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  1. Has the NewsNation NY bureau been based out of the PIX studios this whole time? Or were they located elsewhere?
  2. CJCH-TV (CTV) Halifax, NS - Live at 5 open, 2003
  3. Some of the best ones from Canada... CHAN-TV BCTV (CTV) Vancouver, BC, 1997 CFRN-TV (CTV) Edmonton, AB, 1995 CITV-TV (Independent), Edmonton, AB, 1997 CITY-TV (Independent), Toronto, ON, 1995 CTV Local News opens from 2004... a balance of corporate graphics and local branding And the follow up graphics package CFRN-DT (CTV) Edmonton, 2013 CITV-TV (Global) Edmonton, AB, 2007 (probably the best open the Global TV network has ever had) Radio-Canada Le Telejournal open (2003) CIVT-TV (Independent) Vancouver, BC, 1999 The current CTV local news opens CFTO-DT (CTV) Toronto, 2020 CKEM-TV A-Channel Edmonton, AB, 2000
  4. That was... uh... quite something! Are all their station promos like this?
  5. This appears to be the intro of a 1993 fall programming preview for CFCN-TV (CTV) in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. - The intro features former WNYW and WFAA anchor Chris Gailus - The jingle is a copy of CBS's "The Look of America" jingle. And a follow up promo from when CFCN made the switch from cable channel 5 to cable channel 3 (they broadcasted on channel 4 OTA).
  6. It just feels like they actually ran an image promo instead of a news open by accident. But it wasn't... lol
  7. WGN America coming to YouTube TV https://www.newsnationnow.com/us-news/newsnation-wgn-america-coming-to-youtube-tv-in-january-2021/?utm_campaign=socialflow&utm_source=t.co&utm_medium=referral
  8. Here are some bad news opens from small market TV in Canada... "Primetime Local News" from CITL-TV/CKSA-TV in Lloydminster, Canada (a city that sits on the border of the provinces of Alberta and Saskatchewan). This station could use a new brand like "Border News Now" or something... Southwest TV News, Swift Current, Saskatchewan. This news operation came about after the closure of the only local TV station in town, CJFB-TV, in 2002. I believe they were cable/online only. CFTK-TV, Terrace, BC (2004). It's the quick fade of the music for me. One more... CJDC-TV Dawson Creek, BC
  9. Citytv doesn't do news updated during primetime. I also doubt that Citytv will do any extended coverage after their 11 PM (they already do 1 hour of news at 11 PM 7 days a week, they end up repeating the same news stories throughout the hour). CHEK and CHCH will most likely feature the election during their late night news, but with their limited resources it's unlikely they'll do anything special .
  10. You're probably right, because I looked at the TV schedules for Election Day, and CBC, CTV, and Global are actually broadcasting US election coverage on their broadcast networks. CBC: The CBC TV network will be obliterating their primetime schedule on all stations on Tuesday Nov 3. starting at 8 PM ET/5PM PT. Their coverage will go through the night all the way to 6 AM local time on each CBC station, to make way for the local morning simulcast with CBC Radio One, and children's programming at 7 AM. CTV: The main CTV network will also be pre-empting a majority of its primetime schedule. Their news special is scheduled to start at 8 PM ET/5PM PT, except on CTV Edmonton and Calgary where the news special will start at 7 PM MT after the local 6 PM news. Their broadcast is also scheduled to end at 11 PM ET/8PM PT, where the eastern CTV stations are scheduled to air the CTV National News and CTV Local News afterwards. The western CTV stations (BC/AB/SK/MB) are scheduled to air random Big Bang Theory/Goldbergs/Jann repeats until CTV News starts at 11 PM local time. I would guess that if the situation warrants, all those programs will be pre-empted by the news special. Global: The Global TV network will not be airing a news special during primetime; they are scheduled to air "Solo: A Star Wars Story" at 8PM local/7PM CT, followed by local news at 11 PM/10PM CT. However, Global News is airing a news special immediately after the late local news, and is currently scheduled to go until 2:35 AM ET/12:35 AM MT across most the network (it may go past that if the situation warrants). Global News at 11 is being extended to 1 hour on Global's eastern stations just for this evening, as Late Night with Stephen Colbert will not run at its usual 11:35 PM timeslot. So the news special will air at 12 AM AT on Global Halifax/NB, and 12 AM ET on Global Toronto/Ontario/Montreal. All other stations in AB, SK, and MB will air the special at 12 AM MT (Alberta), 11 PM CT (Sask/MB). Global BC /Okanagan is not scheduled to air the special according to the TV guides, but if the election is still developing, Global BC might join the show in progress.
  11. Another election night in Canada, this time in the province of Saskatchewan. All 3 major networks (CBC, CTV, Global) are presenting election results coverage this evening. Citytv Saskatchewan does not have a news operation, so they will just be showing regular programming. Saskatchewan Votes from CBC Saskatchewan (simulcast on CBC News Network nationally and on CBC Radio One across Saskatchewan) Decision Saskatchewan from Global Regina & Global Saskatoon Election 2020 from CTV Regina and CTV Saskatoon (simulcast on CTV News Channel nationally) https://regina.ctvnews.ca/video?clipId=68596 Other stations of note: The Stingray-owned CTV (CITL-DT) and Global (CKSA-DT) stations in the city of Lloydminster, which straddles the border between Saskatchewan and Alberta, did not simulcast either network's coverage. Both stations operate on the Mountain Time Zone, and their schedules and news programming are more aligned with CTV and Global stations in Alberta. Declared Saskatchewan Party Win/Majority Government CTV - 8:37 PM CBC - 8:37 PM Global - 8:43 PM With the leader's speeches happening in the 9 PM hour, CTV ended their coverage at 10:30 PM so that they can prepare for their 11:30 PM local news. Global and CBC appear to be set to wrap their coverage at 11 PM (Global usually has an hour of local news at 10 PM with Colbert at 11 PM, while CBC Saskatchewan usually has The National at 10 and 11 PM).
  12. In Canada, a general election in the province of British Columbia is wrapping up this evening. Global BC & Okanagan, CTV Vancouver, CBC British Columbia, Radio-Canada, and CHEK-TV Victoria are all doing rolling coverage this evening. CBC, CTV, and Global starting an hour before polls close at 7 PM, with CHEK starting their coverage at 8 PM. The graphics for CBC, CTV, and Global are the same as the ones used during the New Brunswick election night. Global BC coverage (simulcast on Global Okanagan, BC1, and Corus news-talk station 980 CKNW Vancouver) CBC British Columbia coverage (simulcast on CBC News Network nationally, and on CBC Radio One across BC) CTV Vancouver coverage (simulcast on CTV News Channel nationally) https://bc.ctvnews.ca/watch-ctv-news-vancouver-s-election-night-special-1.5159102 CHEK-TV coverage (the only results show originating from Victoria, the provincial capital) Radio-Canada coverage (simulcast on RDI nationally) https://ici.radio-canada.ca/elections-colombie-britannique-2020/resultats Other stations of note: - The Pattison-owned Citytv stations in Prince George (CKPG-TV) and Kamloops (CFJC-TV) are not doing rolling coverage according to online schedules, but will have late night newscasts focusing on the election after primetime. - According to online schedules, the CTV2 stations in the province (CIVI Victoria, CFTK Terrace, and CJDC Dawson Creek) are NOT simulcasting CTV Vancouver's coverage. They are airing regular programming. CIVI Victoria's schedule also shows a special late night newscast at 11 PM (CIVI usually does not broadcast a weekend 11 PM newscast) Also, CTV Vancouver was the first to declare both an NDP win, and an NDP majority government thanks to the help of the CTV Decision Desk out of Toronto. Declared NDP Win CTV - 8:42 PM CBC - 8:56 PM CHEK - 8:58 PM Global - 9:01 PM Declared NDP Majority Gov't CTV - 9:07 PM CBC - 9:11 PM CHEK - 9:12 PM Global - 9:28 PM
  13. And now, CTV Edmonton (CFRN-DT) has officially announced that Kent Morrison will be one of the new anchors for CTV Morning Live. His co-anchor will be the station's current weekend weather specialist, Ziyah Karmali. https://www.bellmedia.ca/the-lede/press/ziyah-karmali-and-kent-morrison-announced-as-new-co-host-team-for-ctv-morning-live-beginning-november-2/?fbclid=IwAR3mMuNXmG9qIgPimtvscmI0MAUvgWw1hZ8YLYzuEG0sXw3Lz6ozba0Omb8 Eyes now on Global Edmonton (CITV-DT) as they figure out who to replace Morrison on the anchor desk on their morning show, and attempt to continue their streak as the #1 morning show in the city.
  14. Kent Morrison, one of the weekday morning show anchors on Global Edmonton, has been poached by CTV Edmonton. CTV Edmonton has been looking for new anchors for its local morning show since the termination of their previous morning show anchors, Rob Williams and Stacey Brotzel.
  15. CBS actually got the WCBS News on the air thanks to their other operations. CTV also has a master control hub at their Calgary studios for their western stations. Why weren't they set up to provide some sustaining feed for the Eastern stations?
  16. Today CTV experienced a major power failure at its Agincourt facility in the NE corner of Toronto. Several station, including CTV and CTV2 stations in Manitoba (CKY), Ontario (CFTO, CJOH, CKCO, CFPL, CHWI, CKVR), Quebec (CFCF), and Atlantic Canada (CJCH, CKCW, CJCB, CKLT), CTV News Channel, and TSN. CTV stations in Western Canada, CP24 in Toronto, and other cable channels such as Much and E! were not affected, as they originate out of other facilities such as the old CHUMCity building at 299 Queen Street West in Toronto, and CTV Calgary. Here's an article talking about the outage, with a focus on how it affected TSN. https://awfulannouncing.com/international/tsn-ctv-channels-off-air-monday.html
  17. Yes, the private broadcasters are also getting rid of their translators, though not as swiftly as CBC did. There’s been applications from Bell Media (CTV) and Corus (Global) for this sort of thing in the last few years.
  18. Side note, let's not kid ourselves. They're catering the entire LA market. They broadcast from Mount Wilson like everyone else. They broadcast a newscast from another station in LA. Orange County is part of the LA TV market. etc.
  19. You’re forgetting about KDOC’s New Years Eve special a few years ago... https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.latimes.com/entertainment/la-xpm-2013-jan-07-la-et-st-jamie-kennedy-kdoc-new-years-eve-20130107-story.html%3F_amp%3Dtrue This is probably some experimental side gig for all involved, so this might last a couple of months.
  20. Management was probably OK with paying all the overtime the collective agreement asks for back when COVID 19 didn't crater their ad revenues. I get it though, there are some stations that are in the position to break in to programming and staff their coverage as required, but there's probably a growing number of them that would look at breaking in after 11:30 PM and be like "ah, let the morning show deal with it".
  21. I also highly doubt someone is actively sitting in front of the TV monitors watching all these TV stations at these master control hubs. They'll probably get an alarm if there is missing commercials/TV shows or a newscast is sitting in black for too long. It's all automated playback equipment.
  22. Load up a rundown, code the show elements properly, throw in stings, etc You won't get any stings or graphics at all if you're punching a show manually in an automated environment from scratch, you're just cutting between cameras/sources (unless you were switching manually within a show that's already on-air). So it'll look plain/basic/ugly.
  23. KTLA didn't cut in. I was watching the Friends reruns that usually follow the News at 11, and they were not on. I would say, regardless of the size of the market, anyone putting on an 11 PM newscast to air will usually want to leave the building ASAP if they don't have to be there. IMO, Pat Harvey did nothing wrong, and KNBC were lucky that Chuck and Colleen were still in the building. Technical staff and producers would probably have also bolted as soon as the newscast signed off. There would probably also be union and cost considerations when it comes to calling back staff once they have clocked out and left the building, as well as the cost of pre-empting whatever programming is on at the moment.
  24. Twice this evening, NN had a WGN Morning News-esque moment where the phoner with Dean Reynolds got cut off live on-air. It happened at the top of the 1st hour, so it might appear on the rerun (if there is one this evening). WGN really has to work out their phone system.
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