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  1. Are these actual Tegna templates or in-house knock-offs? I haven't seen these exact looks before.
  2. TEGNA lied and I'm not surprised. Where did this idea come from the Tegna was "giving up" on this stuff? The departure of Joel Cheatwood? Even if that's a logical conclusion to make, developing a new show from conception to debut can take 6-12 months. So this new KGW show was probably in the works long before he left, if he was even involved at all.
  3. Looks like the show debuts next Monday 1/27 according to TV listings. They posted a few more tweets today as well. Here is one of them.
  4. (he was only joking) ^^^^Enlarged for clarity KGW hasn't had a newscast at 7pm since at least the mid 2000s, if not much earlier. It's been a local, live entertainment show, that yes, did change hosts and names a couple years ago. But the show is definitely not portrayed as news. (It's obviously not news if you've actually seen it.)
  5. I just saw some tweets this evening about what looks like a new show coming to KGW to replace their 6pm news. It's called "The Story with Dan Haggerty". He is one of their current evening anchors. Not much to go off of but here is what the Twitter bio says: Telling stories in an authentic, engaging and different way. Join us weekdays at 6 p.m. on @kgwnews. Coming soon!
  6. It takes a lot of time, effort, planning and production to do a series that is high quality. Are there any current/recent podcasts from TV stations that you like?
  7. Interesting implementation. Music fit relatively well. I would've not had that 2nd scene in the open to make it flow better and I'd slightly slow down the FOX "O" animation at the end. Looks like they basically run the open twice too...before and after the tease. I know it's not exactly the same, but pretty close.
  8. Except in local TV....lol. Spending "hours each day" building a show is what newsrooms across the country do all day, every day, for multiple shows. It's not unique to networks. News organizations of all types will/do discard those hours of work on a whim to cover breaking news. As for the network news shows tonight (and other times), they did multiple updated live versions across time zones, so the version you saw may not be the same as what someone else saw.
  9. Interesting idea but I think long story short, a TV station is a business, and it would have to make business sense. Existing TV stations still have a bit of "life" in them being businesses making money, but I don't think it'd make business sense to start a new station. It's much cheaper and easier to distribute video content through the internet, reaches a wider audience, without being required to fill content 24/7.
  10. Dave Briggs just announced today was his last day hosting Early Start and is leaving CNN. He didn't say what he was doing or where he was going, but expressed happiness to be off the early morning shift. He spent a couple minutes thanking people and saying his goodbye. There was no mention of who may replace him.
  11. Either the control room set it up wrong or the reporter called in on the wrong number or they switched to a different one without telling the control room.
  12. Wow. Very interesting on 2 fronts. First, the actual content of the interview is interesting. Ashley seems believable on the surface. The way she described what she did at ABC sounds like something a normal employee would do (in terms of the job duties clipping video, etc. Although, I've never heard the term crash producer.) Seems like the next step is to hear from CBS as to what info they had from ABC and whether it really was such a rash decision to let Ashley go and not hear her side of things, or if there is more to the story. (CBS seems unlikely to discuss "personnel matters", but lets wait and see.) Also, it's interesting that Ashley said others at ABC recorded the clip on their phones when they saw it.... as the video released by Project Veritas does look like that. I don't know how trackable that can be if at all. Secondly, Megyn Kelly coming out of nowhere with this interview. How did she find out who it was so fast? Does Megyn have a "team" working with her on projects? Obviously this was filmed and put out pretty quickly. Kind of impressive really. But also a little fishy....hmmm.
  13. This has definitely been a thing in the past, but it seems like since Oprah went away and more stations added 4pm newscasts, the early starting went away and/or is not as early as it was.
  14. And why is the monitor on the bricks so small?
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