 years. From WTOP: https://wtop.com/local/2021/12/dcrtv-dave-hughes-dies-at-63-founded-popular-radio-and-tv-blog/ From All Access: https://www.allaccess.com/net-news/archive/story/214258/dcrtv-com-founder-publisher-dave-hughes-has-passed
  17. And now the Gray stations are removed from NewsOn (the Meredith stations are still there as I’m posting this). That was fast.
  18. Here's a great article about the new Stream package from TVNewsCheck's MarketShare: "Stars Align For Stephen Arnold Music, Cox's WFXT and WHBQ" https://marketshare.tvnewscheck.com/2021/10/25/stars-align-for-stephen-arnold-music-coxs-wfxt-and-whbq/
  19. Meteorologist and Digital Content Producer Brian Donegan said Fox Weather will soon be available on Tubi. Fox Weather Will Be Streaming Free on Tubi Soon | Cord Cutters News
  20. Welllll.... I think you got your wish. WTKR and WGNT are now using the Florida24 version of the theme for all their opens. Blaine Stewart's Twitter post from the 12th... Blaine Stewart on Twitter: "Tracking more big stories in our 8:00 hour. Also, I'm loving the new music in our show opens. @WTKR3 https://t.co/3DnWlLwO1D" / Twitter Here's the full theme from Stephen Arnold Music's YouTube Page. Florida 24 Network - YouTube
  21. We missed this: Jason Marks (WAVY) and Erica Greenway (WTKR) exited their stations yesterday and today respectively. They're heading to California, but didn't say where in the state. Robert Corbin VARTV on Twitter: "Married couple, Nexstar's @WAVY_News reporter @jasonmarkswavy and @WTKR3's anchor/reporter @ericagreenway, set to exit their respective stations... #hrva #VARTV" / Twitter
  22. Here's the article from TVNewsCheck's Market Share about the new Florida24 theme from Stephen Arnold. It also includes the full main theme. Stephen Arnold Makes Music For Scripps News Network - Marketshare (tvnewscheck.com)
  23. Update on Richmond: WRLH is airing Young Sheldon weeknights at midnight starting tonight (9/27). It's best to put the show on at 7pm or 7:30pm with The Big Bang Theory.
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