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  1. I was wondering that myself. Maybe those are demos — which are lower than household numbers. That would still be bad, horrible in fact, but slightly more understandable.
  2. Agreed. It's time to put that logo out to pasture. I anchored there when the crescent 3 debuted in 2006. Looked great then and was arguably my favorite graphic look for the station, with the old early 2000s WFLA graphics. But this new package certainly fits the station well. Sucks about the studio, though. It's TINY. And it shows on air. I visited a couple of years ago, the week before this new set debuted. There's barely any extra space in there.
  3. On the CTM Twitter this afternoon, a video with Gayle King talking about new graphics, camera moves, etc., when the new anchor lineup starts next week.
  4. I’m just glad I’m not crazy and that other people remember this package.
  5. You know, I never realized until right this moment that it was an ABC news signature on that. WWL was a secondary ABC radio affiliate off and on through the 90s, so that’s quite possible! Isn’t that funny the things we remember?
  6. This is something that's been bugging me for years -- because I just don't know the answer. Maybe someone here will? Did Stephen Arnold ever do any news music/imaging work for radio stations? There is a news music/imaging package that some news/talk radio stations used in the early to mid 1990s that sounds A LOT like the Counterpoint TV news music package. There were various news opens, weather and traffic jingles, etc. KMBZ (AM) in Kansas City and WWL (AM) in New Orleans both used this mysterious music. What I can't figure out is: Did SA adapt some Counterpoint themes for use on radio? Was this part of a different music package SA did for radio that borrowed elements of Counterpoint or the Counterpoint musical logo? Am I just insane? (It's certainly possible.) Here's a link to the themes to compare. First is the Counterpoint :30 topical theme, which sounds the most like this radio package. Then, a news intro from KMBZ and WWL. The opens are different versions from the "package". WWL used the KMBZ version at :30 past the hour. Please take a listen and tell me what you think -- or share any insight. I'd certainly appreciate it. Thanks! https://soundcloud.com/user-410701405/counterpoint-on-the-radio
  7. Thanks. We had a good team at HLT during the "Daily News" era. If only MG had given us more than 2 years...
  8. I was wondering the same thing, KRAP
  9. OK, found a pic of the WRBL (Columbus, GA) set from 2000-2007. It's an OTS shot, so you can't see much. But the sponge painting in the background gives you a hint at the craptastic-ness of it all. Also, I had hair and glasses. I'm not sure which looks worse, me or the set.
  10. Haha agreed. I'd still take the set you guys have at Bama over what we had at my last station in Georgia. Two words: sponge painting. I'll have to find a picture of that. Even with the lackluster set, to me (who doesn't know that much) it seems like the university pumps a decent amount of money into that station.
  11. Yeah, I remember when that went down... that made for a HUGE market... geographically speaking. I guess when it comes to the WVUA deal, I was thinking audience as in viewers, not as in potential households.
  12. happy birthday!
  13. Eh, it's not a lovely set, but it's not horrible. I guess when you compare it to a similar setup like they have at KOMU, yeah it's pretty bad. The fake marble is interesting, haha. I remember I interviewed at that station about 12 years ago, right when they were launching that newscast on Channel 49. Just curious, how does that station have the largest audience in the state? I would think 33/40 or Fox 6 would have that title.
  14. Not bad at all! I've worked on sets in larger markets that looked waaaay worse.
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