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  1. It probably comes down to budget and the anchor's existing contracts, given that 7pm is an additional workload. They're familiar faces to viewers, I don't really give it a second thought honestly.
  2. Looks good - I've always preferred vertical monitor arrangements since they seem more window-like.
  3. I don’t have an Excel spreadsheet where I’m tracking every report, but before my post I looked at stories posted on the websites of stations in the area to ground my perception in something close to reality. WPIX and WABC had the highest volume of these PR stories, while WCBS and WNBC had a lower volume. This is obviously an imperfect methodology since not every story makes it to the website. I’m not equipped to do a full media study but I think this is an interesting shift that at least merits a mention.
  4. I want to preface this by saying I don't mean this in a particularly inflammatory way, and I do not intend to delve into my personal views on policing in New York, I just want to neutrally note recent changes to WABC's editorial output. I have noticed that there have been a lot of NYPD public relations stories fairly high up in the running order of WABC's newscasts, sometimes multiple times a day. Things like NYPD funding basketball courts, hosting a dance party (seemingly attended by 5 people), NYPD-sponsored haunted houses (https://abc7ny.com/nypd-haunted-house-willets-point-for
  5. I have to say I continue to be impressed by Newsy - just saw a substantive yet neutral discussion of the school choice issue, with an in-depth interview with Education Secretary Miguel Cardona. NewsNation claims to be neutral but really does have a right slant, while Newsy just gets right to it without platitudes. My only concern is that the pacing is maybe a little too leisurely - slower than the PBS Newshour at points. The discussion segments are quality, but I wish there was a bit more of an upfront news bulletin / reporting focus. Even a ticker would be valuable here.
  6. Seems nice enough content wise - far better than NewsNet so can’t complain. Nice to see a real national OTA news channel, genuinely surprised NewsNation didn’t try this model out.
  7. Looks good - the prominent Today logo element tells me that this is probably temporary though. I can’t image they would have redesigned the Today studio last week with that if it was to be a general NBC News set.
  8. That marble effect floor already looks dated (2014 Kardashian aesthetic much?). The rest looks fine, honestly not sure if I would have noticed the changes.
  9. New flattened WABC logo debuted - doesn’t match what’s in the open though.
  10. Agreed, they ended up extending through noon, over Days of our Lives.
  11. Thankfully they dumped NY Live and went for a full hour of 11am news today.
  12. Pure speculation here but the fact that the O&Os haven't implemented it yet makes me think that either a group graphics package is coming, or that at the very least individual stations don't think it's worth implementing.
  13. Looks pretty cheap - I guess it's the least important of the O&Os, but the monitor array on the left side of the set looks 10 years out of date.
  14. It looks like they're still using the Look F geographic map wipes (e.g. "Manhattan", "New Jersey"), but the package is so iterative that I suppose they still match. Overall looks great, lovely animations and typography. Glad to be rid of the grey bar on the bottom of Look F!
  15. For something that debuted in 2007, it aged really really well - I'm honestly surprised they've completely cleared it out rather than rework what was there.

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