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  1. Keep in mind just because a company logo is one there, that doesn't mean all the stations owned by that group use Lakana, or ever did. For example, Tegna has their own "Tegna One" CMS platform, though I don't know how many of their stations use it.
  2. I haven't had the guts to ask producers personally, but I've seen them cue reporters as they are taken live, not necessarily cuing them early to cheat delay. And I wonder to myself, why? Can't the reporters hear the anchors toss to them, or that their pkg has ended so it's time to do their tag? Unless it's just to reenforce that they are live, but if I was a reporter, it'd probably trip me up like you said. I've worked at stations using the various brands. Does anybody know any significant differences between them. Is one easier to use technically or practically with the actual backpacks? Is one brand cheaper or more reliable in some way? Have more features? Btw, last I heard was that stations pay a monthly fee per unit for a certain number of "live hours", is that still correct?
  3. Yeah, I noticed KPTV had been using a few different new voiceover artists in promos over the past months. Last Monday I was a bit surprised to hear a new voice for their newscast voiceovers and I was going to come on here to post about it as I wondered why. But it took me a few days to get around to it and then I saw this post. Now I know. I really liked Chris Corley and associate his voice so much with KPTV and FOX. While he will be missed, I know there are plenty of other good options out there, and unfortunately I don't like the new voice KPTV chose. Sounds stale and too old for the type of style/audience KPTV goes for. Anybody recognize it? (I don't keep up with voiceover people so maybe it an obvious one)
  4. My experience has been 100% PC in newsroom/control room environments. Avid and Edius are 2 other common editing programs. And you're right, there are some stations that despite everything else being PC, have MAC laptops for editing, particularly for MMJs, but not exclusively.
  5. We are already seeing the death of microwave trucks. Cell packs are smaller, lighter, easier, and quicker to use. I don't know the details on cost, but I'm guessing probably cheaper in the long run compared to microwave trucks. Current 4G networks are more than sufficient as long as there is coverage, which there is in most metro areas. 5G I'm sure will provide improvements, but any "problems" with 5G technology will be sorted out by the cell companies before being deployed to consumers. A 5G cell backpack will work just as good as a 5G phone does ones the technology is in place, just as a 4g backpack now works just as good as a 4G phone. While live shots at my station are done with cell packs almost exclusively, live trucks are still taken as a backup about 50-75% of the time. I'd say we do maybe 1 or 2 live shots from a truck a week, if that. In fact, we probably do more satellite shots than microwave shots. Sat is used when crews are in areas with no cell coverage and too far out for microwave.
  6. Apparently so....we discussed it a bit last year. It bugs me that the stations post video without the graphics. It's odd to hear the sound effects but no animations. Lower 3rds are a big part of the Tegna look too. I don't know if the clean feed is recorded for temporary web usage or if stations actually archive a clean feed. My guess is that they do not considering they usually archive individual video elements themselves and then either a recording of the control room output or on-air feed. I don't think they are 4x3 safe. It looks misleading in these screengrabs because of the extra black bars, but if the actual VT image was cropped for 4x3, the L3 and bug would get slightly cut off. Even so, there is a bit of room to extend those 2 elements further to the sides if they wanted to.
  7. How are we reading into it? That quote is directly from the Bloomberg article. Unless Bloomberg has wrong info, then it seems pretty clear Nexstar wants to divest a station in Portland.
  8. So Nexstar does not want to form a duopoly with KOIN and KRCW??!! Interesting.
  9. I'm surprised the bug is being inserted in the control room. Is that common for smaller stations? My personal experience is only with stations inserting the bug downstream from the control room (@ master control/hub). I didn't realize until recently that more than just WGCL has taken on the KPTV graphic look. I liked the graphics at first but some elements are aging pretty quickly.
  10. Here are some tweets from today showing the building and inside. Looking pretty nice!
  11. Has anyone heard anything about the status of KHOU's new building/studio? I'm hearing they will start broadcasting out of the new facility next month. What shows are they currently doing at the Avenida studio? Are most shows still coming from the PBS station?
  12. Interesting that the Vice President was on the show....guess he and his team were flexible to go to a new location last minute. I'm interested in the technicals of how they pulled this off. I'm sure not the first time FNC has used WTTG, so maybe they have a n above average level of technical linkage between them and FNC? Seeing that they were using multiple studio cams, I'd think they'd switch that at WTTG and send the feed to a FNC control room for show production. I don't think there'd be enough connections (fiber/sat) to send back synched feeds of each studio cam, do you? If the cams were switched at WTTG, do you think FNC staff did it, or WTTG? Does anyone know if they are automated?
  13. The stations I've worked at within the past few years all had Bitcentral products. Oasis is the main software used to store/browse ingested/archived content. Depending on the how Oasis is set up, it can make content sharing within a station group really easy as you can go in and request another station's archived video easily. The Media Encoder app is used to record your station's internal video sources. I don't think Bitcentral itself has an editing software as the stations I've been at used either Avid, Premiere, or Edius.
  14. I usually skim the various networks' NYE programs and came across a NYE countdown on KOIN (CBS). At first I was like, "CBS has a countdown now?", but then realized it was a bit amateurish to be a CBS show. I thought it must have been a Nexstar produced program after hearing references to 8 News Now, and then of course found the Nexstar press release talking about the program. https://www.nexstar.tv/klas-tv-cbs-to-host-25th-annual-countdown-to-2019-live-from-las-vegas-television-special-featuring-live-music-special-guests-and-fireworks/ Was this the first year they did this? I don't remember seeing this before. It was not actually that bad. Pretty impressive they put on a 4+ hour program. I wonder if KLAS outsourced any part of the production? I loved the beautiful shots of the Vegas strip and seeing celebrations in the various time zones. They had 1 or 2 times per hour where they let the station cut-in for a local segment. KOIN cut in live with a reporter up on the mountain with skiers and fireworks. If they do it again, I'd recommend better graphics, better entertainment (preferably live or but could be pre-produced), and better technical execution of switching to the local station cut-in.
  15. Wow....I've never seen such a thing. Really cool. I wonder if more stations will get something like this. What is the cost? Do you think stations would actually use DSLRs as studio cameras?
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