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  1. Because it’s in the West Palm Beach DMA.
  2. Other stations do this in other states where they don’t actually serve the entire state. It’s no big deal.
  3. If I recall, they didn’t get that style of logo because it wouldn’t fit on their new set or something.
  4. It looks like a mish mosh of the Fox O&O and Sinclair L3s.
  5. The building is still there and for lease. The stations’ towers are also there.
  6. Dave Kinchen is leaving to become Communications Manager for Philly’s Office of Violence Prevention. https://www.phillyvoice.com/dave-kinchen-fox29-reporter-leaving-philadephia-office-violence-prevention/
  7. I thought I had noticed a change, but I wasn’t sure. Guess I was right.
  8. Nexstar seems to have stopped with the dumb website addresses.
  9. #toomany #unnecessary #hashtags
  10. I prefer “Channel 7” vs “ABC7” WPVI also uses “Channel 6” in lieu of “6ABC” and I think “6ABC Action News” is a bit of a mouthful anyway. ABC7.
  11. They have been using this tone for several years now. It isn’t new. At least here it isn’t new.
  12. On vacation in the Outer Banks, saw a promo for Kelly Clarkson airing at 5 on WVBT (Fox 43).
  13. Philly is the 8th largest radio market I believe. I believe Tiffany Savona grew up in northern Delaware so this is a homecoming for her.
  14. WVUE has confirmed it is Nancy Parker. https://www.fox8live.com/2019/08/16/two-dead-plane-crash-new-orleans-east/
  15. Robert Moses anchoring would almost be as if Ben Simmoneau never left.
  16. Violently agree with this. I love WABC, but the constant transitions and animations are really irritating. WAVY News 10 is similar.
  17. I think it would be 10 and 3 respectively. I know Tamron is airing at 10 on the ABC O&Os.
  18. I’ve seen him on WPIX recently.
  19. Does KOAM still use their 7 logo? They changed their newscast (and website) to “KOAM News Now” recently.
  20. Most of Nexstar’s stations have the new website layout, only a few don’t have it yet.
  21. Nearly this entire page reads like a Facebook comments section.
  22. Jesus Christ, I need to proofread. That article IS from around that time. Then why does it say March 16, 2018??? Anyway, disregard what I said about OKC. I just thought I had read somewhere that the ratings had become more competitive.
  23. I thought that OKC had become fairly competitive in recent years, and that KOCO had risen a bit? And KOTV dominates Tulsa, and I think KVII is dominant in Amarillo but I might be mistaken there. Pretty sure KWCH usually wins all time slots in Wichtia. Edit: As of last year, OKC was pretty competitive: https://www.broadcastingcable.com/news/spreading-wildfire-78823
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