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  1. I'm not a fan of the overly synth update to the theme music, but I like the 4th video you posted (logo over clouds)
  2. Did Taft & Coleman switch stations around the same time? Coleman, I believe, would have been doing weather (from Chicago) for Good Morning America at this point.
  3. Disney didn't come to own ABC until 7 years after this promotional video was produced. Mickey was used solely because of the ownership by Roy Disney.
  4. The exodus from Houston's KRIV continues. First, it was reporter Ashley Johnson who jumped ship to WWOR's "Chasing New Jersey" broadcast. Then Assistant News Director Howard Dorsey and Managing Editor Geoff Roth were cut loose. Last week main anchor Don Teague was reportedly escorted from the building. FTVLIVE reports that's related to a sexual harassment complaint filed by a (now former) reporter (my inside sources say his departure and said reporter's *ahem* promotion to another station are related). Today, the Chronicle reported that morning Meteorologist Lindsay Day is leaving at the end of the book. http://chron.com/entertainment/celebrities/article/Meteorologist-Lindsey-Day-to-exit-KRIV-TV-Fox-26-6847509.php
  5. I wouldn't expect it to. From everything I've read about the guy over the last dozen years, on Newsblues, TV Spy, FTV, that seems to be the general consensus. This latest "hey lady reporters, go freeze your ears off" (because we all know a blackened and/of trimmed ear from frostbite is sooooooooo much more attractive than a hat) only reinforces that perception.
  6. No, he's their morning EP. Tom Doerr, my old news director at KRIV in Houston is the ND at Fox Chicago
  7. That would be the Executive Producer, former WOIO News Director, Dan Salamon, according to FTV and TVSpy.
  8. Fox 26 reporter Katie McCall is leaving tv following her upcoming nuptials. McCall joined KRIV in April 2014 after stints at KTRK, WBBM, & KIAH.
  9. The graphic, a yellow Star of David with the German word for "jew" was worn by victims of the Nazi atrocities in world war 2
  10. Ummmm.... Don't think that should have been approved... http://www.adweek.com/tvspy/wp-content/uploads/sites/4/2015/09/Screen-Shot-2015-09-23-at-10.48.27-AM-862x557.png
  11. Courtesy Mike Mcguff's blog, here's the late Ron Stone's final newscast at KPRC2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zOeAuW1LMaE
  12. Behold, the "tease every story multiple times" Era, may it rest in peace.
  13. They originating stations for the preseason games are bid separately from the main package. As stated, KTVT handles the Cowboys while KTRK has the Texans. If KTBC was concerned about airing (either) package they would have ponied up the money. That being said, I'm sure Fox kept KTBC precisely because of the revenue generated by the regular season network broadcasts. There are also, as mentioned, certain synergies by having a station in Austin versus always sending a crew out to central Texas.
  14. They aren't dropping MNTV completely, just moving out of prime time into late night. I guess it makes sense in that it allows them to air the 9-10:30 newscast and keep all the advertising revenue from the sitcom reruns in prime time.
  15. Don't most of the ABC O&Os now air an hour long late news on weekends?
  16. That's sounds entirely possible. There's been a lot redevelopment in downtown and along riverside drive the last few years, spurred in part by the nearby casino. Vectren and Old National Bancshares have both built new headquarters buildings in the last decade along Riverside as well. Updated to add: Google Maps now shows 477 Carpenter St as WEVV.
  17. I would imagine everything would be moved to the Carpenter St facility, with the existing building on Main and Riverside repurposed (or possibly demolished). The only advantage I see to moving to the old WTVW studios is that Nexstar may have laid the ground work for HD broadcasts before jumping to WEHT's Henderson facility. Whereas the existing equipment at WEVV's Main St building likely dates to when they shut the news department down 15 years ago.
  18. I'm surprised this station is doing it, or rather this size market. There's 2 ESP newsrooms (including a Telemundo O&O) in the market already, plus what is beamed across the border. The only other station I know of that does this regularly is KRIV-Houston, but only for the 9pm weekdays newscasts.
  19. Looks like the template wasnt loaded correctly. I haven't used a newer generation WSI system, but if it's anything like the WXCentral box I used, the 7day "colors" are advanced by clicking on the saved layer for each day of the week. For example, the saved "Monday PM" layer would have Monday as day 7, with the highlighted weekend as day 5 & 6. "Tuesday PM" would advance the colors one column to the left. In this case, it's possible there are two layers (for the highlighted day, and the "wrap" at the bottom of the graphic) and the met didn't click both before rendering the movie prior to air. OR the movie glitched while rendering and didn't load the correct layer.
  20. And just 3 short years later, Ernie was doing opens for WSB
  21. A disturbing trend, but not unprecedented. A couple years ago, KPRC hired a sports reporter from Cheyenne, Gary Striewski (http://mikemcguff.blogspot.com/2012/05/kprc-2-grabs-gary-striewski-from-kgwn-5.html?m=1). He was horrible andwas gone in The blink of an eye.
  22. According to this followup post on Mike Mcguffs site (http://mikemcguff.blogspot.com/2015/05/sharron-meltons-future-after-ktrk-abc13.html?m=1), Sharron Melton may return to the airwaves in Houston sooner than thought. She apparently is one of the few at KTRK that doesn't (or, in this case, didn't) have a non-compete clause in her contract. At this point, though, I don't really see any openings at the other three stations where she might go.
  23. That part of the announcement surprised me more than anything. Built in the mid 80s, the existing WEVV building on Main St & Riverside Dr. ("44 Main St" http://goo.gl/maps/hNkZH) is about a decade newer than the WTVW facilities on Carpenter (http://goo.gl/maps/7CrRu). Despite the fact that they didn't have a local news presence for most of its history, the WEVV building does have a good size studio & space for a newsroom. Perhaps the draw is they are inheriting any technical upgrades Nexstar made before combining with WEHT at the Henderson facilities.
  24. Herman is not the news director. He is a newscast director, aka the button pusher in the booth, who keeps the individual newscasts running smoothly
  25. Herman is not the news director. He is a newscast director, aka the button pusher in the booth, who keeps the individual newscasts running.
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