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  1. I’ve been singing the “Partly Cloudy” song all morning. Also, apparently that’s an old bit that actually made the air once?! I didn’t know that! Here’s the clip.
  2. That's correct. Eye Opener/Morning Dose used the WGNO truck, At least they did for the last few years, anyway.
  3. I thought Norah's debut was excellent. As an employee of various CBS affiliates since 1996, I think this is the best Evening News has looked and felt in quite a while.
  4. Very interesting... I wonder if anyone knows who designed those elements. And yes, WWL was a powerhouse then. So many legends there. It was an honor to work at the station I grew up watching.
  5. I hope I'm posting this to the correct thread. I just realized WWL (New Orleans) and WFTV (Orlando) used similar elements for their opens in the late 1990s. Here are the two opens back to back. You'll notice the scrolling "news leader" ticker and the background of the end screen (blue with muted very small "Eyewitness News" text) are very similar/identcal. Wondering if anyone here has some insight into where these elements might come from. Part of a syndicated package maybe? Those are the only graphic similarities during that era. Lower 3rds and OTS graphics are different. I worked at WWL during this era and know that station did a ton of GFX work in-house back then, so maybe these were just elements they picked up elsewhere to add to the look? A ripoff? Eh, probably not. What do y'all think/know?
  6. As a temporary line-up until a male co-anchor was hired, yes. But not as the permanent teams for 5, 6 and 10.
  7. More changes at WWL in New Orleans. This evening, the station will unveil new anchor teams for the 5, 6 and 10 PM newscasts. For the first time in New Orleans history, and maybe nationally too, all weeknight shows will be anchored by two females. A combination of Karen Swensen, Katie Moore and newcomer Charisse Gibson.
  8. Exactly. All of the Tribune stations Scripps is getting are on Trib's in-house newsroom operating system and graphics software. There's a lot that has to be upgraded/changed. We're getting the impression any graphics and music changes are not on the horizon for 2018.
  9. Debuted this morning. Looks like they got the WISC treatment. New logo/brand and all. More pics here: https://www.kxly.com/news/photos-4-news-now-debuts-new-look/1089946754?utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter_kxly4news
  10. I was wondering that myself. Maybe those are demos — which are lower than household numbers. That would still be bad, horrible in fact, but slightly more understandable.
  11. Agreed. It's time to put that logo out to pasture. I anchored there when the crescent 3 debuted in 2006. Looked great then and was arguably my favorite graphic look for the station, with the old early 2000s WFLA graphics. But this new package certainly fits the station well. Sucks about the studio, though. It's TINY. And it shows on air. I visited a couple of years ago, the week before this new set debuted. There's barely any extra space in there.
  12. On the CTM Twitter this afternoon, a video with Gayle King talking about new graphics, camera moves, etc., when the new anchor lineup starts next week.
  13. I’m just glad I’m not crazy and that other people remember this package.
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