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  1. I tried to tune in to web streams of various east coast Sinclair stations at 11pm eastern to see if they were up and running and it didn't look promising. I looked at about 8 random stations and none had any live feed available as I assume they normally would. Not sure if that meant they were not on-air with a newscast, or just couldn't stream it. From what I saw locally, KATU was unable to broadcast their scheduled morning show or evening news. GMA repeats filled the morning hours and taped local specials filled the evening slots. They surprisingly were on at 11pm. The
  2. I think the short and simple answer is that each local station decides what they want to do.... what is or isn't worth their time/money/resources/viewer impact considering live programming overrun. Station management decides what the programming plan is, and the various contingencies depending on what happens with live programming. As shown by your examples, stations decide to do different things. From a west coast perspective, sports games that air live in Eastern primetime make it so that west coast affiliates need to program their own primetime (since the game covers their early
  3. They posted a 360 tour of the studio on their Youtube.
  4. Move timeslots or leave MSNBC?
  5. Irks me when stations have their news open voiceover still going after the graphic reveals to the anchor on cam.... just sitting there waiting.
  6. Sounds like music for a European headline news channel.
  7. I kinda viewed his show on CNBC as just a holding ground until they could find a spot for him on MSNBC.
  8. I've noticed The Situation Room has been back to 2 hours recently with The Lead back to 1 hour. It's been when Jake Tapper has been off. Interesting choice that they choose to not have a fill in host do 2 hours though. I prefer Wolf anyways so I'm not complaining.
  9. The text animation is jittery.
  10. Interesting interview on CBS46 with Gray CEO about the acquisition.
  11. That looks like their playlist had the wrong source or satellite wasn't tuned to the right spot.
  12. There are multiple Tegna stations that have been running out of the Charlotte hub for a while now. I don't when it opened but I don't think it's new within the past few months. There were plans for additional stations to switch over to it a year ago but they got delayed and didn't switch until recently because of COVID.
  13. Wouldn't a news director, especially one in her type of position, have a contract?
  14. They're gonna need more studio space as they keep adding shows.

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