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  1. They haven't had an 11pm talent open in years.
  2. I’d really like to know what the hell is up with Jamie Apody’s job status.
  3. There were some rumors (nothing widespread) last month or so that Payton would be joining WPVI.
  4. The only way they can make the newscasts better is by having each station serve their respective markets, not this consolidated nonsense.
  5. WTTG used to use NewsEdge for some of their newscasts, and WOFL and WJBK (The Edge) currently use it. It's nothing new.
  6. It's the same theme as before, just using a cut of it. They were using only that specific cut in some of the previous intros anyway.
  7. 3 and 10 used to have their own radars as well. 10's was located not far from 6's and 3's is/was at their transmitter site.
  8. It's a common theme with most of the ABC O&Os. They're stable and well-run.
  9. Today is Nicole Livas' last day at WVEC, she's going to be working in communications for the Virginia Beach public schools.
  10. It was posted in the main New York News subforum.
  11. Cydney Long left NBC10 last week to spend more time with family.
  12. WVEC chief met Jeff Lawson is retiring on November 15th. Edit: and I didn't notice at first, Tim Pandajis is returning to WVEC to become chief met. https://www.13newsnow.com/article/about-us/chief-meteorologist-jeff-lawson-retiring-as-tim-pandajis-returns-to-13-news-now/291-977d93f2-50c3-4012-b786-e5f6b4c7ecc4
  13. Oh, never mind.
  14. Well this is odd, he is back, yet his bio is still gone. He had COVID and was out for 2 weeks.
  15. Jeff Skversky has left after only a year according to another site.
  16. WRAL is the dominant #1 in the Triangle, WTVD is a strong #2. As for Houston, KPRC, KTRK and I think the Univision station are the major players.
  17. He will also be there tomorrow.
  18. The Patreon story doesn't really have much in the way of details, but there is this: "Longtime employees at KYW say morale and abuse at the station are at its worst in decades."
  19. Bob Brooks is leaving, but no word where he's going next.
  20. ID is now airing new episodes of Forensic Files II instead of HLN.
  21. Probably Fred since it's already been established he was hired as an evening anchor.
  22. This answers part of your question.
  23. https://www.facebook.com/DanKennedy13NewsNow/posts/750782609836120 Dan Kennedy is replacing David Alan (retiring) on WVEC's 5/5:30/6/11pm newscasts at the end of the month. Eugene Daniel will replace Kennedy in the morning.
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