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  1. PTVNews

    WEVV New Graphics

    I'm surprised the bug is being inserted in the control room. Is that common for smaller stations? My personal experience is only with stations inserting the bug downstream from the control room (@ master control/hub). I didn't realize until recently that more than just WGCL has taken on the KPTV graphic look. I liked the graphics at first but some elements are aging pretty quickly.
  2. PTVNews

    KHOU's new building

    Here are some tweets from today showing the building and inside. Looking pretty nice!
  3. PTVNews

    KHOU's new building

    Has anyone heard anything about the status of KHOU's new building/studio? I'm hearing they will start broadcasting out of the new facility next month. What shows are they currently doing at the Avenida studio? Are most shows still coming from the PBS station?
  4. Interesting that the Vice President was on the show....guess he and his team were flexible to go to a new location last minute. I'm interested in the technicals of how they pulled this off. I'm sure not the first time FNC has used WTTG, so maybe they have a n above average level of technical linkage between them and FNC? Seeing that they were using multiple studio cams, I'd think they'd switch that at WTTG and send the feed to a FNC control room for show production. I don't think there'd be enough connections (fiber/sat) to send back synched feeds of each studio cam, do you? If the cams were switched at WTTG, do you think FNC staff did it, or WTTG? Does anyone know if they are automated?
  5. PTVNews


    The stations I've worked at within the past few years all had Bitcentral products. Oasis is the main software used to store/browse ingested/archived content. Depending on the how Oasis is set up, it can make content sharing within a station group really easy as you can go in and request another station's archived video easily. The Media Encoder app is used to record your station's internal video sources. I don't think Bitcentral itself has an editing software as the stations I've been at used either Avid, Premiere, or Edius.
  6. PTVNews

    Nexstar New Year's Eve

    I usually skim the various networks' NYE programs and came across a NYE countdown on KOIN (CBS). At first I was like, "CBS has a countdown now?", but then realized it was a bit amateurish to be a CBS show. I thought it must have been a Nexstar produced program after hearing references to 8 News Now, and then of course found the Nexstar press release talking about the program. https://www.nexstar.tv/klas-tv-cbs-to-host-25th-annual-countdown-to-2019-live-from-las-vegas-television-special-featuring-live-music-special-guests-and-fireworks/ Was this the first year they did this? I don't remember seeing this before. It was not actually that bad. Pretty impressive they put on a 4+ hour program. I wonder if KLAS outsourced any part of the production? I loved the beautiful shots of the Vegas strip and seeing celebrations in the various time zones. They had 1 or 2 times per hour where they let the station cut-in for a local segment. KOIN cut in live with a reporter up on the mountain with skiers and fireworks. If they do it again, I'd recommend better graphics, better entertainment (preferably live or but could be pre-produced), and better technical execution of switching to the local station cut-in.
  7. PTVNews

    Scripps - General Discussion

    Wow....I've never seen such a thing. Really cool. I wonder if more stations will get something like this. What is the cost? Do you think stations would actually use DSLRs as studio cameras?
  8. PTVNews

    Tegna stations online video with no graphics

    KHOU (listen/watch at just past 4:00): https://www.khou.com/video/news/khou-11-top-headlines-at-10-pm-nov-28-2018/285-8346385 WVEC: https://www.13newsnow.com/video/news/crime/police-investigate-officer-involved-shooting-in-surry/291-8348176 WFAA: https://www.wfaa.com/video/news/local/dallas-loses-out-on-bid-for-amazon-hq2/287-8312223 KXTV: https://www.abc10.com/video/news/local/chico-residents-stay-despite-flooding/103-8347587 KUSA: https://www.9news.com/video/news/colorado-supreme-court-rules-on-embryo-case/73-8347858 KGW: https://www.kgw.com/video/news/local/headlines-on-demand/top-stories-noon-11-27-18/283-8344618
  9. I was recently on a Tegna station website and noticed the station's videos and live stream were missing lower third graphics and some transition animations. Obviously the video was coming from a clean program feed. I wondered whether it was done on purpose, or if no one was paying attention to what source they were using. Well, I browsed about 6 other Tegna station sites and found the same thing. Does anyone know if Tegna has mandated stations use a clean feed for online videos, and if so, why? I'd think with all the effort put towards graphics, especially lower thirds with text, they'd want people to see that info. It's also odd to hear the transition sounds effects and not see it.
  10. PTVNews

    Question about Market/Network Dominance

    KOIN (CBS) only started airing The 700 Club this season. It had been on KPTV (FOX) at 10am. KPTV expanded their morning lifestyle show from 1 to 2 hours this fall to fill the 9-11am. I'm guessing they think they can make more money with a local show or they lost the contract. In a market like Portland, the show pays stations around $300,000 per year to air it.
  11. PTVNews

    A call to the media

    BigCountryNews is spot on and said most of what I was going to say. Basically, most stories that involve a trans person will either have them as a victim or suspect in a crime, and most crime info comes from police. Police department policies and awareness of the issue will then dictate what they put in a press release. That is where I would focus efforts to try to get change. Separately, journalists can try to take the advice of GLAAD on reporting stories involving trans people, including positive stories, but I think more substantial influence on reporting would come from newsroom managers providing education and guidelines to their staff on this and similar topics.
  12. PTVNews

    KMIR rebrands as NBC Palm Springs

    What do you mean by getting charged to request video through the network? I've never heard of being charged for a request (other than custom tags/elements from the network itself) and I've been involved in the process at several different affiliates. Most of the time, if there is another network affiliate you want video from, the request goes through the network service (CBS Newspath, FOX Newsedge, etc), but not always.
  13. PTVNews

    the CBS o&o's are a complete mess

    Do you know anything more? It appears, based on job listings, they have already or are about to implement to Sony ELC. The job duties are interesting though because it also mentions operating an audio board and acting as an assistant director. (Things that wouldn't exist if they were going fully automated.)
  14. PTVNews

    FOX NEWS Denver Bureau?

    I don't know if the staff works out of KDVR, but I know there are FNC staffers based in Denver such as assignment editors. They coordinate stuff for FOX News and FOX Newsedge for west coast affiliates
  15. PTVNews

    My Adventure up Black Mountain

    If anyone can annotate those images to describe what the various equipment is and what it's used for, I'd love to see. I've always wondered what the various things are.

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