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  1. Bill always adds his two cents after almost *any* story, at least whenever I've watched. "Such a sad story" is the one I feel like I've heard most often. I've never liked his anchoring style even without the editorializing.
  2. I think most stations that have/had their own radars now use NWS radars ever since the dual-pol upgrades.
  3. Mike Jerrick turns 71 next month, if anything, he'll be retiring soon. He co-hosted a morning show with Juliet Huddy for a year or three.
  4. WPVI has even more staff with longer tenure. Pretty sure WLS does too.
  5. Just watching 48 Hours on DVR now, I thought that was Tammie.
  6. WAVY already did a refresh to their theme a few years ago, it doesn’t really need any updates. Then again, I didn’t think the previous iteration needed any changes.
  7. Because it’s in the West Palm Beach DMA.
  8. Other stations do this in other states where they don’t actually serve the entire state. It’s no big deal.
  9. If I recall, they didn’t get that style of logo because it wouldn’t fit on their new set or something.
  10. It looks like a mish mosh of the Fox O&O and Sinclair L3s.

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