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  1. Notice how the live bug has 90 degree angles on both sides? I'm seeing some shows like this and others with the left curve still there.
  2. The description from the article made me think of NBC News Daily.
  3. It's basically Bill Weir's beat. He fronts his reports live from some pretty interesting locations.
  4. Looks like CNN is debuting their updated graphics (lower thirds) this morning. Pretty underwhelming in my opinion. Not really liking the rounded/bubble corner look or the gradients. Seems cartoonish. The time has been moved to the left side of the ticker and show name to a tab above the L3. There is a red wipe used to animate them on or between changes. I do like the name supers. So far all names have been full size and not shared with a headline.
  5. He made offers of $20-$23/share before Standard General outbid him. Now that the stock price has since tanked, maybe he can "afford" it now.
  6. Thanks! So what is it about that structure that puts them in a better position than other station groups? Seems like taking on the debt would be burdensome in some ways, but you say they are "structured" to handle it well. What does that mean exactly?
  7. I don't know how long it's been happening at Gray stations but once Gray bought Meredith, they unfortunately forced this weather branding and scheme onto KPTV. Their main evening meteorologist is probably the best in the market and I feel bad he has to shill this new marketing as he is usually pretty non-sensational. KPTV has a pretty solid combined news and weather branding. "First. Live. Local." Not anymore.
  8. It's possible WXIA commissioned the custom variant from the composer if they had the budget for it. Just guessing. I know Tegna pushed out an updated "breaking news" theme a few months ago (different from the clip above) and I've heard stations use parts of it for all types of coverage, not just breaking news.
  9. I've heard rumors of spending and hiring freezes at some Tegna stations. Does anyone know if it's company wide and potentially related to the sale? If so, why?
  10. I was going to post in the Tegna thread but I heard the same thing is happening there....a spending and hiring freeze. Was guessing it was related to the potential sale but I guess there could be other reasons.
  11. I was just wondering about the plans for CNN This Mornings's set. It was my understanding their current location is temporary while a permanent set is built. I was assuming the old New Day studio was going to be used but maybe not. A couple night ago I saw John Berman using the touchscreen monitor in what appeared to be the old New Day studio (bricks in the background). They stayed on a tight shot so wasn't able to tell much more than that. That made me think they haven't started work or are not planning to use that space for CNN This Morning.
  12. Not sure if the list on the first post is being maintained but there is no longer a news helicopter in Portland. I think it went away around the start of 2022. Before the final chopper went away, all stations had been sharing sharing the video the past few years, but KOIN left the sharing agreement several years earlier and went without one. Before that there were 2 choppers (KGW/KPTV) and KOIN/KATU. And then of course go back far enough into the 2000s when they all had their own.
  13. I was wondering about that. Didn't see any coverage on my local FOX station (KPTV) until 10pm newscast. Not even a local results ticker over programming. Is no coverage from FOX standard for midterms? I can't remember. Or is this maybe a cost cutting move?
  14. Nice! I'm not a fan of it in 1A.
  15. Well it's a new day at CNN... -CNN Newsroom International at 4am Eastern debuted with with an updated open and sound. Interestingly there was a lot of co-anchor chit chat between stories which is unusual for CNNI. -Early Start was trying a few new things, one of which was a bad start. Christine Romans was standing at a monitor for pre-show teases. Then they rolled the open, which is only about 4 seconds, and apparently expected her to race back to her seat in that time.....which didn't happen. The open revealed to her just about to sit down. Story count is also higher with dedicated segments to hit stories around the nation/world. (It had a funky name but I can't remember what it was.) -CNN This Morning....overall a pretty good debut so far. A bit of a chat off the top talking about the show's debut. (In contrast to New Day's almost non-existent goodbye). I'm liking the color pallet. Light woods tones. The show open is unique for CNN. Though I'm not liking how the "This Morning" text renders as a result of the 3D lighting effect. The sound is piano based and much more calm than New Day was. The CNN logo has an interesting texture on it. Almost like snakeskin. They have custom post-open tease graphics which are ugly and do not match any other part of the new look. They have also been leaving the anchor mics open as they toss to break letting us hear them chat or whatever. I don't see that effect lasting long. The studio is nice but it's my understanding this is temporary? They did a segment standing at a rectangular counter in an area that I would call "kitchen inspired" with props and such. Dr. Sanjay Gupta was there with a model brain to illustrate a story.
  16. Monday is a holiday.... Halloween. I wondered if that was why haha.
  17. Surprised people still "watch" ads in this day and age. If I've ever been counted in a TV show's ratings by chance, their's a 99% chance I fast forwarded and didn't see any of the ads.
  18. Is one year post merger announcement actually when Tegna can pull out without penalty?
  19. Interesting story. I like the lighter cut for the main theme. Fits better for a midday show. Having the time to commission custom music makes me wonder when did NBC make the decision to launch this show considering the seemingly last minute public announcement.
  20. Oct. 6: Nancy Pelosi sends letter to FCC starting concerns about the deal..... Standard General responds
  21. I've noticed New Day has started doing a new type of pre-produced "Around the world" segment. Gives me CBS Eye Opener vibes.... CNNW_20221005_110000_New_Day_With_John_Berman_and_Brianna_Keilar.mp4
  22. I've seen several station do custom thumbnails. For example KGW and KING. I prefer KGW's as KING's text is too small. I'm actually surprised more stations don't do it.
  23. The 1pm hour is an odd time for affiliates to fill with live news cut-ins. The morning crew normally will have left and the evening crew not yet in. Seems like stations would likely be prerecording something from their morning/noon team...
  24. I'm curious if anyone knows anything about those mic indicators on the camera monitors. I've never seen or heard of a system where talent in the studio can see which separate mics are on or not. Pretty cool!
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