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  1. Maria LaRosa just announced on Twitter that she’s the new morning meteorologist.
  2. Wait, what? How is it not breaking news? A helicopter crashed into a whole skyscraper.
  3. Wow. Just thought about him since he was one of the lead detectives in the Central Park 5 case.
  4. Only been back for 4 days and he’s already off... interesting.
  5. Don’t like the changes to the morning program. Elise isn’t good for the mornings.
  6. That studio looks very cramped and limited. Hopefully, they will build another studio for CBSEN.
  7. He's probably going to be the face of CBSN LA
  8. CBS This Morning isn't going anywhere, it brings in money for the network; regardless of the ratings.
  9. People find them interesting and police pursuits get a lot of clicks to their pages. Makes sense if you want views on Facebook.
  10. Looks like CBSN LA is coming very soon, the station has updated mic flags for some reporters - this just means a launch is soon.
  11. Probably means she's getting the job, why would she comment on it if she wasn't taking the job...
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