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  1. I run into this all the time - honestly, I'd be willing to host the site (or put a reverse proxy in front of it) just so that it would resolve the issues folks are having with browsers defaulting to expect SSL/TLS.
  2. Definitely sounds good, and like it would complement the Metropolis theme from Enforcer well.
  3. At least he's still doing his Mob Talk Sitdown series. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=id=mma1-h9Lhh0;t=294
  4. You're not wrong, but I'd miss some of the on-air talent that's been there since the good old days (Dave Schratweiser, Bruce Gordon, et. al.), but the station took a sharp nosedive when they lost the pairing of Dave and Dawn. I don't really their adoption of the FNC-inspired O&O look really helped matters, either. #bringbackTolley
  5. The third largest metropolitan area in Pennsylvania is hardly rural, with a regional population of 820k+.
  6. Whatever happens, I hope that Glenn doesn't try the whole leggy meterologist thing. I can't imagine him in any of those dresses.
  7. Just found the promo on their Youtube page, complete with all the template stuff that SAM provides:
  8. Is it just me, or did you hear Stephen Arnold's new canned morning package (Waking Up My Day) in their promos?
  9. I was saddened when they moved from the Good Day set to the one upstairs, since it was just another FOX O&O set. Admittedly, there are hurdles (read: stupid people) when dealing with a streetside studio, but it seems like that one's elevated enough from the sidewalk to buffer them from any crazy levels of stupid. I'd say that they should just move downstairs for the evening broadcasts.
  10. You're my hero. Just shut up already. It's apparent that nobody gives a shit.
  11. Random observation: today during the 4PM, they're using the 360 theme for bumpers. Have they been mixing this with the GrooveWorx theme all along, and I haven't noticed it?
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