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  1. I'm not a huge fan of the tweaks - I thought the initial wood version of the set was nice and contemporary feeling, with a slight midcentury vibe. This red white and blue hi-tech look kind of reminds me of CBS's current evening news look, which I do like, but I'm not sure this works as well.
  2. Is he going to take over the 11am from David?
  3. I'd hazard that there are a fair amount of under-the-hood upgrades that we might not notice but take a while to implement?
  4. I get that they're in a "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" mode but the desk really clashes with the rest of the studio design.
  5. Yup, I think the mullions were removed in 2018? Other than that though, I think everything has stayed the same aside from the removal of the desk in front of the secondary video wall used for the weather, and the introduction of the new desk recently.
  6. The set has a slightly odd fishbowl arrangement with the placement of the weather center, I doubt they could widen the desk without camera framing being an issue.
  7. I've been watching for the past few days and I am not sold on NewsNation. I'm on the left, but I don't watch much traditional cable news - I stick mostly to the PBS Newshour/NPR for domestic news and analysis, and BBC World News for international news. One issue I have with NewsNation is the incessant repetition of "Balance, Not Bias". Casting aside the fact that this evokes the early days of Fox News Channel, I take issue with any news platform branding themselves as being immune to bias. Bias isn't just editorial slant, it is reflected in the way reporting resources are distribu
  8. I think it's probably permanent, standing presentation has been their post-COVID policy, and this minimalist desk probably makes framing shots for the LED wall easier. If it was temporary I don't think they would have gone to the trouble to make LED uplighting for it.
  9. I have a soundbar with a center channel and WNBC is consistently the best - I think they actually broadcast in 3 audio channels (doubt it's true 5.1) WABC is normal stereo and WCBS is consistently muddy audio wise.
  10. GMA3: What You Need To Know is such an incomprehensible name, just rename it to ABC Afternoon News or something.
  11. Not that Chasing News was watchable or fulfilling any semblance of a public service mandate, but it's absolutely wild that WWOR is able to get away with completely reneging on the conditions of their license, and that the FCC is just going to let it slide.
  12. It's truly insane to me (as someone who is very much on the side of COVID precautions) that WCBS has seemingly cancelled the noon under the guise of COVID restrictions. Seems like Judge Judy and Insider is here to stay. WNBC is operating normally / partially remotely, as is WABC. If they wanted to produce the noon responsibly, they could have. If the justification is the frequent Cuomo/Murphy fireside chats, it looks like today was the first day that WABC opted not to broadcast it live, so that excuse is now out of the way.
  13. Do we think WPIX is going to implement these graphics now that they're under Scripps ownership?
  14. Truly horrendous - the 2017-2020 package was great (maybe even classic?). They were minimalist, unobtrusive, and most importantly, legible. This is a huge step back and gives me flashbacks to horrendous 2007 era graphics, super masculine and industrial for no apparent reason.
  15. I’ve noticed these full screen graphics being used tonight - are they new? Or from a package from a sister station?

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