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  1. Wow. Very interesting on 2 fronts. First, the actual content of the interview is interesting. Ashley seems believable on the surface. The way she described what she did at ABC sounds like something a normal employee would do (in terms of the job duties clipping video, etc. Although, I've never heard the term crash producer.) Seems like the next step is to hear from CBS as to what info they had from ABC and whether it really was such a rash decision to let Ashley go and not hear her side of things, or if there is more to the story. (CBS seems unlikely to discuss "personnel matters", but lets wait and see.) Also, it's interesting that Ashley said others at ABC recorded the clip on their phones when they saw it.... as the video released by Project Veritas does look like that. I don't know how trackable that can be if at all. Secondly, Megyn Kelly coming out of nowhere with this interview. How did she find out who it was so fast? Does Megyn have a "team" working with her on projects? Obviously this was filmed and put out pretty quickly. Kind of impressive really. But also a little fishy....hmmm.
  2. This has definitely been a thing in the past, but it seems like since Oprah went away and more stations added 4pm newscasts, the early starting went away and/or is not as early as it was.
  3. And why is the monitor on the bricks so small?
  4. Interesting idea to move the Evening News to a different time slot, but I'm not sure if it would be better. I imagine most people have heard the news of the day by that point, and are more interested in relaxing with entertainment content before bed, rather than news. I wonder what it would be like if primetime across the country moved from 7pm-10pm, local news 10-11pm, then network news at 11pm, with the late shows at 11:30pm? Anyways, despite whatever reason people may claim is the problem with CBS in the short term, I think it's really much simpler. Do you really think people are not tuning in to CBS because 20 years ago something happened that most people aren't even aware of? I don't think so. While there may be a few specific reasons CBS Evening News is struggling against its competitors, I think it just comes down to the fact that TV news is slowly dying. Yeah, that sucks for "us" as fans or myself personally, it being my career. But society and culture is changing, and TV news is losing out to other methods to get news and to other ways people want to spend their free time. Some organizations are experimenting (Tegna) to see if there is something they can produce that consumers want....maybe they'll strike gold, but currently I don't see that happening. Ultimately, I view TV news like a landline phone. Slowly dying. Some people still have one and enjoy it, but others have dropped it and moved on to other options. Then there's others that will never use one because there are better, more attractive, more convenient options (cell phones, internet), so they will never want a landline. Which means there is almost nothing landline providers can do to attract people unless society/culture shifts in some way to prefer landlines again, which doesn't seem likely.
  5. PTVNews

    The "3" Thread

    Stay tuned....they're still trying.
  6. I saw them debut but didn't say anything cause didn't think it was a big deal. Nothing special. lol. The voiceover on some of their opens is very weirdly voiced. Kinda rushed or something.
  7. I didn't realize it was a thing to put main anchors on Sundays until I saw KPTV start doing it a few years ago. It's not the entire team, but it's a weekday anchor paired with weekend anchor plus their main meteorologist. I think it probably a smart idea if more people watch on Sundays than Fridays. I wonder how the talent feel about it though?? Because aside from the talent, it's not like the rest of the newsroom is staffed up to weekday-like levels.
  8. It seems to me that the new Nexstar copyright has a transition that animates onto the screen, compared to the old version that seemed to be a plain video clip.
  9. I tried to pay close attention today to see if any promos aired or mentions were made in newscasts or KOIN social media about the 10pm show and I saw nothing. The show uses the regular KOIN bug, not anything involving CW logo the way that KGW did. The only mention was at the end of the 10pm show. Anchor Jeff Gianola said something to the effect of "thanks for watching us at 10 on the CW, see you at 11pm." KRCW is a shell of a station. Almost no one works there. (Hence the website not being updated.) Their physical building is basically just a routing point for their signal. I'm guessing less than 10 people, work there if that. Maybe 5ish? A few in sales and a couple others. The programming is played out of Seattle (KCPQ), and some sort of master control is involved in Virginia, before the signal is sent back to the KRCW building to be sent to the transmitter.
  10. If it is a LED wall, what a shame. I would have much preferred them use a seamless wall for their main monitors instead of having a 9 unit array with lines. I assume seamless costs more....
  11. KOIN had their first 10pm show on KRCW tonight. Very weird to see it be KGW one day and KOIN the next. Especially after KGW had been doing it since the early 2000s. I'm seeing viewers post on Twitter and Facebook their confusion. lol!
  12. Maybe this was common knowledge about Nexstar but I had no idea FX was behind this set.
  13. I think there are at least several current Tegna stations that don't use/have the Tegna ID at all except for when it plays during DBL.
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