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  1. https://www.cbsnews.com/detroit/ is up
  2. Yes, this similar graphic has also been used for their current COVID-19 look - which has been used for a few months also.
  3. The graphics looked really well WCBS.
  4. Cindy Hsu will anchor the new 9 AM broadcast which debuts Sept 12th. https://www.nexttv.com/news/cindy-hsu-named-anchor-of-wcbs-new-york-9-am-newscast
  5. For months* and I don't even live in Philly.
  6. Saw some advertisements for the Chris Cuomo interview on the Subway kiosk in NYC. They are really promoting this interview. Should've aired already, in my opinion.
  7. CBS News New York on WLNY wasn't good at all. It seems like it was produced for multiple stations and the stations did a local cut in. This wasn't a good move.
  8. Does that average viewer care? I always wonder...
  9. Thanks for posting this. Haven't seen LA Ratings in so long. Keep posting, interested in these numbers.
  10. Shirleen posted it, looks like she may have deleted it.
  11. I know here in LA, Sky 2 and Sky Fox recently got a new helicopter (2 months ago) - one side has the Sky 2 name and the other has Sky Fox. Would love to see if WCBS/WNYW did the same.
  12. Would it be safe to say that Steve Wilkos is the last remaining "trash talk show" on TV right now?
  13. Seems like Kristine was in a remote studio today for the 5PM news. Wonder if she tested positive or was around someone who tested positive? They did a good job at mimic-ing the set in her background.
  14. DeMarco Morgan is out. Chose not to renew contract.
  15. Or just log on to the station's website.
  16. I wonder what will happen with her role on 'Dish Nation'?
  17. Yes, it's on early tomorrow due to weather.
  18. Was watching CBS Mornings this morning, and on the ticker they stated 'CBS 2 Mornings' will be airing at 4AM on Friday.' - they must be slowly making the change to a new name.
  19. I agree. During 'The Early Show' era; the WCBS show stayed 'this Morning".
  20. Saw this last week; is this sign of a possible name change to the morning show?
  21. The new series "Abbott Elementary" on ABC did a tribute to Jim. Never saw a sitcom do this. It was cool.
  22. Dana Tyler did the 5, 6, and 11 today. Somethings up. I don't remember the last time I saw her on 11p.
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