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  1. Well that goodwill he is has is shot to hell now. So if he really banking on that... he better not do it!
  2. Right now, WSYX is the picture of health right now. Stable news team, solid coverage of the news, Somehow with some luck avoid most of Sinclair's BS. The 6/28 team up is paying off for Sinclair to the point it can be seen as a flagship for the company.
  3. I know for a fact, WBNS and WTHR both run VizRT as the graphics system. I don't know what Tegna runs its graphics system from.
  4. For those saying sale the Radio stations... If you live in Columbus, WBNS is SPORTS RADIO in Columbus. There is Zero Debate about it! iHeart tried and others did as well... They aren't here anymore! The Fan is a Monster Brand in the city that Tegna just got and how they do with tie stuff together here... This could be a major opportunity to them if done right. They own the rights to the major teams of the Buckeyes, Blue Jackets and Crew with other things as well. If you are a sports organization in Columbus you better be airing on The Fan.
  5. Yes, it is that large the morning show "Good Day Columbus" is a large cast.
  6. Damn, they do look alike. My bad!
  7. Not recently, he was a anchor at WTTG FOX 5 DC on their morning show... but I know he left recently.
  8. To be honest, it would of had to be Cox and even in its current form. WHIO is a strong station and WBNS would of been a great fit for them there. I think it fits more with WBNS and WTHR's culture and style more so than TEGNA's Social Media Focus. It's not the best fit in the world.
  9. I'm thinking WCMH might be the biggest beneficiary of WBNS going Tegna here in Columbus. WSYX/WTTE has improved but Sinclair is gonna Sinclair.
  10. The word is They are NOT happy with what is going on at Twin Rivers Dr. Right now.
  11. WCMH and WBNS has stories about on their websites. WSYX hasn't mentioned it at all.
  12. But get ready for the claps and boops, Central Ohio. Right now, NBC 4 is in the best shape it has been in years and with TENGA handling of stations... #1 station has never been as close as it is right now.
  13. I Called this three years ago when they first sold The Dispatch. I knew this was coming and THIS VERY COMPANY TOO! Here the thing if you are Sinclair or Nexstar this morning... Columbus has just become a WIDE OPEN MARKET where WCMH or WSYX could EASILY be #1 in the market!
  14. I was hoping it was just a heart condition just so it wouldn't be this at all. My thought is with everyone in South Florida and WPLG Channel 10
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