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  1. ColumbusNewsFan

    Nexstar to acquire Tribune

    I'll talk about this more in speculation but FTVLive.com is reporting that FOX is talking with Nexstar about buying some of those 42 stations involved in this deal. I'm not surprised that it's happening but how long it took for FOX to jump back into the Tribune station deal 2.0.
  2. ColumbusNewsFan

    Nexstar to acquire Tribune

    You know how I felt about Sinclair and Tribune... But I don't hate this deal at all. Nexstar literally brought WCMH back from the dead to an actually watchable product that I don't hate at all. I think Nexstar would be a responsible owner here and as Much I as hate them being THAT large. Outside of "Put Local on everything"- itis, They are hands off with their stations to the point where I can't tell you where Perry Sook stands on things but Sinclair will tell you every day without fail and twice on Sunday.
  3. ColumbusNewsFan

    Chris Bradley ends cancer treatment, moves into hospice care

    I just took some time to gather my thoughts here. For me, living here in Columbus. The love of this city for Chris in this battle which became everyone's battle has been strong as it gets. Also you see something awesome that I love about TV News in This City. He may of been on WSYX and WBNS but how we see it is he was family in Columbus TV News. It's really is a family overall. As I go to bed tonight I'm thinking of his family and work families and those he touched with kindness and grace even through the roughest of moments. He was loved deeply and will be missed. And selfishly I'm thinking cancer robbed us of a Chris and Yolanda reunion on 10TV but it robbed us of this good man who won't be forgotten any time soon in Central Ohio.
  4. ColumbusNewsFan

    Chris Bradley ends cancer treatment, moves into hospice care

    I hate to bump this story but WBNS 10TV is reporting that Chris Bradley has passed away at 53. Absolutely heart broken for his family and work family as well.
  5. ColumbusNewsFan

    Report: Charter launching new Spectrum News channels

    Any update on the New Ohio Spectrum News Channel or heck any of these new news channels?
  6. ColumbusNewsFan

    Good Morning America

    I'm reading a lot they should move it after "Live!" but in Columbus and some other markets, It is not on a ABC station but Our CBS station WBNS.
  7. ColumbusNewsFan

    Fox Network Sports Offerings

    Uhh, Yes we do!
  8. ColumbusNewsFan

    Fox and Sinclair finalizing purchase of six stations

    I'll repeat what I said before on the previous post, If you are WSVN... you are sweating bullets! This isn't Boston where NBC didn't know what it was doing. FOX knows what the heck it is doing and have done it before with WCCB and WJZY in Charlotte. FOX has a full power in Miami with this deal and if you are a WSVN Fan this is the worst news possible and get ready for a Independent WSVN.
  9. ColumbusNewsFan

    Fox and Sinclair finalizing purchase of six stations

    If you're WSVN you're officially sweating bullets now.
  10. ColumbusNewsFan

    ABC sells NYC campus

    ESPN actually pay for Time on ABC. I know it sounds strange but I've noticed over the years it has said "The preceding has paid for by ESPN" I know if that mean ESPN is paying for time on ABC?
  11. ColumbusNewsFan

    ABC sells NYC campus

    [quote name='Journalist'][IMG]https://i.gyazo.com/ce1de9b12bebbc57e3effa23d5999180.png[/IMG][/QUOTE] @Journalist I wouldn't call it all that crazy anymore. ESPN (The Producers of ABC's Sports Coverage) could easily take over all their sports from ABC for the most part and continue the migration to Cable. With this news it becoming clear ABC isn't the apple of Disney's eye anymore. I could easily see it being sold within the next couple of years. Why have a network when you have a streaming services (Hulu and "DisFilx" ) can make money from consumers directly.
  12. ColumbusNewsFan

    DMA 193: The Delta News

    Or Lima, OH.... Just saying.
  13. ColumbusNewsFan

    The CW reclaims Sunday nights

    Also FOX want at Sunday at 7/6c for NFL run-over during the season.
  14. ColumbusNewsFan

    Report: Charter launching new Spectrum News channels

    Interesting, Ohio to get a 24-Hour News Channel again this time via Spectrum. If they don't do it on the cheap like Dispatch did with ONN did back in the day... this might work. Also can't say I'm surprised either They have been airing a Sunday Morning Politics show on Spectrum Sports with former ONN'er Anchor Mike Kallmeyer here in Ohio.
  15. ColumbusNewsFan

    WSYX getting a new set

    Truthfully speaking while watching it it actually works pretty well for them where they can do OTS stuff and other things but It works well for them.

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