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  1. Why? How would this improve ratings?
  2. ESPN Milwaukee owner purchases WTMJ and WKTI
  3. Andy Choi says they are in the Upfront set for the summer
  4. https://www.cbsnews.com/news/behind-the-scenes-recording-a-new-face-the-nation-theme/ Face the Nation will have a new theme, sounds similar to the other CBS music suites.
  5. Looks like they are adapting in house elements to the O&O graphics package, now a talent open, it looks like a hybrid of their first HD graphics and the CBS ones.
  6. His last newscast was last night, a nice send off, any word on who his replacement as chief will be? In-House or will they look to poach from another market?
  7. CBS 58 has apparently demoted long time evening anchor Michelle McCormack to the 12 and 4pm show. Morning News anchor Kate Chappell is now at 5 and 10pm. Seems quite young to do evening in a mid major market no?
  8. It looks like the old desk has reappeared as well
  9. It also looks like the old main set is now a new stand up area.
  10. Looks like they redesigned it, there is now a large video board showing a (live?) shot of the skyline from the lake that I presume can change depending on the time of day or the weather conditions outside. Gone are the floating Eyes, it looks like the video boards are now just solid blue.
  11. I was told that whatever they are working on will be unveiled Monday at 4pm
  12. They are indeed on a temporary set, I sent them an email asking why, no response yet.
  13. More of their hybrids look, they also have dropped the orange skyline from the morning
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