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  1. Looks like they've soft-launched the OTT channels... If you go to GlobalTV.com and click on "Live TV", there is a Global News logo on the page. You click on that, and you get to choose between the following feeds: BC News Calgary News Edmonton News Toronto News National News
  2. Citytv Toronto has a helicopter through a partnership with CTN. I don’t know if 680 News also uses CTN for traffic reports in conjunction with Citytv/BT, or if they still have their own aircraft.
  3. CTV: Toronto Global: Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton Citytv: Toronto TVA: Montreal Global previously had some sort of exclusivity agreement with CTN across the country, including Toronto. (Backstory: Global got 2 choppers for Toronto- one for Global TV, one for CHCH. When CHCH was sold to Channel Zero, they had to give up the helicopter.) Within the last year, Citytv Toronto signed on with CTN, and now they have helicopter traffic during Breakfast Television. I am not sure if Citytv uses the CTN helicopter for news gathering like what Global does. Also Global/CTN had a helicopter for Global Winnipeg/CJOB-AM for a time. That was grounded a few years ago, not exactly when.
  4. CIVT-DT (CTV Vancouver) is reportedly retiring Chopper 9 tomorrow (Jan 31), as per this tweet: Chopper 9 was the first TV news helicopter of its kind in Western Canada (a Bell 206 jetranger, similar to CFTO's helicopter), and CTV Vancouver always promoted the heck out of it. But as of late, the chopper's on-board camera is still in SD. Meanwhile, Global BC/CTN has been flying a Robinson R44 news helicopter since the 2010s, with the chopper getting an HD camera upgrade in the last few years.
  5. I was more referring to the cuts from the opener to the wide shot, and then to the presenter. With cuts, it looks like a mistake, or a "switcher solo". I dunno. It's minor in a grand scheme of things, but it would have improved the opening sequence a little. I'm also not a fan of the animations not featuring any shots of Sydney/Melbourne/etc. Right now, 7 and Ten have the best opens.
  6. That’s a pretty underwhelming graphics package from Nine News. Also that opening sequence could use a few dissolves.
  7. I suppose if they promote News Nation and WGN America on all of Nexstar's local stations properly, they might have a shot at surviving.
  8. Not sure if this has been posted elsewhere, my apologies if it has... Nexstar is launching a new 3-hour national news program on WGN America, based out of WGN-TV. https://www.wsj.com/articles/wgn-america-enters-cable-tv-news-arena-promising-no-opinions-11579093200?shareToken=stbc2f2e8fd7eb4719a4170c050900687f&reflink=share_mobilewebshare
  9. Did anyone grab the final moments of CLTV?
  10. Thanks for the correction @TheRolyPoly
  11. Another senior local news anchor is signing off at CTV. Ken Shaw, the long time anchor of CFTO/CTV Toronto's noon ant 6 PM newscasts, is leaving his post on the anchor desk in January 2020. He will still be part of the CTV News team doing special projects for at least the next year. A Frank magazine article in November had suggested that CTV may have pushed Shaw out as part of a round of layoffs in October. https://toronto.ctvnews.ca/ctv-news-toronto-s-veteran-anchor-ken-shaw-announces-retirement-1.4719052 Shaw is the latest long-serving local news anchors at the CTV network to leave. On November 14, Gord Leclerc, one of CKY/CTV Winnipeg's main anchors for 24 years, was unceremoniously let go after presenting the station's noon newscast. https://www.winnipegfreepress.com/special/instagram/anchor-leclerc-laid-off-by-ctv-564943692.html In September, CFRN/CTV Edmonton's Daryl McIntyre ended his 33-year run as that station's top news presenter; he had stated publicly that he was forced to take a buyout. https://edmontonjournal.com/news/local-news/liane-faulder-its-a-wrap-as-daryl-mcintyre-leaves-the-nightly-news-desk-at-ctv In April 2018, CTV also let go Tamara Taggart and Mike Killeen, the two principal anchors at CIVT/CTV Vancouver. Tamara had been at CIVT since the launch of that station in 1999. https://vancouversun.com/news/local-news/ctv-vancouver-fires-news-anchors-tamara-taggart-mike-killeen Some of the legacy news anchors that remain across the CTV network are Steve Murphy and Bruce Frisko (ATV/CTV Atlantic), Mutsumi Takahashi (CFCF/CTV Montreal), Ian White (CFCN/CTV Calgary), and Jim Chricton (CHWI/CTV Windsor).
  12. ED2

    CBS Evening News

    I wonder if the new CBSEN is using a control room in Washington, DC, or if they are sending everything back to one of the control rooms in New York.
  13. So did Televisa just give everything they had left from CW6 to KFMB? Odd that KFMB would have that banner.
  14. For the Federal Elections, Global used the old Bloor Street studios (non-virtual) in the last election, and the ET CANADA set before that. For local news, all the local sets except Montreal feature real interview sets. The news desk is usually in the other half of the studio that is virtual. CKWS and CHEX’s sets are completely real for now. The virtual sets that we see today were rolled out back in 2008 in the smaller markets, and 2010 at BC/Calgary/Edmonton/Toronto. For Global National, I think they stopped using real sets in 2008 when the network moved the studio to Ottawa for a couple of years.
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