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  1. Any bets on if/when Corus/Shaw (Global) and Videotron (TVA) merge or get together in some formal strategic partnership?
  2. I'm not counting on Bell to build local newsrooms across Quebec for V. I reckon they'll start with a national (re: provincial) news operation out of Montreal (at CTV Montreal?), a parliamentary bureau in Ottawa using CTV's resources, stringers for regional Quebec, and dub any CTV News stories from across the country in French. Bell would probably have bigger issues to take care of before they get to news. Does anyone think a re-naming of the network might be in the works?
  3. I don't like Serif fonts on TV. Other than that, the rest of the look is nice.
  4. Looks like studio cameras and live truck feeds are still in SD, field footage, video playback, and graphics are in HD. I can't really tell, I wish I had CHEK on cable.
  5. It was in 16x9 Standard Definition the last time I tuned in to CHEK News. Didn't know they switched to full HD production.
  6. The graphics and new set are very nice. Did CHEK switch to HD production or are they still SD?
  7. So have all the operations for WWOR officially moved in with WNYW, or did they move to some place else in NJ?
  8. ED2

    Out & About

    Cable 9, channel 51. NBC 7 and FOX 5 also use their cable channel numbers as their brand as San Diego has a high percentage of cable subscribers.
  9. Any possibility of ABC 7 having their 7 PM news moved to 9 PM on WCIU? Or is the competition between WGN and FOX that strong?
  10. There's an election happening in the province of Alberta in Canada. Global, CTV, and CBC are presenting rolling coverage, while Citytv will be presenting special coverage at 8 PM and 11 PM. Global is out of the gates early at 7 PM MT (1 hour before polls close). Their coverage is being broadcast out of Global Edmonton's studios, and is simulcast on Global Edmonton, Global Calgary, Global Lethbridge, Global News Radio, and online. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jvk8hgjv7Fg CBC begins their coverage at 7:30 PM MT from CBC Edmonton's studios, and is being broadcast on CBC Edmonton, CBC Calgary, and CBC News Network. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gHPv5T0pvN8 CTV will start their coverage at 8 PM MT, not sure if CTV Calgary and CTV Edmonton will have separate coverage. CTV Edmonton: https://edmonton.ctvnews.ca/video?playlistId=1.4381873 Citytv will have province wide coverage out of their Citytv Calgary studios. They won't have rolling coverage, according to the TV listings. The news specials will air from 8-9 PM, and 11 PM onwards. https://edmonton.citynews.ca/2019/04/16/abvotes2019-alberta-election-live-streams/
  11. No, the current graphics package remains. Only the news logos were updated/replaced with the one above.
  12. It appears Canadian Traffic Network's TV helicopter services are no longer exclusive to Global, at least in Toronto anyway. Explains why CityNews Toronto got Global Toronto's old helicopter. https://trafficnet.ca/en/markets-stations-tv/
  13. What a blow to WGN. I wonder how much revenue was from their sports broadcasts, and if the loss of that will affect the rest of the station overall (ie. layoffs in news and other departments).
  14. Chris Schauble is anchoring with Liberte in studio, while Lynette and Dayna are in Pasadena to tee up the Tournament or Roses Parade. I know this is highly unlikely, but Schauble would have made a great replacement for Burrous. He has the energy and humour to push the show through like Burrous. Maybe he could fill in for a while until the station finds a suitable replacement.
  15. Tonight will make a good demo tape for her CBS Evening News audition
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