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  1. Maybe or How CBS has success with game shows… maybe something there. But I could easily see CBS giving the 12:30 to stations and launching a CBS Afternoon News thing if this NBC thing works.
  2. That is major because the writing is on the wall for soaps. Networks wants to get out that business and more into the daytime news business. If you are CBS or ABC you are looking if this moves works for NBC because if it does…. Goodbye Soaps!
  3. If they were going to do that they had the chance over 25 years ago when NBC owned WCMH. They could have moved and become a indie long ago as well but that is not their Main Objective at all. Marquee fit what they want a station that focus on Zanesville. WBNS and WSYX/WTTE signal could get to Zanesville but could they pull a WNKY situation and have Zaneville for the first time a whole lot of network channels. I see that coming before any other of these other predictions. Marquee aren't afraid to up the quality of the newscast and boy do WHIZ-TV needs it. My eyes actually turns to the radio side. Will 102.5FM end up with Radio One outright? Will any other Station move into Columbus? That is where I see the move in possibilities happening at. It is easier to move a radio stick then a full power TV station stick.
  4. That train had left the station a few comments ago.
  5. Reading between the lines here, The WHIZ ownership wants it to be a Zanesville Station mainly. No Moving it Closer to Columbus or anything like that. Marquee could do that but it is used to Small-Town stations. They want WHIZ to survive as a NBC affiliate in Zanesville.
  6. And they said WGCL and WPCH wasn't Grey's Flagship stations... This is looking like they are going to make a force in the ATL!
  7. Welp, play stupid games get stupid prizes, Chris Cuomo.
  8. If you are a station that has Dr. Oz on like at 3pm or so... I would consider a 4pm Newscast so freaking fast!
  9. WSYX is back in full as of Today. It was missing L3s and full screen info graphics among some elements over the last couple of weeks.
  10. Damn and she was really good in this market, going to miss Darlene on NBC 4.
  11. And Hockey guys are fun and you are letting them have fun as well..... This will be AWESOME! #AmpedUp
  12. I mean if it means we don't see so many Capitals and Flyers games. I'm good with it.
  13. Sadly, Money can make anything happen. the question is who's going to pay and Does OAN have that much dough!
  14. I'll look at him this way. He was successful for what he did on the radio to the point you have people copy his act. Was he a jackass? absolutely with out a doubt, but we have to admit he changed talk radio as we know it.
  15. I'll be honest, Out of CBS Sports Network and NBC Sports Network... I thought it would be CBS Sports Network would be dead before NBCSN.
  16. They have used it sparingly. For interviews, a stand-ups and Traffic Hits. Nothing outside of that. Funny that WBNS now has the oldest set in the market with WCMH and WSYX just getting new sets recently.
  17. It is his Work from Home location. All other newscast on WBNS have come their main news set. So no new set here.
  18. Why am I getting "Is Linda Church going to weekends" Vibes with this thread?
  19. The only reason the AP hasn't called it yet is because Pennsylvania is still in Recount Territory as it is still at .4%. Once it gets above .5% and higher... The AP is going to call it. That is their only hang up here after reading through how they make calls. The AP wants to but can't because of their rules of calling races.
  20. LX is actually available here in Columbus, OH on Channel 17 here in town. It is not a full power signal but it is available outside of the NBC O&O Stations.
  21. I believe it will debut Monday, October 5th. This straight from The Source there.
  22. That's the thing about Columbus, If you invest in your station The viewers will notice. If you're half assing your station we will definitely notice. WBNS hasn't gone all in on Tegna and Tegna hasn't gone all in on WBNS either. Tegna actually likes WTHR more then WBNS which is the reverse of how it has been for years. I honestly think it would be better off being sold to COX Apollo Group with WBNS being connected tight with it's Radio side of WBNS-FM being in the same building
  23. I believe so. and they moved that desk out to the news room.
  24. Checking it out in action and It is an upgrade overall from what they had before. The new studio was a pleasant surprise. because, my god why did MG shove NBC 4 into that small set in the first place is stupid to say the least! I really hope Daytime Columbus (If it still on the schedule) moves into that space and they create them something nice there. But overall, This looks great for NBC 4 and Now it is a Two station race between them and WSYX/WTTE now. WBNS is fading and fast.
  25. Thanks @TennTV1983. I could see this on WCMH over The KOIN Package. Not a big fan of The KOIN Package.
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