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  1. KGW seems to use a lot of production music in the morning and even uses random tracks from This is Home on a fairly regular basis in their 4pm newscast, for some teases. Their 6pm show "The Story" I assume is production music: They also have other shows that aren't typical newscasts. Especially lately with COVID-19 their 7pm show has gone through several changes. They dropped "Tonight with Cassidy" entertainment show (which used lots of production music), probably since it relied on in-studio guests and events happening. They did "KGW Q&A" for a few months and now are doing a show called "The Good Stuff". I wonder if the Tegna Tank designed this: (most likely) Their more recent episodes of The Good Stuff on their Youtube page have more reopen graphics and interesting camera shots...
  2. Ooof. Cringy! They didn't (or couldn't?) implement those wipe transitions correctly.
  3. I've watched some of the LA choppers night time protest coverage on Youtube and have been really impressed with the quality, clarity, and brightness of the cameras at night. Must be expensive special cameras compared to other markets.
  4. I don't say this much about people, but he is one of those very old school anchors who has not changed with this times. I wonder how the anchors get chosen. CBS or station's choice? BTW, does anyone know how the production actually happens? Does CBS staff produce the show remotely and then send the content (video/graphics/script) to the local station to load into their system and then produce out of their control room? Or is just a studio camera feed from the station sent to a CBS control room and then the show is assembled there?
  5. For anyone that cares, KGW got the new website design today.
  6. Valid concerns that I'm sure would be addressed before relying on something. I'm not claiming or supporting WFH will be the future in the near term, but there are plenty of solutions I can think of already to address these concerns. Just as there are "risks" with WFH, there can be similar things in person. What happens if an anchor falls down the steps and breaks their hip on the way to the studio to do a show? What if the production control automation freezes 5 min before air? What happens if a live shot is lost? What if there is heavy traffic and a crew is late? There are solutions to these issues, so these concerns don't prevent us from doing them in the first place. I generally agree WFH won't be the norm, but it could introduce new efficiencies or options overall. As for reporting from home, that is generally a temporary thing due to the pandemic. Some station groups have an almost blanket prohibition against in-person interviews right now unless you get explicit permission and it's necessary, leaving most interview and news gathering to video chat. I'm not advocating this, but once the pandemic is over, or if we are imagine a scenario where WFH is the norm, then reporters and photographers would meet up at a site to gather news, file pkgs, report live, etc. It wouldn't look any different other than maybe they wouldn't be presenting in studio, but that could still be an option if needed. Drop in for 30 mins and be done with it. Yeah, I'd be nice to like, work from home a few days per week whenever you feel like it for life flexibility. Parents would have many reasons to do so as well. For me, sometimes I'm just not in the mood to be around people but am still able to work. Would be nice to just decide to work from home that day and not take a PTO day.
  7. Can someone explain why/how Soo Kim and Standard General board members would benefit Tegna? I've heard each sides take, but I'm not educated enough to really understand what is going on. Can anyone here give an impartial summary? Seems like many here have a feeling of not liking the direction of Tegna, so any new board member is good....? Or is there something specific Soo Kim/Standard General can bring to the table?
  8. Thats sucks. I wonder who the 40% are that aren't getting cut. Publishing or TV? (EDIT: This article answers that, which also says 1 furlough day per week as well! Yikes.) I did some rough math to compare this to Tegna's furlough. If you average out Tegna's 1 week of no pay over 4 months, that's equivalent to about an 8% pay cut compared to Meredith's minimum of a 15% pay cut. I'd rather be at Tegna and at least get a week off rather than do the same amount of work for less pay. (EDIT: If you calculate the impact of the 1 day per week furlough, that's an additional 20% cut.) Though I do wonder, depending on the rules of the state someone works in and their weekly income, some Meredith employees potentially could apply for UI each of the 16 weeks and get the state amount + federal $600 (until the expiration date) which would more than make up for their loss.
  9. Depending on how they do their web streams, it could be that whatever software they use either doesn't have a new template with the new look, or the person who initiated the steam, often a web producer (not a technical director), forgot (or didn't really notice or care) to put up the new look. Stations sometimes "recreate" their on-air look with the built in basic graphics system of whatever streaming software they are using. They aren't actually using an output from a "real" broadcast graphics system for the web stream.
  10. I was wondering about this. I just saw NBC News' Coronavirus special live on MSNBC and saw the two of them together which raised 2 questions. 1. Why is Savannah back at the studio if they set her up at home? Defeats the purpose of social distancing. 2. Why are the Today Show hosts up "late" hosting a 10pm program. (I assume it was live because MSNBC had a live bug up.)
  11. There may be a tinge of truth to this, but I'd love to hear women's perspective. Maybe as a society people have a subconscious preference for the way we'd like to see a woman appear on TV, and this comment is a manifestation of that. I'm not saying the preference is invalid or not ok, but I've never seen anyone comment on this site about any male anchor not smiling enough.
  12. Interesting, but I don't really see the point. Why promote the other stations? They can do the same exact type of promo with their own talent. And if they wanted to do something together, they could all make the same promo with the same style/script/graphics, but with their own talent.
  13. Interestingly, looks like Tegna has wiped clear their job postings. Only 2 are listed when there are usually dozens. Wonder if it's due to COVID-19 or the acquisition attempts? https://www.jobs.net/jobs/tegna/en-us/all-jobs/
  14. Here is an example and explanation of KGW's "social distancing" at the start of their 5pm show Monday. They have also ditched their usual 7pm entertainment show for a half hour of responding to viewer questions. They have this new thing as well where people can text in questions to their newsroom phone number.
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