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  1. Why are we calling this a meltdown?
  2. They are back in midtown at a “temporary set”. Not sure where this is located.
  3. this set actually looks amazing.
  4. Looks like CBS2 just got a new temporary studio, thanks to YES Network In Stamford, CT.
  5. So weird. They only were seen for about 15 seconds, every 30 minutes.
  6. they must know something we don’t, to shut down operation...
  7. Yes. I wonder why they aren’t taping in MTV’s studio. I know Viacom has some studio space that’s not being used.
  8. KCBS is doing it. Both anchors are sitting at the desk, but in different positions (way far apart). WCBS is using just one anchor (alternating days I believe) and broadcasting from the smaller CBSN NY set.
  9. they are social distancing. only one anchor in studio, the other anchor in the newsroom, and weather is done at the weather center.
  10. CBS Weekend News was done in KCAL9’s studio with Demarco Morgan.
  11. Looks like the Broadcasting Center is open again. Maurice did the news from the CBSN NY set this evening.
  12. DeMarco anchored the 5/6 broadcast with the KCBS music, and Lower 3rds. (KCBS uses the lower 3rds differently than WCBS - they tend to use capital letters a lot on the 2nd line.)
  13. Believe that has been shut down and sold.
  14. heres a clip of the open for the 11 o’clock broadcast.

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