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  1. Don’t forget WVIR in Charlottesville. The station still have the old Waterman look after Gray added it to their portfolio last year.
  2. WWBT anchor/reporter Karla Redditte is leaving the station - after eight years - on the 18th. She's going to Spectrum News Charlotte in January. https://www.nbc12.com/2020/12/02/karla-redditte-leaves-nbc-after-years/
  3. Here are the new opens below (7pm, 6pm & 5:30pm) (courtesy of DADOSUPERMARIO 2 on YouTube)
  4. Alright, WTVR now has the new Scripps graphics and music. The new look debuted during the 4pm newscast today. I’m so glad. https://www.wtvr.com/live
  5. Exactly. My local Fox station WRLH used the old orange, white and blue Sinclair graphics and Gari's Daily News package until sometime in the fall of 2019. They've finally switched to Warner/Chappell's Sinclair News Package but not using the current Sinclair look. They're using the WDBJ/WITN graphics. WRLH's newscasts are produced by WWBT. Here are the opens. (Videos below from YouTuber HarleyTrader Jr.)
  6. Wait a sec. Now that WTKR's got the new graphics and music, that means maybe sometime this month(?) The South's First Television Station could be getting them and it could soon join the other three stations in the Richmond area that's currently using a news music package from Stephen Arnold Music. NBC affiliate WWBT's been using The Rock since 2015 (although they still use Inergy - a theme they've used since 2014 - for some segments [example: sports, First Alert Weather Day, etc.] after switching to The Rock for their news opens and bumpers; don't know why the NMSA recently removed WWBT's entr
  7. But WNCN's focus at the time was putting greater emphasis on news from across the state (hence the newscast title "North Carolina News").
  8. Here in Richmond (via TitanTV & Zap2It): WTVR (CBS): No Change. WRIC (ABC): On September 14th, The Drew Barrymore Show airs at 3pm, replacing the now-canceled The Mel Robbins Show. WWBT (NBC): No Change. WRLH (FOX): On September 14th, 25 Words or Less moves to 11am (back-to back episodes), bumping Steve Wilkos to 10am. A second airing of Wilkos continues to air at 4pm. Funny You Should Ask moves from 12:30 to 1pm (with back-to back episodes) replacing America Says (canceled?) and 25 Words or Less. A double-run of Family Feud airs at noon (Feud continues to air ba
  9. Does anyone know who the new voiceover for WGBA? The NMSA has him as David Kaye but that doesn't sound like him.
  10. SyncBak has added the Meredith stations to their SBTV app. https://sbtv.com/live
  11. I like the Tribune CBS graphics, but IMO, they’re beginning to show its age. Time for a new look.
  12. The Tegna stations have Roku apps.
  13. ...and plus, they can't get rid of WCCO Mid-Morning. Plus where will KARE 11 put Drew? KARE has Daily Blast Live at 2pm, Inside Edition at 3pm, Entertainment Tonight at 3:30 (yes, ET at 3:30 in the afternoon!), the 4pm news and Jeopardy at 4:30.
  14. NBCUniversal lays off Maria Celeste Arraras (host of Telemundo's Al Rojo Vivo con Maria Celeste and formerly of Noticiero Telemundo), Rashel Diaz (Telemundo's Un Nuevo Dia), KVEA main anchor Ana Patricia Candiani and KVEA reporter Martin Plascencia. You might remember Arraras from Univision's Primer Impacto, a news program she hosted with Myrka Dellanos until 2002. https://www.latimes.com/entertainment-arts/business/story/2020-08-05/maria-celeste-arraras-ana-patricia-candiani-layoffs-telemundo-nbcuniversal https://www.mediamoves.com/2020/08/telemundo-network-hosts-maria-celest
  15. I think WTVF debuted that slogan last year.
  16. Strahan, Sara and Keke continues on their official YouTube channel. They started doing "at-home" shows a couple months ago. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCArZhtifgQgRV3GJtxuj9AA
  17. Washington D.C.'s all-news station WTOP debuted its brand-new music and imaging package yesterday (Monday, June 1st) created by Seattle-based ReelWorld. Gone are Non-Stop Music's News Central and First News packages. http://www.reelworld.com/jingles/packages/wtop (click on "Listen to Full Package"). From DCRTV.com... Thoughts?
  18. Back to Atlanta, another change at WGCL: General Manager Lyle Banks is out. He'll be replaced by Deborah Collura from Charlotte's WCNC. https://www.ajc.com/blog/radiotvtalk/more-change-cbs46-lyle-banks-out-deborah-collura/ppNR3M7cvEUGXIL3OVku5M/
  19. The "WLIG 1986 News Theme" - according to the NMSA - has a name, y'all. The theme WLIG (now WLNY) used in the mid-1980s for their newscast is actually a production music track called "Newsweek" - from the album "Ideas In Action" - by DeWolfe Music. https://dewolfemusic.com/search.php?id=15564951&code=futATJ WWBT here in Richmond used the theme back in the early '80s for their newscasts. (see 0:24)
  20. Meanwhile in Atlanta, WGCL cuts four. Weekend anchor/reporter Mike Dunston out. Investigative reporter Jonathan Carlson ("The CBS46 Bulldog") out. Reporter Daniel Wilkerson out. And executive producer Phil Landeros out. https://www.ajc.com/blog/radiotvtalk/cbs46-cuts-mike-dunston-jonathan-carlson-daniel-wilkerson/hF11f8sZgdCr5vzrCNkD1M/
  21. You mean WDBJ’s graphics. WRLH - owned by Sinclair - is the third station that’s using them (the second is WITN in eastern North Carolina). Gray’s WWBT has a news share agreement with WRLH.
  22. No new graphics for Rockford, IL's WIFR 23 (yet), but they ditched CBS Enforcer for CBS Local just last month. Plus, they're using the new Gray ticker.

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