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  1. That's not going to happen. Nexstar renewed their affiliation agreements with Fox in September. https://www.nexstar.tv/nexstar-media-group-and-fox-broadcasting-company-renew-affiliation-agreements/
  2. If it's not a card table and a shower curtain, it's an upgrade.
  3. That's just market share of viewers. The bigger factor was market share of revenue. KELO has consistently taken at least 2/3 of the revenue pie. Good luck trying to take on the 800 gorilla when you have to compete with everyone else for the last third. It's only a matter of time before the FOX affiliation ends up on a subchannel of either KSFY or KDLT.
  4. Companies sometimes hold off on signing things for various reasons. They could simply not want it on their balance sheet until a certain point, or they could be refinancing debt, and want to complete the debt restructuring before adding the asset.
  5. Adults 25-54 is the most important to the sales department, because it helps them with advertising rates. People in that age range have the most disposable income. Nevertheless, winning anything in the July book is about as meaningful as winning a preseason NFL game.
  6. Are they abandoning the green screen already?
  7. I'm not sure if it's true now, but WSBT was the market leader for years under Schurz's ownership.
  8. KCBD in Lubbock says hello.
  9. Eh. Not a fan. Too much beige for my taste.
  10. It doesn't cost much to operate and shovels in money by the truckload. They're not giving that up.
  11. KMTV has been lost for years. The problem is that WOWT and KETV are able to pad their Omaha market viewership, and ad revenue, with significant viewership in the Lincoln market (due to relatively weak affiliates), while KMTV gets major pushback from KOLN.
  12. It’s the only full power allocation for Riverton. The FCC won’t let them give it up unless someone else operates it. Legacy argued that no one would operate the station as a stand-alone because it’s not financially feasible. Thus the conundrum.
  13. It's not DOJ. The problem was the FCC held up the last piece of the deal, the sale of KFNB/KFNE to Legacy. The FCC wanted the two stations to be independent operations, instead of KFNE being a satellite of KFNB. Legacy has argued there is no way KFNE can operate as a standalone operation, especially since it's Riverton signal doesn't reach the majority of the market population in Casper. Yes, Gray lost the chance to control all the stations in the market, but they'll probably still end up with CBS on their LD in Casper. I'm sure Mark Nalbone isn't happy about losing his $25 million payday.
  14. Someone will have to take all the Montana stations. They are virtually worthless on their own. Nexstar would love to get rid of the bastard stepchild known as KSVI/KHMT, but no one has wanted it. The gap in ratings and revenue between those two stations and Q2/KULR is about the size of Yellowstone.
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