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  1. Cox Media Group owns WFXT.
  2. KING 5's coverage of Thanksgiving flooding in 1990:
  3. KAEF-TV/Eureka, CA promos and "news open" from 1996:
  4. WPIX's 7:30pm Action News from August 23, 1983:
  5. Changes in Indianapolis: WTTV-4.1: Tamron Hall fills the 9am slot, replacing a double run of the cancelled WWTBAM. WTTV-4.2: America Says will air at 7:30am and 1am. -Sheriffs: El Dorado County will air at 1:30am. WRTV: Wendy Williams, previously on WNDY, moves to 10am, replacing the cancelled Pickler and Ben. -Judge Jerry premieres for a double run at 3pm, replacing Right This Minute and Caught in Providence. Right This Minute will move to 12:30pm, with a second run overnights following a double run of Caught in Providence, which moves to 1am. -Daily Blast Live leaves the station to move to Tegna's acquired WTHR. WISH: Biggest change is the introduction of a 4pm newscast. Family Feud's primary double run moves to 3pm. WTHR: Kelly Clarkson replaces Access Live (Daily) at 11am. Access Daily moves to overnights at 2:30am. -Daily Blast Live moves to the station, airing at 2am. WNDY: Personal Injury Court premieres at 2:30pm. -Protection Court premieres for a double run at 3pm. -25 Words or Less premieres for a double run at 5pm. -Bob's Burgers airs at the highly-watched hour of 4am. WXIN: Mel Robbins replaces Maury at 10am (which still has an airing at 1pm).
  6. Changes in Terre Haute, Indiana: WTWO picks up "America Says" in place of the cancelled WWTBAM at 12pm. WTHI-10.1: no significant weekday changes. WTHI-10.2 picks up Kelly Clarkson to replace Steve Harvey at 4pm. -The secondary runs of Family Feud are gone (were these episodes pulled from syndication altogether?). -25 Words or Less will double run at 5pm. These replace one of the secondary Family Feuds and TMZ (which still airs overnight on WTHI-10.1). -Access (Hollywood) finally moves out of the buried 4:30am slot to 10:30pm, replacing the other secondary Family Feud. -Face the Truth is long gone, and the single run of Funny You Should Ask is pushed to overnights. WTHI-10.3, which carries the CW+, generally follows their standard schedule. -Judge Jerry double runs at 7am and 4pm. -Live PD: Police Patrol reruns make their debut in a double run at 5pm, followed by a double run of Bob's Burgers at 6pm. -Sheriffs: El Dorado County makes its weekday run at 6:30am. WAWV: no significant change, save for a second run of Two and a Half Men at 1:30am (temporarily replacing Simpsons reruns, which return later in the season). No clearances for Mel Robbins, Tamron Hall, Personal Injury Court, or Protection Court.
  7. KCCI/Des Moines, IA newscast segment from 1974:
  8. KVOA/Tucson, AZ in 1989: KTAB/Abilene, TX on 9/11/01:
  9. Personal Injury Court and Protection Court are new court shows.
  10. Most of a KNXT/Los Angeles newscast from 1983:
  11. CBS Look and rebranding at WANE/Fort Wayne (Aerial is still the news theme being used). https://www.wane.com/news/local-news/1-dead-after-shooting-on-s-wayne-ave/1534341117
  12. A mislabeled YouTube video. It says it's a 1990 newscast from WTAJ in Altoona. In reality it's a 6pm broadcast from the competition, WJAC in Johnstown:
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