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  1. Wouldn't a news director, especially one in her type of position, have a contract?
  2. They're gonna need more studio space as they keep adding shows.
  3. I feel like this new pkg is change for the sake of change. It looks so similar to the last KPTV/WGCL look. Some elements I like a bit better, and others I think are worse.
  4. It sounds really nice! I actually wanted to listen to the whole thing within the first few seconds. At first I had a couple critiques, but after listening to it a few more times, I changed my mind. I love that it has the Good Day signature in it as well and like how it sounds. (Does anyone know how that works? is there such a thing as the signature being copyrighted by Gari?)
  5. No. Usually just Monday through Friday. But in cases of big news that carries through the weekend, he does appear do host a show on weekends.
  6. Very interesting! Though Nexstar needs to decide ASAP what the plan is for WGNA and execute it. Is it going to be a 24/7 news network or not? (If NOT, then they need to not do breaking cut-ins....) For 2 reasons..... 1: People who like News Nation aren't conditioned to tune in outside of its regular 3 hours (for news). They wouldn't expect to see news outside of that timeframe and thus wouldn't think to tune in and/or wouldn't be already watching the network at the moment because WGNA would be showing non-news programming. Contrast that to a CNN viewer who can expect to
  7. I didn't see much from CBS last night when everyone else was on. I was just about to say they got caught with their pants down, but I think that's just their style (unfortunately.)
  8. I don't think that should have led the show, but whatever. I'm actually more curious about the security guards. I'm not familiar with their building but Google street view makes it look like it's a standalone facility. I can understand a large shared building having security, but private security just just for a station? Is this the norm in the top large markets? A temporary things?
  9. So far, it's way more interesting to watch than News Nation. I'm liking what I see!
  10. Right now as I post this, their interview with President Trump has just 97 views in the 4 hours since it was posted to their Youtube page. My local stations (particularly Joe Donlon's former station KGW) can get thousands of views in the same amount of time on their Youtube videos of just standard stories. They regularly even get hundreds of thousands of views on some videos.
  11. I don't follow LA too closely but am curious, in what way is this a "get" for KTTV? Because she was popular years ago at KTLA? Were other LA stations clamoring to hire her or was KTTV the only one interested? Was KTLA even interested in getting her back at all or have they "moved on"?
  12. Yuck! Why are the using a phone for a selfie style camera shot?? Looks terrible....no prompter as well which is obvious when she looks down. You can see in the closing wide shot they have professional cameras. Use them! Graphics and set are nice but I don't think the content is compelling. Why would I watch this almost 3 minute video when I can get the same info skimming headlines on Twitter in 10 seconds?
  13. As for the music, not bad sounding, but it'll be interesting to see how the various themes are used. A few seconds each for stingers? As an underlying bed for segments? Newscasts nowadays don't really use that many franchise themes, especially at the network level. The main theme gives me Al Jazeera vibes and also reminds me of part of the CNN International Newsroom open theme. (particularly at :52)

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