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  1. Tamron Hall will be going to KOKI, likely replacing Face the Truth at 1pm. Now, that station's only other vacancy I can think of is PageSix TV at 2:30p.
  2. Our Big 4 stations will all have some vacancies to fill this fall. Outside of the Feud on KOKI, 3pm is gonna look a bit different. - KOTV loses Millionaire at 3p. - KJRH will likely put Kelly Clarkson at 3p to replace Pickler & Ben. - KTUL loses Steve at 3p. - KOKI loses both Face the Truth at 1p and Page Six TV at 2:30p. Still not sure where Tamron Hall is going to end up, I kinda think KTUL is the most likely choice.
  3. Just caught a public notice on KOKI regarding the deal. Anyone else in Cox markets seen one?
  4. d247

    Out & About

    KTUL veteran Charles Ely is retiring tonight after 46 years in television, over a quarter-century of that time at channel 8 (starting in Columbus at WBNS, then in Atlanta, and later Dallas at KXAS)
  5. KJRH will air Kelly Clarkson's show this fall. They interviewed Kelly before her tour stop here today.
  6. Variety posted a profile on Nexstar and interviewed Perry Sook on Friday. https://variety.com/2018/tv/features/nexstar-tribune-perry-sook-ceo-sinclair-1203094572/
  7. KJRH has adopted the new site layout.
  8. d247

    Out & About

    KTUL meteorologist Clint Boone has jumped ship to KJRH, joining former colleague Mike Collier.
  9. d247

    Out & About

    KOTV morning anchor Rich Lenz (previously a sports anchor at sister station KWTV and WDSU in New Orleans) announced on Facebook today that he is leaving the station on Friday after 11 years to start a marketing company.
  10. OKC dropped from #41 to #45, swapping places with the Susquehanna Valley. Tulsa gets bumped up by one from #62 to #61.
  11. Some weekend changes... KOKI will air NFLN's 'Game Day Prime' at 10:30pm Sundays after its' 10pm news beginning 9/16. KOTV has picked up 'NCIS: NOLA' at 11:05pm, replacing 'Blue Bloods', after its' hour-long 10pm news Saturdays starting 9/15, followed by 'Madam Secretary' at 12:05am Sundays, replacing 'CSI: Miami'. 'Pawn Stars' is joining channel 6, airing 2 hours early Saturday mornings from 3-5am starting this weekend. The show will remain on KQCW, with only one early weekday airing at 4:30am after 'Access'. KTUL debuts 'The James Brown Show' on Saturday nights at 2:30am on 9/15. The next morning has 'Street Magic' at 4:00am, followed by 'Sheriffs El Dorado County' at 4:30am.
  12. Face the Truth is going to KOKI.
  13. Tulsa on 9/10 (Updated) KOKI has picked up 'Face the Truth' for an hour at 1pm, moving 'Dateline' to 11am, replacing CWD. 'Top 30' is finally coming to the market at the super convenient time of 3:30am, after 'Dish Nation' replacing a 'Page Six TV' repeat. With the CW (and KQCW) picking up Springer, KMYT is dropping Jerry in favor of an extra Wilkos at 4pm. Meaning 1p-5p will be double-runs of Maury and Wilkos. KQCW has 'Sins & Secrets' at 1pm, replacing an hour of 'Paternity Court'. Alongside the 3pm CW run, Springer gets a 2am repeat, replacing a block of Pawn Stars (which moves to 4:30am) and Judge Faith. KTUL replaces 'Harry' at 1:35am with an infomercial followed by 'Funny You Should Ask', also new the market at 2:05am leading into WNN.
  14. KFOR (kfor.com) Nov. 8, 1996 KWTV (kwtv.com) Jul. 2, 1997 KOCO (channeloklahoma.com) Oct. 18, 2000 KOKH (kokh25.com) May 19, 2001
  15. Yeah, that's definitely ABC Modern.
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