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  1. is WTRF using the KTLA graphics?
  2. WGN should have replaced Instant Replay with a Sunday edition of GN Sports. There's so much sports going on throughout the entire weekend.
  3. thank you
  4. Maybe that studio will become the new performance area for WGN Morning News when the whole pandemic thing dies down (eventually).
  5. 4:30-7 seems like a demotion for John Muller. How did that happen?
  6. What happens to the existing morning shows on some of its CW stations (eg. CW Las Vegas)?
  7. They still have the Tribune graphics as of today. That or they haven't updated the live stream replay.
  8. ED2

    CBS Evening News

    CBS Weekend News is in the Los Angeles bureau this weekend (not from KCBS or KCAL's studio). Maybe the road show isn't over yet...
  9. As I said, it appears in a Google search, but when you click it you hit a 404 error page on WGN's site... This might have been it...
  10. WGN posted a retrospective of Joe's time there 6 hours ago, and it appeared on Google, but they took it down for some reason...
  11. I wonder how closely News Nation's weather team will be working with the WGN Weather Centre. Will the weather producers for WGN also be working on forecasts for News Nation? Are we going to see Demetrius Ivory or Morgan Kolkmeyer do the occasional fill-in if neither Albert or Gerard are available?
  12. One of CBC's long-time national news anchors has been suspended for dropping the 'n' word at a production meeting. https://www.canadalandshow.com/wendy-mesley-suspended-from-the-weekly/
  13. Job posting is for a "live nightly national newscast". If WGN News and NewsNation production staff are both under the same union, then the staff could probably work on any show out of Bradley Place...
  14. WGN has shown control room shots during their morning news before, and it looked like they had a fully manned control room at the time. I believe Nexstar was getting rid of Tribune's homebrew newsroom system (OPUS) and video playback system, so this might be the result of that (I'm seeing similar issues on KTLA as of late). Plus, I assume that new broadcast equipment is being installed for NewsNation, so the company probably upgraded/changed WGN's control room while they were at it.
  15. That could be. Probably explains why there was no commentary/reporting from anyone on Skycam 9 during the chase, it was left to the producers passing info to Joe and Micah in their earpiece.
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