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  1. I'm watching CBS2/KCAL and KTLA. I think 2/9 and 5 are sharing a helicopter this evening.
  2. Pat Harvey is anchoring solo on CBS 2 News at 11 (on the CBSN LA set). She anchored KCAL 9 News at 9 earlier in the evening.
  3. CFRN-TV (CTV) in Edmonton, Alberta had a really nice opener only a few months ago (first video), then butchered it and went with this crappy opening sequence (second video)...
  4. ED2

    CBS Evening News

    If it lands at the DC bureau, is that the end of the road show?
  5. As of this evening, most of the CBC's 11 PM newscasts have returned.
  6. Fair, no argument there from me On a slightly different note, I always argued that the CBC should not be doing local news in the same timeslots as commercial television. Do they need to be on at 6 and 11? Why not 5 PM (I know they were on at 5, but that didn't last long), or 7 PM, or even doing shorter bulletins along side longer national bulletins (eg. 10 minutes of local news inside The National at 10:30 or something). The way they are doing local news now on TV at 6 and 11, where I am anyway, they are wasting the 30 minutes they have on a lot of national filler and not enough on local news.
  7. The competition may not be of a concern, but CBC might be breaching its license requirement in terms of minimum hours of local news programming to be broadcast on their stations. And yes, from what I heard, in general the 11 PM newscasts on CBC rate better than the 6 PM newscasts in some markets.
  8. I'm not sure how well the CBC's regional 11 PM newscasts do ratings wise, but I doubt they are any good compared to the commercial competition. Some of the 11 PM newscasts are only 10 minutes long (eg. Winnipeg, Windsor), others are 30 minutes long, while some are pan-regional newscasts (eg. NB/NS/PEI share a pan-regional 11 PM news, same with CBC Edmonton and CBC North on weeknights). I did hear that CBC's weekday 11 PM newscasts rated better than its weekday 6 PM newscasts. BTW, CBC's weekend regional news also haven't returned yet.
  9. ED2

    CBS Evening News

    That's actually pretty cool to see. Wonder is KIRO Seattle or KLAS Las Vegas is on the list.
  10. ED2

    CBS Evening News

    Ohhh, sorry. I didn't realize that. Fixed.
  11. ED2

    CBS Evening News

    You know, you could have just said why my opinion sucks as opposed to something vague like that...
  12. ED2

    CBS Evening News

    Doug Dunbar had a pretty chill delivery when CBS Weekend News was out of Dallas, which was kind of nice to watch. I also liked Demarco Morgan's delivery, I don't know if he was that genuinely excited to do a national newscast, or if he's gunning for a network job. Also, how come the CBS Weekend News didn't get an opener that matched the weekday ones? CBS Overnight News did. It would be a neat idea if they continue it going forward, but it would be unsustainable unless it's limited to a few of the CBS O&Os and maybe some bigger market affiliates.
  13. So most, if not all, of CBC's regional 6 PM newscasts have returned. CBC's regional 11 PM newscasts, however, have not returned for any CBC station. Viewers are getting a double billing of The National at 10 PM and 11 PM, with the 11 PM broadcast featuring the local news/weather ticker that is also used during the noon hour CBC News Network simulcast. This capture was taken from CBC Calgary (CBRT).
  14. Some feeds could be going through Toronto, but for IFB and production purposes, feeds like an microwave truck or a Dejero is usually sent to those stations directly. Also, as of this week, the CBC local newscasts for Calgary and Edmonton have not returned yet. (Historically, barely anyone watches their shows, so this could factor in as to why it's not back yet).
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