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  1. They have used it sparingly. For interviews, a stand-ups and Traffic Hits. Nothing outside of that. Funny that WBNS now has the oldest set in the market with WCMH and WSYX just getting new sets recently.
  2. It is his Work from Home location. All other newscast on WBNS have come their main news set. So no new set here.
  3. Why am I getting "Is Linda Church going to weekends" Vibes with this thread?
  4. The only reason the AP hasn't called it yet is because Pennsylvania is still in Recount Territory as it is still at .4%. Once it gets above .5% and higher... The AP is going to call it. That is their only hang up here after reading through how they make calls. The AP wants to but can't because of their rules of calling races.
  5. LX is actually available here in Columbus, OH on Channel 17 here in town. It is not a full power signal but it is available outside of the NBC O&O Stations.
  6. I believe it will debut Monday, October 5th. This straight from The Source there.
  7. That's the thing about Columbus, If you invest in your station The viewers will notice. If you're half assing your station we will definitely notice. WBNS hasn't gone all in on Tegna and Tegna hasn't gone all in on WBNS either. Tegna actually likes WTHR more then WBNS which is the reverse of how it has been for years. I honestly think it would be better off being sold to COX Apollo Group with WBNS being connected tight with it's Radio side of WBNS-FM being in the same building
  8. I believe so. and they moved that desk out to the news room.
  9. Checking it out in action and It is an upgrade overall from what they had before. The new studio was a pleasant surprise. because, my god why did MG shove NBC 4 into that small set in the first place is stupid to say the least! I really hope Daytime Columbus (If it still on the schedule) moves into that space and they create them something nice there. But overall, This looks great for NBC 4 and Now it is a Two station race between them and WSYX/WTTE now. WBNS is fading and fast.
  10. Thanks @TennTV1983. I could see this on WCMH over The KOIN Package. Not a big fan of The KOIN Package.
  11. Excuse my ignorance here, But what is the Nexstar NBC Package? I know it is being thrown around but what is it?
  12. I know this and this is without debate here Ed Ansin changed Television, his impact is felt everyday and his lost leaves a Monster hole in TV ownership.
  13. Unfortunately, That is the big question here. What will happen now? They just lost one of the strongest independent TV station owners in the nation in Ansin who believed in Local TV in a time even large TV companies really don't anymore. His lost all of a sudden puts a lot of balls in the air. What will happen to WHDH and WSVN two of the most unique stations around and news pioneer. Heck, FOX News whole look is just WSVN on steroids.
  14. There is lazy... And there is THAT! I get being safe but that is the absolute bare minimum graphic job. Like 5 seconds and done. If I did that on FTV I would be laughed out the building but here Scripps doing it in real life!

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