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  1. FTVLive is saying she is headed to WKYC:
  2. Christi Paul, anchor of New Day Weekend, signed off Sunday morning expressing a desire to move closer to family. Interestingly she said she has an on-air job in Ohio lined up with an announcement coming later this week. I wondering where she's going and who will take her place?
  3. I know this is after the fact, but I'm guessing since a TV producer was hired to "produce" the hearing, staying (mostly) on time was built in to the event.
  4. I KNEW it sounded familiar but couldn't think of what from. Definitely this!
  5. He's worked at other "major" stations before so the question must be asked why is he doing this? Didn't make it there so trying to do it on his own? I know his health may have been a factor at one point. But making a TV newscast on your own isn't gonna happen. I get the feeling he just likes being on TV or thinks it's impressive to others that he puts out videos....but anyone can do that nowadays with the internet. It was impressive what he did when he was young but why does it seem like he is doing the same type of thing? As others have said, many Youtubers with basic equipment can put out compelling high quality content. Why doesn't he try that instead? He needs to put himself in the shoes of potential viewers and what would be interesting to them. Low quality stolen clips from competitor newscasts is not it. The ratings may never be great, but you could do some interesting stuff. I saw a "drone 53" in one of his videos. If he actually has one, why not take it out daily and broadcast a 5-10 minute flight over an area. That's 10 minutes right there of unique local content which beats out what he's currently doing. That's just one of many ideas I'm randomly thinking of as I write this. If "news" is what he wants to stick to though, why not go to an event of the day and do a 15 minute story on it, even if it's just a long straight interview. At least it'd be on-site and not in "the basement". Use a smartphone to record HD, an external mic, and stabilizer, and the quality right there should be quite good. Wouldn't be too hard to edit in some b-roll, etc to elevate it. I can root for him like others want to, but there are also expectations that someone with his "experience" level (if we can call it that?), should be able to put out better content than this at this point in his career. Which brings us back to the question of....why is he doing this?
  6. I feel like... 10% bad for him. News seems to be his passion and I wish the guy luck, but he's been in the biz for decades now. He started in his teens with public access "news" programs. Which for being a teen, was impressive. He even got his show posted on NMSA under "Rose City News". But...he's not a teen anymore and he's since had multiple stints at professional stations in various positions. So he's more than had enough time to bring his skills up to snuff. If this is what he's putting out, the criticism is deserved.
  7. Only if they actually watch it though, right? I DVR a lot of news programs but only watch a select few. I do so just in case I hear of something of interest that happened on one, I can go back and look for it.
  8. I wish he'd come back to Portland! But KGW just hired a replacement for the original Joe Donlon replacement who left last summer. (And there's no other apparent openings elsewhere in the market that he'd fit into.) But I hear Joe has people already knocking on his door, so I wouldn't be worried for him. He made the choice not to renew his contract, so idk if I'd expect to see him on a Nexstar property. But who knows...
  9. Reading through the posted docs, looks like Standard General is trying to get special permission from the FCC for the deal due to the percentage of funding being considered "foreign" is higher than regulations allowed. Standard General is arguing that it's not really foreign, just money in foreign accounts controlled by US citizens. Anyone know if this will be a sticking point, or easy approval on this matter?
  10. I was just scrolling through my TV guide and saw a listing for "Sky News on MSNBC", and sure enough there it was on the channel on when tuned in (1-2am PST). I don't recall seeing this before but maybe they have done it previously? Guessing MSNBC is showing it to provide Ukraine coverage to compete with CNN and FOX, both live (CNN showing CNNI). I then turned over to NBC News Now which was also showing Sky News. Edit: Right after posting this, Chris Jansing broke into the Sky News coverage to show Antony Blinken's news conference. (1:49am PST) Weird.
  11. Some more context about the deal: https://www.poynter.org/business-work/2022/tegna-standard-general-sale-local-tv/
  12. I came across a listing on Ebay for an old audio console previously used by BBC. I'm curious if anyone knows what this part of the listing description means: I can't tell by the pictures what engraving this is in reference to. Looks like the fader numbers are engraved on them but I don't see what is "reverse" about them. Edit: After writing this post but before posting, I think I figured it out. Looks like the operation of the faders is in reverse. To bring the volume up, you pull the fader down! The "engraving" of the volume marks on the panel along side the fader travel path is in reverse with full volume at the bottom. Interesting, yet weird! Anyone know why BBC does it that way? Is it common elsewhere?
  13. Only works though if the action is centered in the camera frame as well which isn't always the case. I've seen plenty of TV sports highlights repurposed to vertical social videos using the pan and scan method.
  14. That's more than just a quirk. It's bad implementation.
  15. That voiceover sounds like the automated female caption voice from Instagram.
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