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  1. That's the theme called "Tuesday2". It was used on KGTV and WAVY. http://www.southernmedia-nmsa.com/#3,1,251
  2. WUSA currently uses Wake Up Washington for weekend mornings. Meanwhile, Tegna and Fox announced a comprehensive, multi-year deal that renews station affiliation agreements for six Tegna markets last week, including three acquired from Nexstar. (via TVNewsCheck) https://tvnewscheck.com/article/240551/tegna-fox-renew-affiliation-agreements/
  3. Worst open? Dude, seriously? MG gave WRIC a fresh new look (FX set, graphics, logo, everything) in 2016 before the Nexstar takeover. Paul Turner became the station's new VO earlier this year. It needed that look.
  4. Alpena has WPBN/WTOM - aka "TV 7 & 4" - on cable (Spectrum).
  5. I mentioned this in the Gray thread: I'm watching the Fox News at 10 on WRLH - produced by WWBT - and they're now using the graphics package that are currently on WDBJ7, WITN and others. I'm not kidding. Gray Television graphics on a Sinclair station. Remember, WWBT has a news-share agreement with WRLH (it started in 1994). Also, Gari's Daily News package is out (FINALLY!!) and 615 Music's The Sinclair News Package (the Curves version) is in! Just a few months ago, WWBT began broadcasting WRLH's newscasts from its news set. Unfortunately, the 10pm and the morning newscast at 7am (Fox Richmond Morning News) doesn't stream on WRLH's website nor WWBT's.
  6. Another station has the new Gray package: WWBT here in Richmond. They're using the graphics that are currently on WMC, WLBT and others (personally, I wish WWBT would use the current graphics on WDBJ or the ones on WHSV). They've started using them on the evening newscasts last night (noticed that on the NewsON app). Music is still The Rock by Stephen Arnold Music, but Inergy continues to survive on sports and some segments. https://www.nbc12.com/live/ UPDATE (10:07PM): Watching the Fox News at 10 on WRLH - produced by WWBT - and they're now using the graphics package that are currently on WDBJ7, WITN and others. Yes, Gray Television graphics on a Sinclair station. Remember, WWBT has a news-share agreement with WRLH (it started in 1994). Also, Gari's Daily News package is out and the Sinclair News Package (the Curves version) is in! Unfortunately, the 10pm and the morning newscast at 7am (Fox Richmond Morning News) doesn't stream on WRLH's website nor WWBT's.
  7. WHSV announced today that the Shenandoah Valley is getting a new NBC/CW dual affiliate. WSVW ("NBC 3 in the Valley"/"CW 3 in the Valley") will launch on December 1st. https://www.whsv.com/content/news/WHSV-announces-launch-of-NBC-and-CW-Plus-affiliations-NBC-3-in-the-Valley-561973051.html
  8. Meanwhile in DC, it's goodbye to "Off Script" and hello to the new interactive show called "The Q & A". WUSA 9 debuted a new show tonight at 7pm. It's called "The Q & A" hosted by Bruce Johnson, Ariane Datil and Mike Wise. https://www.wusa9.com/article/entertainment/television/programs/q-and-a/the-q-and-a-launches-on-wusa9/65-41164c18-3415-42ea-875a-16e0b0287849 EDIT (8:07p): It's on WUSA's section on the NewsOn apps in case you missed it.
  9. tw-804

    Out & About

    From the AJC: Rick Folbaum (formerly of Fox News, WFOR and CNN International) is joining WGCL as an evening anchor replacing the recently departed Thomas Roberts. He will handle the 4, 6, 9 (on sister station WPCH) and 11pm newscasts. https://www.ajc.com/blog/radiotvtalk/rick-folbaum-fox-news-cnn-international-new-cbs46-anchor-replacing-thomas-roberts/gm6q3hBrAwDyszgabIn1hO/ Last week, WGCL announced Tracye Hutchins was moving to afternoons and will co-anchor the 5pm show with a rotating set of hosts. Karyn Greer will take over mornings with Gurvir Dhindsa. https://www.ajc.com/blog/radiotvtalk/exclusive-cbs46-moves-karyn-greer-mornings-tracye-hutchins-back-afternoons/ASuJUwslF1sAJ37UBuMxMO/
  10. I'm surprised @Weeters or one of the moderators didn't close this thread. Like @Weeters said on one of the threads (I don't remember which one), you never know what Tegna gonna do to the stations they acquire. Whether we like Tegna or not, we have to get used to its style of news. That's it.
  11. We have some more updates here in Richmond. This is a continuation of my post from last Thursday (August 29th). For WRLH (FOX), it looks like my guess was right. America Says will air at 1pm September 16th while 25 Words or Less will air at 1:30pm. Also, they're also getting Personal Injury Court at 3pm and 3:30pm on that date as well. Until Personal Injury Court debuts, Judge Judy will be on that timeslot next week (Judy continues to air at its regular time at 5 and 5:30pm). Meanwhile, WUPV (CW) is getting Protection Court at 8am and 8:30am, replacing Right This Minute. Right This Minute will move to 12:30am. Remember I mentioned the promos I saw on TV and Facebook for the new 4pm newscast on WTVR? Well, it will be anchored by Rob Desir and Julie Bragg (they also anchor the 5pm newscast). Cheryl Miller (who anchors the noon newscast), meteorologist Tom Patton and new reporter Bree Sison (pronounced "season") will also be in the new newscast.
  12. tw-804

    Out & About

    From the AJC: WGCL names Shon Gables permanent evening anchor effectively replacing Sharon Reed. The station currently has a second evening position open since Thomas Roberts left. https://www.ajc.com/blog/radiotvtalk/cbs46-names-shon-gables-permanent-evening-anchor-effectively-replacing-sharon-reed/e7VG0gzo7D0ZNMbBzrRqSP/
  13. tw-804

    Out & About

    Meanwhile in Central Illinois, WAND has hired Jim Kosek as their new Chief Meteorologist. Yes, THAT Jim Kosek. Formerly of AccuWeather, WGCL, KCTV, KTVX and others. https://www.ftvlive.com/sqsp-test/2019/8/21/snowpocalypse-weatherman-is-hired https://herald-review.com/entertainment/television/wand-hires-meteorologist-whose-snowpocalypse-forecast-went-viral/article_8150991c-c724-5e14-8d21-e787430c176a.html
  14. Here In Richmond: (source: TitanTV, Zap2It) WTVR (CBS): On September 9th, Steve will be replaced by the new CBS 6 News at 4pm. I saw a couple of promos for the new newscast (on TV) featuring 5pm anchors Rob Desir and Julie Bragg. I also saw a promo (on Facebook) for the new 4pm newscast featuring noon anchor Cheryl Miller and meteorologist Tom Patton. Maybe the newscast features all four. (UPDATE: The four - including new reporter Bree Sison - are in the new newscast.) WRIC (ABC): The Dr. Oz Show leaves the station tomorrow (8/30). Rachael Ray will air at 3pm (Oz's soon-to-be old slot) starting Monday (9/2). But it will be temporary until The Mel Robbins Show takes the slot on September 16th. Meanwhile, Rachael Ray will continue to air at 1:05am after ABC's Nightline. WWBT (NBC): On September 9th, The Kelly Clarkson Show will air at 2pm replacing both Daily Blast Live and Right This Minute. The two replaced the short-lived Me Time with Frangela not too long ago. Right This Minute continues to air at 8 & 8:30am on sister station WUPV. Meanwhile, The Tamron Hall Show will air at 3pm replacing The Wendy Williams Show. Wendy continues to air at 10am live on WUPV (the show has been airing on that station since the beginning). WRLH (FOX): On September 9th, infomercials will replace the now-canceled Who Wants to Be A Millionaire (1pm). Judge Judy will replace Face The Truth at 3 & 3:30pm (maybe it's temporary). The show continues to air at 5 & 5:30pm. I saw a promo for America Says on WRLH, but I'm guessing it will be at 1pm. WRLH is also getting the new game show 25 Words or Less. WUPV (CW): On September 2nd, The Dr. Oz Show moves from WRIC to WUPV. It will be the THIRD station in Richmond that will air his show. Dr. Oz began on WTVR in 2009 (at 4pm) and then moved to WRIC in 2014 (at 3pm to replace Steve Harvey - back when his show was in Chicago - after its first two seasons on the station). Steve Harvey moved from WRIC to WTVR the same year and WTVR also aired its successor, Steve, from 2017 until the end of its run. Dr. Oz will take The Real's timeslot. What will happen to The Real? It will still air on WUPV but it will move to... wait for it... to 6am. Yes, 6:00AM. Yeah, set your alarms, Richmond. Meanwhile, Judge Jerry will air at Noon and 12:30 on September 9th replacing Dateline. Dateline will move to 1am. It will replace Chicago P.D., which will move to 7:00am (not kidding). Mike & Molly moved to WUPV from WRLH a couple months ago. It airs at 10pm, moving The Goldbergs to 11pm. I'll update the post for changes.
  15. In Hampton Roads, WTKR airs Let's Make A Deal at 9am since 2016. Their local talk show Coast Live airs at 10am. Question is: Will WTKR make the switch in the near future?
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