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  1. WTOG in 1993... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fi8dbLXs3i8
  2. Here's evidence that this is NOT a Cox Media Group-exclusive package...it's being used on the News-Press Gazette-owned ABC affiliate KIFI-TV in Idaho Falls, ID. Cox Media Group actually owns the market's competing NBC affiliate, KPVI. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eVehvf-RdIU
  3. WTNH's 11pm news from September 11, 2001:
  4. I've been backing up through archive.org. It seems to be the only real alternative to YouTube these days.
  5. An announcement from NewsActive3: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ws1DE0eSno0
  6. Not on YouTube due to some copyright issues, an 11pm aircheck from Global BC (CHAN-TV) in Vancouver, BC from 2004: https://archive.org/details/global-bc-11pm-june-25-2004
  7. Already started: https://archive.org/details/ktva-530pm-news-march-1988
  8. Any word on how they plan to brand newscasts on WNAC/Fox Providence?
  9. Cox Media Group owns WFXT.
  10. KING 5's coverage of Thanksgiving flooding in 1990:
  11. KAEF-TV/Eureka, CA promos and "news open" from 1996:
  12. WPIX's 7:30pm Action News from August 23, 1983:
  13. Changes in Indianapolis: WTTV-4.1: Tamron Hall fills the 9am slot, replacing a double run of the cancelled WWTBAM. WTTV-4.2: America Says will air at 7:30am and 1am. -Sheriffs: El Dorado County will air at 1:30am. WRTV: Wendy Williams, previously on WNDY, moves to 10am, replacing the cancelled Pickler and Ben. -Judge Jerry premieres for a double run at 3pm, replacing Right This Minute and Caught in Providence. Right This Minute will move to 12:30pm, with a second run overnights following a double run of Caught in Providence, which moves to 1am.

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