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  1. One of the final WGN station IDs you'll see during a Cubs broadcast Seen at the end of the retrospective during the "10th Inning" broadcast after the game on WGN. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cge3A5nsYN8
  2. I think CTV Toronto should simulcast CP24 at 5 AM right before Your Morning. They're already doing that at 5 PM. Why waste that time on paid programming or last night’s news
  3. CTV’s Your Morning is now airing on CTV stations in Western Canada on weekdays. The show now broadcasts live at 3 AM PT/5 AM CT, right before the local CTV Morning Live broadcasts. This means, for example: Viewers watching CTV Winnipeg will see only the first hour of Your Morning at 5 AM CT, followed by CTVML Winnipeg from 6-9 AM CT Viewers watching CTV Edmonton will see the first 1.5 hours of Your Morning at 4 AM MT, followed by CTVML Edmonton from 5:30-9 AM MT. Viewers watching CTV Vancouver will see a majority of Your Morning (2.5 hours) starting at 3 AM PT, with the last half hour being pre-empted for CTVML Vancouver at 5:30 AM PT. The eastern CTV stations (Toronto, Kitchener, Ottawa, Montreal, Atlantic) continues to air Your Morning in its entirety from 6-9 AM ET/7-10 AM AT, with local cut-ins at :25 and :55.
  4. A shooting has happened at a mall near Calgary, Alberta. This is how local TV in Calgary covered the incident on their late night newscasts.
  5. He didn't retire. He was forced to take a buyout. He mentioned on air that he wasn't retiring, but that he was leaving CFRN/CTV Edmonton. This Edmonton Journal article also mentions it. I am getting the sense from his interviews that he really didn't want to leave yet. It really sucks he didn't leave on his own terms, but he had a lovely send off on air. Cool to see clips from the Eyewitness News era. I am also wondering if CTV will also target other long-serving anchors like Ken Shaw (CFTO Toronto), Mutsumi Takahashi (CFCF Montreal), Steve Murphy (ATV Maritimes), or Gord Leclerc (CKY Winnipeg) in order to cut their budgets. BTW, over at Global Edmonton, Gord Steinke has been anchoring the evening news for about 27 years. He's the last of the old-school news anchors still left in Edmonton.
  6. Turns out, Radio-Canada Manitoba (French) is also broadcasting a separate election broadcast. They are using some interviews from CBC Manitoba, with a dubbed translation. Live stream - https://ici.radio-canada.ca/elections-manitoba-2019/resultats (Link at the very bottom)
  7. Tonight is the Manitoba provincial election, and CTV, CBC, and Global have pre-empted network programming to broadcast live election results coverage. Citytv Winnipeg has stuck with regular programming for the night. Here are some screenshots from tonight's coverage. CTV's graphics have been tweaked with their current logo type, otherwise it's the same as other election broadcasts on the CTV network. Global Winnipeg appears to have a new set of election graphics (first one in the network to use it, and will most likely be used for the Federal election in a month's time), and they are also utilizing an L-frame ticker, similar to the ones seen on their regional morning newscasts. CBC's has been tweaked, and was used for the CBC's Alberta provincial election results show. LIVE STREAMS CTV Winnipeg - https://winnipeg.ctvnews.ca/video?clipId=68596 CBC Winnipeg - https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/manitoba/manitoba-2019-election-results-1.5276856 Global Winnipeg (on Globalnews.ca/Winnipeg and Youtube below) SCREENSHOTS
  8. Not looking forward to seeing this on KSWB, if this is being rolled out everywhere.
  9. Here are the first blocks from the 6 PM newscasts from CTV Atlantic and Global Halifax (simulcast on Global New Brunswick), and the 7 PM evening newscast from CBC Nova Scotia (simulcast on CBC NB, PEI, and NL). 0:00 - CTV News Atlantic 16:22 - Global News at 6 Maritimes 28:36 - CBC Atlantic Tonight
  10. I'm a bit disappointed that none of the networks did rolling coverage, like they do in the US. I didn't expect Global to do it considering the resources they have in the region, but I would have expected at least CTV Atlantic to pre-empt some programming to cover Dorian's arrival, or CBC to simulcast CBC News Network.
  11. Update: All 3 stations in Halifax had their usual Saturday evening newscast: - CTV Atlantic - 1 hour at 6 PM with updates throughout the evening - Global Halifax/New Brunswick - 30 minutes (live and locally presented) at 6 PM + Global National - CBC Nova Scotia/New Brunswick/PEI - 30 minutes at 7 PM, simulcast on CBC News Network Later in the evening, Dorian coverage resumed on their regularly scheduled late night newscasts - CTV Atlantic - 1.5 hours (1 hour on CTV Atlantic 11 PM to Midnight, Midnight onwards on CTV Two Atlantic. CTV National News was pushed to midnight* on CTV Atlantic) - Global Halifax/New Brunswick - 30 minutes (via Global's MMC facilities in Toronto) - CBC Nova Scotia/New Brunswick/PEI - no late night newscast on Saturdays. CBC News Network provided additional coverage on cable * On any CTV station, if a MAJOR breaking news event is happening or if there is a provincial election, CTV National News is usually pushed to 11:30 PM or later, and the local CTV News broadcast is placed at 11 PM.
  12. Hurricane Dorian, now a category 1 hurricane, is barrelling towards Atlantic Canada... ... and none of the regional TV stations in Atlantic Canada are doing any special coverage on TV. Not CBC Nova Scotia/New Brunswick/PEI, not CTV Atlantic, not Global Halifax/New Brunswick. CBC News Network is providing TV coverage, and I'm assuming CTV News Channel is as well (neither are being simulcasted on their respective broadcast networks). Global is providing live reports for other affiliates and on their website. In case you wanted to see what's happening there online... CTV Atlantic CBC Nova Scotia CBC New Brunswick CBC Prince Edward Island Global Halifax Global New Brunswick
  13. Shaye Ganam, a morning news anchor on Global TV Edmonton, is leaving his post after 21 years. He is moving to the company's radio division to host the morning show on 630 CHED. Global TV Edmonton's morning news is the #1 show in its timeslot, at one point beating the competition with a margin of 8 to 1. https://globalnews.ca/news/5831582/shaye-ganam-farewell/?utm_expid=.kz0UD5JkQOCo6yMqxGqECg.0&utm_referrer=https%3A%2F%2Fglobalnews.ca%2Fedmonton%2F
  14. How do we know it's the worst run station in the country? Are the books for the station available? If CBS Detroit is profitable, or if it's operating at a small loss, in a market where they feel that in 2019 a 4th television news operation isn't viable, then there's no problem here.
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