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  1. KLST runs KSAN (NBC). I'm sure they would have loved to had another big four network, but, apparently, they couldn't get one. I sure it didn't make financial sense to just be a CBS affiliate in that small a market.
  2. Nexstar’s CBS affiliations for 13 of their CBS stations expired in December. I’m assuming WJMN is one of them. They’re likely working on a renewal, but since WJMN is one of their smallest CBS affiliates, is a semi satellite, and doesn’t have a second big four network, Nexstar probably told CBS it wasn’t a big deal if they gave it to someone else.
  3. Red River owns the KQDS studio building, which is very tiny. I would think that Forum would move them into the larger newspaper building at some point.
  4. Seems odd that they would create a new logo with the 20th Century spotlights, when Fox no longer owns it.
  5. I believe the response says that Gray moved CBS to the LD after meeting with FCC staff. It’s close to guaranteed that Gray won’t pay the $500K fine. This will eventually end up in a federal courtroom, where the FCC has a terrible track record. Gray will end up paying nothing or a tiny fraction of the original fined amount.
  6. Seems like they forgot to install some lights between the main desk and the weather center.
  7. KXLJ-TV, now KTVH in Helena, MT, operated for nearly 50 years out of a Quonset hut.
  8. Yes, but not far (about a mile and a half). They are going on a tower, off of River Rd, that is shared with a couple FM stations.
  9. They announced they were moving back in 2017. They are moving into a brand new office tower at 7272 Wisconsin in downtown Bethesda. They are taking up 3 floors in the building. Their current building will be torn down and a new apartment complex will be built on the site. Here’s a link to the building they are moving to: https://www.workthewilson.com
  10. Cable in Flint carries WXYZ. Keeping WNEM means they don't have to compete with Detroit.
  11. Seems to me that Weigel would gladly give up WBND, and the hassle of dealing with ABC, to get a full power stick and one of their own networks. In a hypothetical trade, Gray gets WBND and the ABC affiliation and Weigel gets WSJV and H&I. The WCWW call sign and CW move from 25.1 to 28.1, while the WSJV call sign and H&I move from 28.1 to 25.1. The diginets on 28 move to 57 and the diginets on 57 move to 28. Everyone gets what they want.
  12. I say they will try to make it 2 years. There’s a senate race in NC in 2022 that will attract millions in political advertising. Grab the cash, then shut it down.
  13. Given that we're talking about a family-owned station in a sub 200 market, with no other television assets, they probably can't make enough revenue to pay for the rights to broadcast more than one network. If they want to keep a media voice in Zanesville, their best bet is to sell the station to Gray and have them run it as a semi-satellite of WTAP.
  14. Seems strange that the bug with the K2 logo switched halfway through the newscast to the more generic ABC Wyoming bug, identical to the one used in Alaska. Note to the reporter on the street at the Trump rally: if you are going to interview people, make sure to keep the flags that say "bullshit" out of the shot. Also noticed on the morning program that they use the weather team in Alaska and not the NewsNet team.
  15. The KTWO website is offline after weeks without any updates. Coastal did register yourwyominglink.com back in July. I'm assuming they will use the new address, and include CBS and FOX.
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