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  1. Do we think WPIX is going to implement these graphics now that they're under Scripps ownership?
  2. Truly horrendous - the 2017-2020 package was great (maybe even classic?). They were minimalist, unobtrusive, and most importantly, legible. This is a huge step back and gives me flashbacks to horrendous 2007 era graphics, super masculine and industrial for no apparent reason.
  3. I’ve noticed these full screen graphics being used tonight - are they new? Or from a package from a sister station?
  4. Okay I actually completely take back what I said earlier - I just watched some more of the content and the delivery has somehow gotten worse - anchors tripping over words, headlines with no visual cues to differentiate stories (so basically a 2 minute run on sentence), delayed prompters leading to awkward silences, odd camera zooms. The new set seems nice, but why buy nice monitors for a backdrop when you're going to use a super generic design? I imagine hiring a digital backdrop designer like Lightwell Visualisation or something would probably not be prohibitive. I don't want to call out any specific anchor since they're clearly doing their best and have clearly not been afforded proper training, but the news org needs to equip their people so they're not actively presenting a trainwreck. I understand that it's fundamentally a headline service and isn't going to have field correspondents or substantial analysis, but at this rate watching a puppet lip-sync 1010 WINS would be more valuable to me. I do want to see them succeed and I can think of some ways that they can make their product more valuable while keeping in line with their budget - a model like RTÉ News Now in Ireland, which replays traditional news bulletins alongside raw news feeds, parliamentary sessions, radio show simulcasts etc. is pretty effective.
  5. I've seen it OTA here in NY and it's honestly a noble effort - I feel like news is a missed opportunity for subchannels (cough cough CBSN New York). Although it's a bit rough around the edges, I think they do a good job and I'd much rather see them succeed rather suffer through another ultracompressed MeTV clone.
  6. I think aesthetically WABC is a victim of their own success - we're in a very static news market, and WABC's dominance has been imprinted upon nearly two generations at this point. The comically large text, stodgy format, primary colors and dated music are certainly iconic. Even though I find the entire product fundamentally incompatible with my tastes, I absolutely understand the rationale for keeping WABC in the 90s - it's working.
  7. I think it's pretty unnecessary (and at least for me, deeply unsettling) in an age when stations do not sign off. If it was a minimal shot of the flag waving I would be more sympathetic, but the visuals are truly over the top.
  8. Not to go totally off topic since this is a Sinclair thread, but it does appear that they're in the midst of expanding their operations: https://www.tvtechnology.com/news/newsnet-breaks-ground-on-new-studio. They're scrappy, but it's an endearing effort and I think they're making good use of the resources they have.
  9. I think Cablevision->Optimum->Altice does in fact carry NY1 in NYC, the reason being that Spectrum and Optimum territories do NOT overlap, so there's no disincentive for Spectrum to license it out. Not sure about RCN though.
  10. I always found it odd that FiOS 1 never launched in NYC proper, only in LI, NJ, and LoHud. I know NY1 is king, but it seems to be a major competitive disadvantage. I wonder who Verizon will contract this out to - certainly not NBC or ABC, but I wonder if some link to an Oath Media property would be at play.
  11. That looks virtual to me - the reflections on the floor seem a bit off?
  12. New set looks good, but the camera quality is still awful, they either have some weird softening filter applied or they're not actually using HD cameras.
  13. I know WABC is moving to a new studio in 4-5 years, but the current set is from 2011 and looks mighty tired - it'd be nice if they replaced the monitor walls that have large gaps with seamless LED walls in the meantime.
  14. I agree here - if you're reliant on traffic reports in the morning, WCBS-AM, 1010 WINS, or even KTU would be better sources than TV News. If anything, I think there should be more of an emphasis on transit coverage, given how skewed the market is towards public transportation.
  15. Hopefully they'll update their cameras / control room, I swear to god the studio shots look like upscaled/oversharpened 480p.
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