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  1. I just learned through a source of mine that KGW currently uses Miranda. I've never really heard of it.
  2. I see CBSN expansion as CBS' step towards detaching itself from needing TV affiliates. It's not that far fetched to possibly see networks not renew affiliate agreements within 10 years. I don't think that will happen that soon, but it could. CBS and other networks are in the video content business and are now going direct to consumer, cutting out the TV station and telecom middle men that take a cut. Where does this leave TV stations? They either can't figure out how to adapt fast enough and fade into history, (ok, this part would probably be much more than 10 years out), or try to adapt. If broadcast networks ditch affiliates, station groups may start programming their own station groups as a "network" so to speak. But would there be enough quality content to go around? Local stations have limited resources as it is to produce non-news programming, which is generally more expensive. Let's pretend it costs $500,000/year to produce a local weekly/daily non-news program. A company like Netflix can more easily afford to fund the project and "sell" it to a worldwide audience to make money compared to a TV station that ,at most, has an audience of several cities or maybe an entire state. This limits the content local stations can provide and makes it hard for them to compete with non-local content providers. So I wonder, is the future of local TV stations going to be just streaming news online with maybe a few other local shows that they try to sell subscriptions to a la Netfilx, and ditch an actual broadcast antenna? As as much as this sounds bad for TV stations, the networks aren't going to be eager to drop affiliates until the networks themselves figure out their business model and revenue stream that would replace affiliates. Sorry for the long post. Just thinking out loud.
  3. I agree. I've always wondered how much creative control the local stations have over the implementation. For example, KGW does not use any cuts with the oohs and ahhs. They either use alternate mixes without the vocals, or other themes. Most likely. My guess is that that the Tegna graphics tank could probably bang out all the customized graphics for a station within a week or so (maybe faster if absolutely necessary, which is never). But, there really is no need to rush, so they probably spread out the work more evenly between their other duties, making it'll take longer. However, I would bet that the biggest issue in implementing new graphics is dependent on the hardware/graphics system at acquired stations. If it's something that has to be upgraded or changed, that is what will take the most time.... to plan, buy, install, and train people. Idk if all Tegna stations have to use the same graphics software/hardware for control room playout, or whether their graphics can be played out using various systems.
  4. KGW renovated their newsroom a couple years ago and now has a circle "Content Discovery Center" (assignment desk) in the center of the newsroom. You can see a behind the scenes view in this video at 13:27. But this is how it looks on-air at their newsroom cam (@ 5:10):
  5. You're saying traffic maps companies pay the talent? Why/How does that work? More importantly, traffic in newscasts is outdated. Smartphones and the internet changed that. I don't think I've ever adjusted my driving because of a traditional TV traffic report. Traffic segments just take up time, and for me as a viewer, I feel like my time is wasted with them. They are basically the same thing every day. Slowdown here, wreck there, yada yada. In today's day and age, if there is any significant traffic issue to report, the news talent can easily report it as a news story. Also, PM traffic reports are even more ridiculous because people at work are not watching TV to see how their commute home will be, and I don't buy the argument that's it's useful for family at home to know if their relative may be stuck in traffic. Again, smartphones. True. Not surprising at all, but this is evidence that hiring traffic people just for traffic doesn't have a payoff in and of itself to justify the cost, so now stations have traffic people do more things.
  6. That may be nice in theory but even if they did that, I'd bet the pressures of the spotlight of being on CNN would slowly change the show into what we have now on CNN. The format of New Day right now is quite different from how it debuted. CNN has an addiction to its talking heads format seen throughout most of their shows all day long (and they aren't the only ones). Morning Express being on HLN can kinda do its own thing, hidden away so to speak.
  7. Anyone have an idea how much this job pays? SF is so expensive I don't know how people could work this job (or other TV jobs) and live there. I've read stories that people with high paying tech jobs have to look far out for "affordable" housing.
  8. ok, In know it's just a pilot but here are my thoughts. Not that my thoughts mean anything to anyone but I had some time so why not. 1: The monitor on on the right side in the intro shot in the studio has a a non-looping mon loop... 2: It's fast paced, but that's nothing new. In fact, sometimes it felt too fast paced to process the info given before it was on to the next thing. 3: Maybe just a quirk with this pilot, but the anchor and reporter in studio did not appear to be looking straight into the camera when reading. 4: It seems to me that this was edited heavily in post. In fact, a lot of it may have been post-produced. That first "live shot" was very snappy jumping between the camera and sot. The control room shot was obviously a looklive. The only reason this matters is because when it comes to actually producing this live from a production standpoint, it can be hard to keep the pace up depending on technology and personnel. BTW, if that is KNBC's control room, does anyone have any other pics/vids of it. Looks cool! 5: I'm not familiar with KNBC talent but this guy is a pretty good news reader if he comes from sports. 6: Definitely ditch the Choircast. What are they gonna do when it rains? Sing "It's raining, it's pouring...". 7: Too many debate segments, especially considering it was the same people. 78 Not sure what "social media friendly" referenced above means but it's barely "social". It also doesn't feel like cable new either. TL; DR: It's a faster paced show but not really that different from a standard newscast (I'm not saying one way is better than the other).
  9. Music is bland and unrecognizable. Listen to that open....it goes nowhere. The graphics, like Weeters said, look cheap. The title slate with the logo is way too big! You have to move your eyes across the entire screen to read it. I'm curious about that technical glitch. I'm only speculating....Since it's a repeating video, it made me think maybe some of her on-cam segments were prerecorded to make sure there were no mistakes for the first show. But it's also possible that if this was a technical glitch with the switcher, the camera feed could have been captured and looped with that transition. (But I don't know why/how the switcher would be recording it's own feed like that.)
  10. If anyone is curious, the music track they are using for the morning tease is called "Something New" (instrumental version) from Firstcom.
  11. I know it's small market but that news writing is terrible! Almost as if the anchor is reading the press release itself. Doesn't help that she sounds robotic and bored.
  12. The tease part of that I hadn't fully heard before, but it seams like it's probably just a different portion of the track that is used in the rejoin, which I have heard in a KGW stinger before.
  13. Yeah, it seems fairly expensive to have a control room for each studio. I could understand 2 control rooms for multiple studios. Do they currently produce multiple live feeds at once? As for the floor plans, I'm sure they have limitations we don't know about (cost and land space, etc.), but I see a few things I would do differently. It's odd to have to walk through the lobby to get to and from the studios. There should be a back hallway behind the rack room both for convenience and security reasons. (Not that they would be a huge target, but still.) I'd also have a bathroom/makeup/green room on the production side of the building for convenience. Maybe they could use one of those control room spaces or the 1 office space on that side for that. Depending on how fast they grow (or not), that rack room may not be big enough. It looks like they have stairs leading up or down, so maybe that is where other office space will be? And lastly, if this is a final plan, it looks like there are no loading doors for the studios. Good luck getting equipment and set pieces in there.
  14. This second studio is fairly nice. Simple and looks like mostly video walls with graphics to change the look. I wonder if some sort of desk would go on that platform area at the base of the stairs. I haven't seen any video clips yet so I may change my mind once I do, but in the stills with Erin Burnett the desk looks oddly tall. Optical illusion? And as I was scrolling though the photos, it looked like those stairs were the epitome of "stairs leading to nowhere" until I saw the wide shot that showed the "workspace" up there. But the stairs still look like they just lead into a wall in many of the shots.
  15. Video clips showing graphics use examples (dos and don'ts) as well as various music themes/cuts and the different ways and reasons to use them. I don't know officially how many themes there are, but I'd guess 5-9 separate themes, and then multiple alternate mixes of those themes and then all those in different lengths. For example, I know there are at least 3 different wx mixes, but I'd call that 1 theme.
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