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  1. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. Good Morning, NY - too much like Good Day NY. I'm not against the 3 host format though.
  2. Can you point out in that clip where opinions are stated?
  3. I don't think this was mentioned- but one of the reporters seemed to have a CBS 3 pin. (upside down) - maybe will become a standard for all on-air personalities?
  4. Very Fake - Actors from LA. Unlike the traditional court shows, producers don't look through small claim cases in different cities.
  5. Same with WCBS in NY airing their 7AM news on WLNY this morning.
  6. Explain "diversity propaganda"? What do you mean?
  7. This is new for WCBS today.
  8. KCBS/KCAL hasn't always been the best with poor graphics and their camera angles are sometimes questionable.
  9. Who says that they want to be an independent station, still? Doesn't look like it. And why do you NEED to look like one? That's a rule?
  10. I personally like CBS Mornings more than CTM. The flow is better and it's less boring... it feels fresh and less stuffy.
  11. Nicely said. Things change, just gotta get with the times. These news organizations are struggling (most don't even look for sweeps periods anymore) - who really watches the news anymore? We get our information from social media. I would side eye an organization if they weren't making changes right now...
  12. I don't know how I feel about this open. Did they always call their 11PM show - 'Late News'?
  13. Wow. Wonder when the other stations will launch...
  14. Oh you're big mad about this.
  15. DeMarco started in early November.
  16. Seems as if WBTV isn't going to officially announce it's their aircraft until station management contacts the family of the deceased.
  17. Hate it. What is it supposed to be anyway? A balcony? So confused.
  18. Lionel Moise joins Channel 7: https://www.facebook.com/lionelmoise00
  19. The team is already strong, I think 48 Hours is perfect for her, fits her news delivery.
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