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  1. Am I the only one that thinks they missed a good opportunity to reintroduce the steamboat whistle? (And steamboat footage in the back of the 5 logo?)
  2. I counted no less than 5 pieces of cityscape footage. Let's hope none of the other stations phone it in with pictures.
  3. C Couldn't they just let the open wipe out first?
  4. https://www.wbtv.com/2019/06/07/wbtv-end-each-broadcast-day-with-national-anthem/
  5. Remember where it started, too.
  6. WDSU’s 50th anniversary, Dec 1998.
  7. (Insert “TO....ooooooronto’s News!” voiceover here)
  8. “Everything you need to know, because anything can happen in New York.” WCBS 11/13/85, with Rolland, Michele, Warner, and Dr. Frank (featuring commercials). https://youtu.be/79o8jXVeTEI
  9. It’s the same program. Just a new sound at the top of the hour and a quarter til the next. If people don’t wanna listen to it anymore because of those two, that’s their problem. I personally like it, but I am still getting used to it. ASIDE: If they do update ATC, something in the veins of the weekend version?
  10. That sound screams Philly, no doubt. But how do you reconcile that with the old school teletypes in the background, still chugging away?
  11. The big red 9's been doing this stuff for years. These days, they only have enough room for 5 panels, so they 'extend' it by removing the first 2.
  12. Page Six, so remember to take it with a grain. They're reporting that Gayle is staying (salary raise and all), and with a new anchor lineup. (Anthony Mason moving to weekdays, and correspondent Tony Dokoupil joining them). Dickerson will move to 60M, while Gayle demanded Norah O’s exit as part of the negotiations. What’s that mean for Norah O? It could be her dreams of manning the Evening News could come to fruition. “Monster anchor” job, they say. We’ll know more on May 14th.
  13. What works in Orlando may not work in Chicago
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