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  1. So far, just going by your screenshots, this looks like an improvement. It’s about danged time!
  2. Election night graphics generally are just too much. These are no exception.
  3. I literally get chills hearing that theme. It is my favorite, without question. It brings back so many memories growing up watching WXIA. And it still has a contemporary sound. Well done!
  4. All this time I thought Danielle was the “heir apparent” after Kathy Sabine decides to retire. She’s an excellent meteorologist.
  5. He’d get my immediate support if he decided to preemptively cancel King Charles.
  6. I saw his (kind of) cryptic tweet (Xeet?) before he made the announcement. It all seemed rather abrupt. I’m assuming he has another gig lined up, but we shall see…
  7. Yeah, that is definitely the oddest part of the article as far as I’m concerned. Fun for those of us who care about such things. Weird for the other 98% who could give a hoot
  8. It’s kind of odd to see CNN reporting on itself like this, but it’s certainly revealing… https://www.cnn.com/2023/06/26/media/cnn-after-chris-licht-reliable-sources/index.html
  9. I don’t think I would have noticed the changes if you hadn’t pointed them out. I really want CNN to succeed…
  10. I’m beginning to think that Chris Licht doesn’t know what he’s doing…
  11. KRAP-TV

    OTS question

    I am watching KDVR FOX 31 News, and an over-the-shoulder graphic (OTS) popped up. Have these graphics fallen out of favor over time? It occurred to me that I haven’t being seeing many of these on the local news broadcasts. Back in the day, it seemed like every story came with a branded OTS. They seem to have fallen out of favor.
  12. I am pretty ambivalent about the whole thing. CNN is just a hot mess altogether, so this is just another “thing.”
  13. Kate didn't look well this morning. I hope she's ok.
  14. I keep revisiting this post, because I can’t get over just how well they transformed this new set. It works so much better arranged this way. Good on them for figuring things out!
  15. CNN should be trying to woo Shep Smith. He’d be an excellent addition. And given all the current turmoil at FOXnews, I wonder how many of their journalist on and off camera are considering a jump to one of the other cable news nets.
  16. The bones of that set go back to 2010, correct? https://www.clickspringdesign.com/portfolio/nbc-wrc/
  17. I don’t have anything profound to add: I just miss the SuperStations (WGN and TBS). Those were good times…
  18. I mean, 36 is a fairly unwieldy number…
  19. WSB-TV Channel 2 in Atlanta has hired a new meteorologist. https://www.wsbtv.com/news/local/8-things-know-about-ashley-kramlich-our-new-severe-weather-team-2-meteorologist/XS52FTN5IVH7PGDQM22JNNNLUM/
  20. Apologies for being late to the party, but I wanted to say thanks to those of you who advocated for changing the thread title and followed through. It’s a small thing, but it matters to some of us.
  21. EDIT: just saw Kirk Yuhnke announce that the morning news crew will be on the set tomorrow (Thursday) morning. I honestly thought that the new set would have debuted by now. I guess I need to be more patient…
  22. I’m going to have to see this on air. Everything looks washed out in these pictures. I’m sure it will be just fine.
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