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  1. ColumbusNewsFan

    WBFF New Graphics, possible new Sinclair Graphics?

    Not so much, for most of WSYX's history, they have been the red-headed stepchild of the stations it was only about recently I would say honestly the beginning of the "News Center" era WSYX started punching with WBNS and WCMH on a consistent basis outside of the late 80's with the turn being WCMH getting bought by MG and WSYX and WTTE getting a real investment by Sinclair around that time as well.
  2. ColumbusNewsFan

    WBFF New Graphics, possible new Sinclair Graphics?

    I have seen them and they are really good looking graphics for WSYX... Might be the best they ever had as a station ever in their history!
  3. ColumbusNewsFan

    KTLA's Chris Burrous dead at 43

    I feel sorry for his family that this is now out there and public knowledge. I know that is the story of how it went down but damn it put it all out there!
  4. ColumbusNewsFan

    Cox sells majority TV interest to Apollo

    @tyrannical bastard just hearing from reports... in Dayton and Atlanta, Newspaper and Radio are moving into the New Apollo Cox company.
  5. ColumbusNewsFan

    2019 MLB Season

    That Red Sox Booth is a hot mess if there ever was one. Just keep it simple and clear with no crazy extras. I feel like the Red Sox are taking a back seat to the booth.
  6. ColumbusNewsFan

    New WDIO Set & Logo

    Well, let me run against the grain here. I like the new slogan actually. Mainly, The point is "We have been there for the good and bad and we'll be there to cover it all." The slogan "With you for life." gets to the point there. At least it isn't an overused slogan. I'm looking at you "On Your Side" "Coverage You Can Count On" and "Everywhere" as examples here! For a market dominate station like WDIO... it works very well and as much as people on here will hate me for saying it, That 10/13 should of been killed off a LONG time ago Like A REALLY LONG TIME AGO! It shouldn't of been a logo going into 2019.
  7. ColumbusNewsFan


    I'm starting to think Nexstar just buys stations for the Mic Flags. Kinda of an expensive way to build a collection.
  8. ColumbusNewsFan

    Winston Broadcasting Network Cleveland/Akron

    That's cruel and unusual punishment there!
  9. ColumbusNewsFan

    WBFF New Graphics, possible new Sinclair Graphics?

    This might be something to be on the lookout for in Columbus as WSYX has introduced an updated logo with their Job Boot Camp ads and putting two plus two together with it being up by February sweeps coming up so it might be coming very soon in C-Bus.
  10. ColumbusNewsFan

    KHOU's new building

    I haven't heard this song in YEARS! Thanks for the smile, Eat News!
  11. ColumbusNewsFan

    Dec. Article about WTHR/Dispatch

    AJ, I'll say what I said in the Speculatron... I'll believe until I see it that Dispatch is buyers.
  12. ColumbusNewsFan

    Nexstar to acquire Tribune

    I'll talk about this more in speculation but FTVLive.com is reporting that FOX is talking with Nexstar about buying some of those 42 stations involved in this deal. I'm not surprised that it's happening but how long it took for FOX to jump back into the Tribune station deal 2.0.
  13. ColumbusNewsFan

    Nexstar to acquire Tribune

    You know how I felt about Sinclair and Tribune... But I don't hate this deal at all. Nexstar literally brought WCMH back from the dead to an actually watchable product that I don't hate at all. I think Nexstar would be a responsible owner here and as Much I as hate them being THAT large. Outside of "Put Local on everything"- itis, They are hands off with their stations to the point where I can't tell you where Perry Sook stands on things but Sinclair will tell you every day without fail and twice on Sunday.
  14. ColumbusNewsFan

    Chris Bradley ends cancer treatment, moves into hospice care

    I just took some time to gather my thoughts here. For me, living here in Columbus. The love of this city for Chris in this battle which became everyone's battle has been strong as it gets. Also you see something awesome that I love about TV News in This City. He may of been on WSYX and WBNS but how we see it is he was family in Columbus TV News. It's really is a family overall. As I go to bed tonight I'm thinking of his family and work families and those he touched with kindness and grace even through the roughest of moments. He was loved deeply and will be missed. And selfishly I'm thinking cancer robbed us of a Chris and Yolanda reunion on 10TV but it robbed us of this good man who won't be forgotten any time soon in Central Ohio.
  15. ColumbusNewsFan

    Chris Bradley ends cancer treatment, moves into hospice care

    I hate to bump this story but WBNS 10TV is reporting that Chris Bradley has passed away at 53. Absolutely heart broken for his family and work family as well.

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