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  1. Up to now, I thought the Beat was just a promo. They adapted it into an actual news theme?
  2. No fanfare. Tom Randles is gone from WSMV. I think there’s something in the water at Meredith corporate. (Edited to link to Randles’ profile)
  3. WNT has finally moved in.
  4. https://twitter.com/mtparson/status/1300948906306678792?s=20
  5. Well, there is the matter of our friends in Fort Myers.
  6. The new graphics went live as of 4 PM central time. We’re thinking possible In-Sink update too. IMG_4856.MOV
  7. This is solely for the 11 o’clock. I know because WFTV and WSOC are doing the same concept (coronavirus impact on their respective markets), but with their own visual spin.
  8. WKMG’s making good use of those monitors, and the entire width of that desk. The way the camera acts, you would think that studio is larger.
  9. Related note - on Disney+, they put the Searchlights and Fanfare back in Episodes I-VI. (It never left Episode IV). It's certainly weird seeing the first CGI Searchlights with no byline (News Corp OR Disney).
  10. WSB made it official. Jorge will anchor the 5 and 11 (THE Nightbeat), while Justin Farmer will keep to the 4 and 6. In other Cox related news, David and Peggy up in Pittsburgh marked 30 years anchoring together; and here in 9-Ville, Greg and Vanessa are back together for the 4:00. Again. (In addition to Nancy Alvarez joining Vanessa for the noon, and the morning news now starting at 4:30)
  11. This is just the news fanboy in me, but this was a missed opportunity to bring back the “News Comes First” slogan. Lord knows they could use something else that differentiates them from their corporate cousin.
  12. https://www.wfsb.com/longtime-wfsb-family-member-and-friend-denise-d-ascenzo-has/article_0af2fa40-1954-11ea-b1f8-971f2a9eccbb.html
  13. #MeanwhileInOrlando, another departure from the Big Red 9.
  14. The big question is, are they finally going to update the talent opens?
  15. World News Tonight Sunday with Sam Donaldson, followed by WLS’s Eyewitness News. 8/31/80
  16. Feels like the soul of V4 mixed with the aggressive beat of v6.
  17. Well, Bob did it before, when he joined Martie for the noon on his last day. Who's to say he won't give an encore performance?
  18. Meanwhile in Orlando, after 40 years, it's Martie Salt's time to go gently.
  19. Per TV Guide, it’s still status quo here on the Big Red 9, unless they say anything different.
  20. The tower at WKMG studios is 400 feet. As I’m posting, somebody is scaling those feet. https://www.clickorlando.com/news/man-climbs-tv-tower-at-wkmg-in-orlando
  21. So, as of now, WKMG and WJXT are the lone holdouts. Who blinks first?
  22. 84% of the stations owned by Hearst.

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